Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ugh, I think I have pleural pneumonia

I haven't written in a few days because I still feel under the weather.  I am going to post today just because I feel like it (please don't scold me!), but I wanted to get on here first and tell you how I am doing.  This pneumonia thing is not resolving istself.  I had to go back to the doctor yesterday (actually I saw the physician's assistant) to get more antibiotics.  I'm not a fan of taking too many antibiotics (I mean more than necessary), but I still have a fever and I am having trouble taking breaths.  So I started on a second round of antibiotics yesterday - something called Avelox.  I also have to do three home nebulizer treatments a day. 

There's one thing that frightens me.  What I thought was fibromyalgia, after talking to John, I now think is pleurisy - as in pleural pneumonia.  John was explaining it to me, as he has had it before.  It is terribly painful.  I don't know why it hadn't occured to me before this, as it is in the exact place that the ER doctor said my pneumonia was - the bottom lobe right lung.  Each time I cough, sneeze, laugh there is intense pain.  Heck, each time I breathe too deeply, try to get up, move, and often for no reason - pain shoots through my body.  Bad enough for me to scream often.  I am wondering if somebody is going to report John for beating me the screaming is that loud.  No kidding.  I try to restrain but I can't.  I either scream or cry.  Uhm, well, it just hurts all the time.  It hurts as I sit here, but not one of those stabbing pains. 

I am wondering if I should call Dr. Raquet (family physician) back, or if I should wait another week.  The physician's assistant said I should be substantially better by then.  She thinks this pain in my side is fibro, though, because that is what I am telling everybody - that is what I thought until last night when John described his pleural pneumonia of the past.  By the way, I do have a follow up in about two weeks with Dr. Raquet, to get x-rays done to see if the pneumonia is gone.  I could have him look at that time and see if there is pleurisy then.  For crying out loud!  Why am I always second guessing everything?  I guess I better call this morning?  I think I will!

By the way, Michael is substantially better!  When he was real sick he was in the closet hiding for a few days.  And he stopped eating.  Now he is out of hiding and he is eating again!  The vet put him on antibiotics.  He still sleeps a lot but is up a lot too!  Thanks for the prayers. 

Okay, off to make some phone calls.  I think I will call the nurse and ask her what to do.  Just in case they want me to come into the hospital or not.  My guess is they will not, but why should I second guess?

Love you all,  Krissy :) 


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! get some rest!


  2. Krissy, I'd call the doctor; then you will know for sure and not be second guessing until your next appt with him/her or until next week when the physician assistant said you would be feeling better; it might change the course of treatment, who knows, and might get you feeling better sooner than later

    I won't scold you, LOL, you know your body the best; I'm glad you updated, was getting a bit concerned, hoping that all was as well as it could be


  3. carolelainedodd2/28/2008 8:41 AM

    Get better soon Krissy.
    Glad Michael is feeling better.
    Sending prayers

  4. When in doubt you should check with your doctor.  Some pain is very hard to identify.  Many people think they have one thing when it is actually another.  Even the doctors are not always 100% sure.  Now a days it seems we go though a battery of tests so that they can protect themselves from making a wrong diagnosis, but it does still happen.  Take care and try to rest.  'On Ya' - ma

  5. Krissy,
    I am so sorry you are so sick.  I would definitely call the doctor right away.  The last time I had pneumonia I was admitted to the hospital because that thing that they clamp on your finger to show how much oxygen is getting in your blood (or something like that) was 85% on oxygen.  Gary had called the EMS because I could not catch my breath and with each cough it got worse and the pain was intense.  I was in the hospital for over a week.   I took Avelox once and it gave me horrible palpatations and chest pain.  Please I think if you are in doubt and having this much pain and you are not getting better go back to the ER.

