Thursday, February 21, 2008

John and I are using a list to keep up with things

Hi you all.

Yes, I am up early in the morning.  It is because I just slept for about 12 hours.  I'm mostly just getting up to take my medication and for appointments.

I do get on my computer a little bit though.  Mostly to play pogo for a few minutes.  Then it is back to bed.  And yes, I am writing an occassional entry.  So scream at me!  Staying in bed is boring!  But I am taking this thing seriously.

I went to my family doctor yesterday.  It was a follow up appointment for the hospital visit.  The doctor said that I would have to stay home and rest for four weeks (except for important appointments like doctor's appointments).  Then he was going to x-ray me again and make sure the pneumonia is gone. 

One good thing is he wrote me out a script for albuterol, to use for my home nebulizer so I could give myself breathing treatments at home.  This way I won't have to use my inhaler every four hours.  Instead I can do breathing treatments three times a day.

Also, a friend came over, and helped John and I make an hour by hour list of what needed to be done for our meds, breathing treatments, insulint shots, etc.  This way we will be able to keep up because we will know what to do and we won't forget anything.

We tried following the list for the first time yesterday.  It worked better than using no list, but we still have a ways to go using it.  I feel we are getting more of a grip on things, praise God for that.

Somebody is coming over for three and a half hours today and helping John clean.  That's nice.  Real nice.

What else is new?  Let's see.  I am beginning to start a fever.  It was 100 yesterday.  Not that high, but I hate fevers, they make you feel so yucky.  So I know what you are going to say, GET OFF OF HERE!  So I will go.

Love you all,

Krissy :) 


  1. 4 weeks seems like a long time, take care and rest.  Soon you'll be well and Spring will be here.  'On Ya' - ma

  2. specialadyfink2/21/2008 5:18 AM

    Good Morning-now get back to bed,LOL
    Take good care of yourselves.
    Praying for you both :-)

  3. Hope you feel better soon.          Dawn

  4. peytonswater2/21/2008 7:24 AM

    I don't see anything wrong with spending a little time on the pc each day. It's running around doing chores and being overly active and going outside that is a no no.  
    Take care babe

  5. Hope you manage to keep things in hand your end, Krissy. It's good that people are around to help you in the home. Take it easy.

  6. Hope you get well soon. Rest as much as possible.
    Take care, Chrissie

  7. ((((Krissy and John)))) I think its good what you guys are doing with the list and thank you Lord that someone is coming over to help John clean today!!! You know what's best for yourself and if you need to pop in here and there on the computer, it probably is good for your sanity

    use this time well to recuperate and get better!!


  8. breakaway19682/21/2008 8:36 AM

    Good idea to have the list!  Im glad you can do your own breathing treatments at convenient for you.  Hoping you feel better every day ;)  

  9. When you find yourself bored and blue remember that you are only _____ many days away from feeling better!  Glad you've had some help with getting the list together and housekeeping.  It's tough to lay around and worry about all manner of things.  Hugs and good thoughts and prayers your way.

    Feel better!

  10. hope you are feeling better soon!


  11. My mom does breathing treatments too and yes the list does help as she and my dad use this method and it does help. You will find that it will help alot and take out the "did I" or "didn't I" question.Glad to hear your getting help with the cleaning too, that alone can make a person feel better.

  12. I hope you get to feeling better real soon ,

  13. irisheyes19292/21/2008 9:32 AM

    I'm glad it looks like your starting down that road to recovery.  I will keep praying.
    The schedule is a good idea!  Once you're used to it, it will be a breeze.

    In Jesus,

  14. Krissy: Thanks for the update.  I have been concerned about you.  And I have been praying for you.  Do what the doctor said, get lots of rest. And remember, Pneunomia takes time to get over.  I am glad you got some cleaning help, that makes it easier for you to rest, when you don't have to look at work that needs to be done.  Please stay in touch with us all.  Remember I love you. Merry

  15. I pray that you will soon be well. I have made myself list to use on meds before. With that it is hard sometimes. That is nice that someone is coming to help John clean. Helen

  16. Hello dear heart, you are doing better than you think you are taking cre of yourself and on the way to getting 100% better.
    I think you asked in  your previous entry how you could have pneumonia nad not know it?  I believe that is when they call it "Walking Pneumonia".  Shen the infection has been there and you don't know it.  

    Get Well, darlin'   : ). Bethe

  17. Krissy glad your friends are able to help you out, now you just take it easy and do what you have too so that you'll start feeling better dear. Get to bed and rest, don't overdue, we want you getting well soon.  Arlene (AJ)

  18. Hope you feel better soon. -Missy

  19. I'm glad your feeling some what better!

  20. Hugs and prayers for you dearheart and for John as he tries to handle caretaking.
    loving you

  21. I hope you start to feel better really soon.

  22. robsbrooklyngirl2/21/2008 1:58 PM

    I am like you I hate being sick. I will keep you & your family in my prayers. Take care & get better soon.

  23. I am glad you are getting rest and some help with organizing things. Best wishes for you and John.  Love Pam xx

  24. I hope you`ll soon feel much better Krissy, make sure you get plenty of rest. I`m glad John will be getting some help. Take care.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  25. midwestvintage2/21/2008 4:40 PM

     Feel better and take care of yourself.


  26. I was thinking of you in the wee hours of this morning with my 102 temp and coughing.... I feel better now so don't worry...
    so glad you and John are getting so much help... and four weeks is a long time to stay in bed, very boring...
    Get well!!!
    Linda :)

  27. beeing sick is no Fun!!

    I'm sick too!!

  28. Rest and get your strength back, we will be waiting for you!

  29. Hope your feeling better................. Sherry

  30. rdautumnsage2/22/2008 10:57 AM

    Continuing to keep you and John in my prayers on the smoke. I'm so relieved to hear someone is coming over to help with things. I wish I lived closer and had a way to get there, I would be helping out. (Hugs) Indigo

  31. adonnainparis2/22/2008 6:54 PM

    I hope you are feeling better soon!

  32. heavenlybama2/22/2008 10:34 PM

    I'm not sleeping as long as you but I've been staying off the puter more and in bed but then my back hurts and I have to use the recliner so I get on my laptop and fall asleep.  I'm glad someone is coming out to help yall.  You're still in my prayers hun.

  33. heavenlybama2/22/2008 10:35 PM

    Um.....ok....I don't get on my laptop.  It gets on me!  ROFL.


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