Thursday, February 14, 2008

i'm doing a fundraiser for Hope Lodge/any suggestions?

Here I am on a Thursday morning, still at Hope Lodge in the town of Hershey, PA.  John and I are still here because snow and freezing rain continued to come down yesterday.  What was so nice is the staff here at Hope Lodge let us stay another night.  We could have been told to go to a local hotel.  But we weren't.  We were asked to stay.  And that saved us a lot of money.

I guess what I am trying to get at here is that Hope Lodge has been a lifesaver for John and me.  We would not have been able to afford a place to stay before, during, and after John's Bone Marrow Transplant if those running Hope Lodge hadn't let us stay all the times that they have. 

Our first stay at Hope lasted 10 weeks.  That's right.  When John had his Bone Marrow Transplant, we were there for 10 long weeks.  Actually, for about the the first year and a half after John's transplant, we were at Hope Lodge more than we were at home.  

Sometimes it would be just me staying at Hope Lodge and John would be in the hospital for a month or two.  Other times we were both at Hope Lodge and John would go to the hospital for several hours during the day, and we would come back to the Lodge several hours a day and just hang out.  Because we lived so far from Hershey Medical Center, the oncologists didn't want John to go back home, but to reside at Hope instead, so we stayedd nearby.

The first thing I want to say about Hope Lodge is it helped us financially.  The Lord is good to us, because without Hope Lodge John wouldn't have been able to get a transplant.  We wouldn't have had a place to stay near Hershey Medical Center, and they couldn't have done the transplant.  The Lord is good by providing us with Hope Lodge. 

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I want to do a fundraiser for Hope Lodge here in Hershey.  The funds would go specifically to this Hope Lodge. 

Some who stay at this Hope Lodge give a donation for staying here.  John and I have never been able to give a donation.  So I asked the manager if I could do a fundraiser.  She was excited about the idea.

So I wanted to ask you all, do you have any ideas for fundraisers?  I am going to research, but I have never done anything like this before.

To say quickly what Hope Lodge is, basically, it is a place where Cancer Survivors and their spouses/caregivers come so that the survivors can get treatment at the hospital.  There are a lot of bone marrow transplant recipients that stay at the Hope Lodge.  Every couple gets their own room (just like a hotel room!).  There are washers and dryers and many emenities.  There are common living areas, such as a kitchen, a large living room, dining room, place to watch TV and movies.  After awhile, people become a family.  You may share with others, or go back to your room for privacy.  It is wonderful and the staff is wonderful!  You have space for your own food; there is also shared food and meals!  Sometimes there are parties.  It is great because you never feel alone; there is always somebody to talk to.

The purpose of Hope Lodge is to have a place close by, for those who live too far from the hospital (Hershey Medical Center) and need treatment.  Also, if you were to live at home, after your bone marrow transplant, and you couldn't get back to the hospital in time, well, it could be too late for you.  So the hospital likes you to stay close by, within 20 minutes to it.

So here comes the reason why I am talking to you about all this.  As I mentioned, I want to do a fundraiser for Hope Lodge.  This particular Hope Lodge in Hershey, because of the help they have given John and me. 
I have never done a fund raiser before.  I was wondering if you all have any ideas.  Have any of you all done anything that worked?  

I am talking, it can be creative here.  I am talking the sky is the limit.  It can be your traditional fundraiser.  Or I can ask restraunts or stores to sponsor and raffle off something they suggest.  There is a local radio station here that gives out free pulicity.  So the sky is the limit.  On the other hand I can sell hot dogs and sodas in front of Sam's Club for $1 and make a profit.  Or do a fifty/fifty raffle.  There are lots of ideas.  I could ask friends for money.  It's a good cause because The Hope Lodge deals with cancer patients.

Okay, does anybody have ANY fundraising ideas of how I can help Hope Lodge? 

Anything would be appreciative! 

Love you all, 

Krissy :)


  1. hugsdoodlewacky2/14/2008 5:56 AM

    (((((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))God is good.He is a blessing to you both.

  2. How about a rummage sale?  (((((((hugs)))))

  3. One thing you need to do is put a post office box address - either one you set up or Hope Lodge's - on your site side-bar so we can all pitch in. We can always put "in honor of John and Krissy" on our checks so they know where we're coming from

    Maybe you could set up another journal specifically about your experiences at Hope Lodge. We can put the e-ddress of your Hope Lodge journal and/or their official site on <b>our</b> journal side bars so others can join us in aiding the cause.