  6. peytonswater2/28/2008 9:03 AM

    Oh honey, I hope you feel better sweetie,. I don't think you should wait, I think you need to call NOW, or yesterday and tell him what is going on. Don't wait, it's just a phone call.
    Okay...go call now. Hurry up,,,scoot scooot...bye bye


  7. breakaway19682/28/2008 9:08 AM

    Prayers that you get better very soon!  :)  

  8. Of course you should call, just to ease your mind....
    So glad Michael is feeling better!!
    Take Care...
    Linda :)

  9. Did you call?  So glad Michael is doing better.  I don't know if I told you, John2 had alot of water around his lungs, too.  Hmm... Get better, sissy!!  Love, me xox

  10. Krissy thats nothing to screw around with.... I mean Pneumonia is something to not joke around with... You need to not wait the 2 weeks because then it can become deadly. I wouldnt mess around with this I would get on it now

    Ps.. another question..... how do you get " Plural" aka more than 1 Pneumonias at one time that just astounds me .

    ~ Christopher ~

  11. ernhrtfanalwys32/28/2008 10:56 AM

    Geez, I come back from Florida and find all of this out.  Would you please get your butt to the Dr. or Hospital second guessing!!!

  12. I've had that before...and YES it's painful. Avelox is a strong antibiotic...I hope it works. But, I agree you should call your Doc. This is nothing to play around with.

  13. Krissy sorry you are feeling any better, I'd call the Doctor asap and check to see if it could be pleursy, know that can be very painful dear.  You just take care of yourself and take it easy.  Glad to hear from you dear. Glad Michael is doing better. Take care....bless you and John.  Arlene (AJ)

  14. I sure hope you don't have pleural pneumonia.  Keeping fingers crossed!

  15. xxroxymamaxx2/28/2008 1:14 PM

    Get well soon Krissy!!  We miss you. Hugs and prayers for you.  Love, Shelly

  16. As you said Krissy you shouldn't second guess.  Phone the doctor up or his nurse and let them know how much pain you are suffering.
    I am glad to hear that Michael is feeling much better now.  That will be a relief for you.  One less worry.
    Meanwhile.....look after No. 1.  Hope to hear that you are getting better soon.
    I will keep you on my prayer list.
    Take care
    Jeanie xxxx

  17. Either way, Krissy, severe pain is not something you want to suffer with for longer than strictly necessary. If it is pleurisy, it needs immediate intervention. Pleurisy means the pleural membranes around the lungs are sticking together - not something you can allow to continue.
    I'm happy that Michael is better now.

  18. glad hes doing better , now lets get you better.

  19. You have been sick for so long, I sure hope you feel better soon.  
    ~The Nurse Practioner should have been able to tell if you had Pleursy or not.  The sound of the Pleural lining "rubbing" against itself sounds much different than the breath sounds (Rattles, Crackles or Clear). Pleursy sounds like leather rubbing agianst leather...very distinctive.  

    ((gentle hugs))  Bethe

  20. Krissy, you are having a bad time with this pneumonia!  You know you can have pleursy and not have pneumonia.  I have had it. (You can also have pneumonia and NOT have plersy.) But you seem too have gotten a patch of bad lucky, it sounds like you have both.  Please take care of yourself, dear Krssy!!  Glad to hear Michael is doing so much better.  I love you, girlfried. Merry

  21. I will keep you in my prayers I hope you get well soon

  22. heavenlybama2/29/2008 9:18 AM

    Hi Krissy........I'm so behind in journals but popped in to see if you were better.  Den had pleurisy 3 yrs. ago.  He seen his regular doc and when it wasn't getting better, he referred him to a cardiologist for some tests and meds.  They put him on antibiotics and steroids (Prednisone) and it went away after that.  Praying for you.

  23. I'm glad Michael is eating again :o)  I hope you called the doctor ~ it's the only thing to do to set your mind at rest xx


  24. I hope you feel better soon, Krissy. Avelox is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, fairly broad-spectrum, so it should fix you up. If you don't feel better within a couple of days, you should probably call your doc.

    Thoughts and prayers,


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