Friday, February 22, 2008

my journal turned completely to comic sans!

Oh my gosh, the tech support man fixed my font size and now I can write all my entries in the correct size!  But he made a major mistake.  He turned my entire blog into comic sans, LOLOLOL.  Oh good grief, I don't know how to fix that.  Does this journal horrible, totally in comic sans?  Every word of my journal?  Kind of, huh?  This is a hoot!  I can't stand AOL at times.  Oh well, the price of these blogs aren't bad, they DO come with the ISP service.  Now I am going to have to figure out how to get rid of some of this comic sans, LOL.  Okay, talk at you later!  And yes, I am getting lots of sleep!

Oh, I think I will do a poll thingy!

Love you all,

Krissy :)

**Edit:  My sister Valerie just informed me that this is not comic sans 14.  Drat.  I guess the Tech support didn't fix it after all, LOL.  I think it is in giant Verdana letters.  I guess I will have to use baby comic sans letters or giant Verdana letters, neither of which I like!  Phoooooey!  I have heard that there are problems all around JLand with font sizes and styles. 

Are any of you having problems with your fonts? 


  1. I like the font just as it is Krissy. Helen

  2. peytonswater2/22/2008 8:54 AM

    I personally like it much better then your previous! but I voted who cares and LAUGHED a ton at your go back to bed one! hahahahahhaha

  3. For those of us with poor vision, it reads well!
    loving you

  4. It's fine how it is.................... Sherry

  5. Your entry is not showing in comic sans at all.  I don't know what font it is but it isn't that one.  I use it all the time and I'd know for sure.  Personally I like the font.  On my journal page it gives you an option to use as to what font you want.
    'On Ya' - ma

  6. So, let's see.  You were in bed and your mind fixed on the Font & size. It rolled round and round.  So much so, you had to go agianst doctors orders and get up, get on the puter to fix the problem because it was drivng you batty. Hmmmm??
    Yeah, Yeah, I know...sounds like a nurse : )

    This font is a good one.  Personally, if it stay s as large as it is it will be so much easier to read : ) Thank you sweetie!

    Glad you are feeling a bit better,  Bethe

  7. Krissy, comic sans is my favorite font, LOL!! I like it in 12 but it sometimes seems small so I do 14 a lot, but my favorite is 12.

    but Valerie's right, this didn't look like comic sans.

    whatever you choose for your font, I'll like it, because I come to read you, not your fonts :)


  8. quartrlyfecrysis2/22/2008 10:05 AM

    yes...i've had trouble too.  i usually use times new roman but it will not work at all now in journals.  everything seems to come out in verdana or now i'm using system and that seems to work fine.

    i know, it's frustrating.  and i find it silly that i find something so minimal so frustrating.  lol.

    have a good one Krissy, i hope you're feeling better.

  9. This is quite legible, Krissy. Will email the journalseditor about the fonts issue.

  10. Hmm Krissy!  You look to me to be written in size 14 arial but what do I know?  The rest of the journal is tiny ... maybe a size 12?  

    go back to bed.  get your rest.  get well.

  11. rdautumnsage2/22/2008 11:01 AM

    I know certain fonts won't allow you to post larger. All in all I wish AOL would give us more choices than the limited ones they do. Some days it feels like your reading script from a typewriter, instead of a computer. (Hugs) Indigo

  12. I voted for you to go back to bed!  ;-P

    I haven't had font problems with my journal yet.  ::knock on wood:: soon as I say that, my entire journal will disappear or something...


  13. schoolgal0402/22/2008 11:13 AM

    There is a way to change your font to anything you want! If you look at my journal, I have all kinds of different font that are not on the AOL list.
    Here is the trick:

    Before you start your entry make your font to Arial Narrow, 14.

    After you have typed out a few sentences, at the top on the left where it says TEXT click on HTML and it will open up to that. Now it will look mind boggling to you at first, but don't let it scare you! LOL

    Now, look where ever it says Arial Narrow and it will be in parenthesis. Do NOT remove the parenthesis or anything else ok? Now, highlight Arial Narrow and why it is highlighted type in whatever font you would like that is on your computer of course. Such as Baskerville Old Face or Tahoma or whatever you want. The trick is you much highlight and change every single place in HTML where it says Arial Narrow for it to work. Sometimes I will miss one and one of my paragraphs will still be in Arial Narrow..LOL You won't have to worry about the size, only changing the font name.

    I strongly suggest that before you do all of this, go into your Microsoft Word program or whatever you use and test out the font. Just so you know what fonts you like. And I keep mine at 14.
    I keep a folder in Microsoft Word of all my favorite fonts so I already know what they will look like.

    If you have any questions, please email me or IM me and I will walk you through it.

    PS: The font you see from yesterdays entry is called Tempus Sans ITC.

  14. As long as it's big enough for me to read, I don't care what type it is. I like BIG writing like you have in this entry, though! LOL! Yeah yeah....Old eyes here!

  15. The size is perfect now.  It was too small before.  Also, you can change your font for each entry as you write it by using the Font box.  Hope that helps.

    Fondly Rosemary

  16. I don't see comic sans... That's all I use MOST of the time in my J.... I like it!


  17. I think it is just plain old arial!!!!!!!!!! as for size??? maybe 14!


  18. Mine view larger than they are on my computer at home, but if I'm at work they are normal size unless I enlarged them.   And I constantly change my font, so yeah no probs there.

  19. Hope you get it fixed. (((HUGS))) -Missy

  20. cacklinrosie1012/22/2008 6:16 PM

    Knock on far no font problems.  I was going to say I use comic cans all the time because I can't see very well.  This sure didn't look like that.  I have to use 14 or I'll squint.  There is a way to change font size when reading journals also but dang I forget.  Your journal looks fine to me.  Love ya, Chris

  21. adonnainparis2/22/2008 6:53 PM

    Your journal looks fine to me.

  22. Oh say it isnt
    How do they screw things up so?
    comic sams is my fav,

  23. we love you too get some rest and get better soon

  24. heavenlybama2/22/2008 10:45 PM

    This is verdana, I believe it is 14.  I personally like comic sans but can only get it to that font once in awhile.   BTW, I voted go back to bed.  I'm heading there myself.  LOL I guess I need to if I'm going to try to get on my laptop. Not! That will never happen.  LOL

  25. Krissy, I was sitting her wondering what the heck?  Cuz it didn't  look like Comic Sans to me.  I happen to LOVE comic sans!  That Verdana I use occasionally. Not cuz I like it so, but you know that I have problems with vision and I can read it so well.  I can't read Arial 10 withought struggiling & squinting, even with glasses.  

    Now, that's my opinion...go back to bed, Krrsy.  Love ya, Merry

  26. randlprysock2/23/2008 1:19 AM

    I do think my fonts act weird at times and they have a mind of their own and they are moody.  They will work one way for several months and then all of a sudden it all looks totally different later on.  Hugs,

  27. irisheyes19292/23/2008 4:31 PM

    I've always had Times New Roman, with funky colours/italics, depending on the subject.  No problems here!  I'm sorry AOL is so frustrating for you.

  28. promiseluv3722/23/2008 10:59 PM

    HEHE I love the poll!

    Love ya.. missing you and I'll catch up in your journal tomorrow.. I'm beat and going to bed!


  29. comic sans isn't that bad ;-)



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