    God bless you in this endeavor as he has already blessed you with John and with Hope Lodge. Amen

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  4. xxroxymamaxx2/14/2008 8:19 AM

    Hi Krissy.  What a wonderful idea for you to do a fundrasier for such a wonderful cause!!  How about a bake sale....I love bake sales. lol  Or those Worlds Finest Chocolate bars!!  Everybody loves those!!  love you and praying for you and John.  Shelly

  5. Krissy; if there are sporting events around and they will let you, doing a 50/50 raffle is a quick way to make some good money and a lot of people at events like that like to support a raffle so I like that idea

    another idea is to see if a local restaurant/fast food place will allow a percentage of their profits for one night go over to Hope House; a lot of restaurants do that here and then you promote the restaurant and tell people what night to visit that place

    I'm sure you will come up with a clever idea (I'll say a prayer) and I think its awesome what you want to do!!!!!!!


  6. I have an advertising idea: That you &/or John tell your story briefly on the radio station live to show what a worthy cause it is and then state what you have come up with for a fundraiser. I'm partial to restaurants and stores making donations for a high quality raffle--but I've never done one either so maybe there's a more creative idea out there somewhere...Good luck! Happy V Day to the whole house!
    and esp. to love birds John and Krissy! ;-) Deb

  7. heavenlybama2/14/2008 9:34 AM

    Krissy.....our church has baked goods auction.  People in the church bake all sorts of goodies and they have an auction for each one.  One time my Dad paid $85 for a banana cake that my sister had made.  They also having gospel groups come and have singings.  Just a couple ideas we do.

  8. How about a raffle ticket sale?  Everyone likes those.  Then you won't have to make baked goods.  Hmm... you would have to figure out the logistics, etc., but I think it could work.  Let me know... I will help you!!  I am so glad Hope Lodge has been there for you and John!!  I would love to help!  Love, Val xox

  9. I'm sorry sweetie I have never done anything like this before so I don't have any idea's...but when you come up with one let me know...I get paid every 3rd of the month...I'm on make sure to email me around that time and I will be glad to give what I can....Love Ya....June:)

  10. I hope you get something In place. Hope Lodge sounds just wonderful. The only thing I could think of, was a sponsor for fairly younger children in the local school being sponsored to stay quiet for a certain amount of time! lol Cruel I know but I'm sure the parents would be willing to pay a fair amount for some peace and quiet! lol. Good Luck on whatever Idea you choose. Hugs to John. Love Pam. xx

  11. cherry2sweet2eat2/14/2008 5:27 PM

    Happy Valentines Day!!!

  12. How about going to local resturant and telling them what you would like to do and maybe they could have a evening  with food or dance and the profits go to Hope. Good luck


  13. Friendlys, the ice cream restaurant will let you hold fund raisers.  Every meal that is sold during a particular time period, a portion of that meal's cost goes for the organization that your helping.  

    We're planning one of these for our ChiariPeople of PA support group.

    Bake sales are okay.  You've got to be in a good area, and now days with everyone dieting, I don't think they do real well.

    Good Luck.

  14. nightmaremom2/14/2008 7:42 PM

    I've seen 'sgetti dinners with chinese auctions... the dinner is fairly inexpensive and most times the supplies will be donated.  Baskets for the auction would be cool... and I bet the folks that have used Hope Lodge would be so willing to donate.   Good luck my friend
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and John

  15. quartrlyfecrysis2/14/2008 7:47 PM

    i think this is a really good idea that our schools do and it raises thousands every year...

    they do an auction.  each class makes a basket of goodies.  we go around and get local businesses to donate gift certificates or items to add to the baskets. ((all that most businesses want is a request for donation on an official letterhead, and sometimes a bit of advertising)) Families are asked to add a small donation also.  Then they have an ice cream social or pizza night at school and hold the auction.  They open the school to the community, show student art...make a big night of it.  Baskets with good stuff in them go for hundreds of dollars.  You can also usually get businesses to come because they can promote themselves by being 'recognized' for their donation of buying a basket.

    Maybe you all could do a spaghetti or chili always draws people, a small cover charge is usually easy to get away with, and when all profit is for charity, people don't usually mind  ((a chili cookoff? lots to eat, low cost!))  ...prize for best chili could be a large donation in their name and you could try to get a write up in the paper  ((leave an address or something for people to send donations that can't attend..a lot of people don't want to party but would like to donate))  i'm sure that you could call the local paper there in hershey and i bet they'd have someone cover the fundraiser and do an article about it.

    best of luck with the's a wonderful thing!

  16. peytonswater2/14/2008 9:16 PM

    Let me think on it :) Great idea!

  17. I don't have any unique ideas.  We are close to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  They have Ronald McDonald House, which is what Hope Lodge sounds like. They have places to leave money at McDonalds for it.  I know many people who have gone there and stayed there.

    Krissy, you are the  perfect person to do a fundraiser like this.  You know what a place like this really means to those who stay there. And you are so smart & so resourceful I just know you will do a great job doing this.

    Let me know what you do & how it goes. You Rock, Krissy!

  18. I do ALOT of fundraising at the school for the Music Programs.  There are so many things you can do.  If you have a Walmart by you, they will usually match whatever you collect in front of their store, up to $1,000.  You can just set up a table with some Hope Lodge info and a bucket to collect money.  You should also check with local restaurants.  Our Applebees and Friendly's will have special nights where they will donate a percentage of sales one night to a charitable organization.  McDonalds does it too.  The auction idea is a great one and so is a golf outing.  They are REALLY easy to run (the golf course usually does all the work) and you can make a TON of money on those.  

    I have alot of other can email me if you like.  I would be happy to help you!


  19. treesrgreen782/15/2008 8:05 AM

    This is wonderful you are thinking of doing this, many good suggestions in the comments.  I did fundraisers for Ontario Friends of Schizophrenics, we went to local businesses and they donated some things for prizes and we had a raffle and also collected articles and had a flea market we made quite a bit.  One suggestion in the comments was that a school had done a fund raiser, you could go to your local high school and talk to the principal about your idea and possibly go and speak to the students at an assembly about Hope Lodge and see if the school and students will get involved in the fundraiser and contact the local businesses and corporations to donate things and also make up baskets that you get from donated articles.  Another good place at times is to approach a local car dealership, and tell them your story and ask the owner to visit Hope Lodge with you and possibly they can donate a car in turn for advertising their dealership and raffle it off.  Good luck Krissy, you amaze me at your strength and goodness.  God bless.

  20. irisheyes19292/15/2008 4:38 PM

    I'll try to think of something creative.  I'm glad The Lord blessed you so.

  21. Krissy think going to busineses in the area and explaining what you are doing and would they be interested in donating an item to the cause is always a good, successful way of fund raising.  Businesses like to help a good cause and get the recognition.  Good luck, a wonderful idea to do this since it can be of help to so many.  Arlene (AJ)

  22. have a huge sale everyone needs to get rid of stuff and other need stuff yard sale ...

  23. cacklinrosie1012/16/2008 1:03 PM

    I like the idea of checking with local businesses for donations, like restaurants, etc., maybe coupons from them, and having an auction or raffle with them.  Also, selling anything in front of a Walmart does well.  I know you'll come up with something perfect.  Just pray about it....Love ya, Chris

  24. catholicrose2/17/2008 12:34 AM

    Lots of good ideas in the comments!  
    You might talk to a local church or school about "donating" the use of a large area like a basement, cafeteria, or gym for the larger events like an auction, chili or spaghetti dinner, or "carnival."  
    Each year, the local Catholic school here has a carnival--you can purchase tickets to play games (simple things like a Duck Pond and a Cake Walk, etc), buy treats like popcorn, and cotton candy, and enter two or three different raffles.  Hot dog, chips, and soda is served from 6-9pm; I think it's $3 or $4 a plate.  
    They also have "booths" set up for local crafters and artists to sell their wares (sellers rent the space from the school for the evening), and a couple of booths are set up to sell donated items and raffle tickets, and to display the raffle prizes.  There is usually also a bake sale and a silent auction, as well.  Sometimes they even have a talent show or a "karoake" setup.  If you have the time and energy to organize such a big, complicated event (it would take a lot of planning and a lot of trustworthy helpers), that's one way to combine several fundraising opportunities into one!  
    Praying for your success, whatever you decide!  
    God bless,
    --Amy (aka Rose)

  25. Hi, Krissy!

    You might contact the ACS - American Cancer Society for some ideas for this.  I went up on the website and tried to find a web page for the doesn't seem to have one of it's own...  but I did find this link:   which seems to be an article from the ACS.    In Seattle we have a Ronald McDonald House which operates in the same ideas...a place for family and patients to stay while waiting for the hospital events.   Here is the site for the org.   .  Maybe you could help get a website established for the Hope house and get a link setup for donations.  

    Another idea might be to sponsor a walk or bike trip that focuses on this within the local area.  The ACS may have some more information on that as well.

    Just some thoughts.  Maria

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