Monday, February 11, 2008

I fixed my computer!

This entry will be short because I am in a lot of pain.  My fibromyalgia is making me wrench in pain.  Literally.  And I'm not a baby.  I need to do this entry quick and get in bed.

John and I are at Hope Lodge right now, in Hershey, PA.  It's where cancer survivors and their caregivers stay when the survivor is receiving treatment, whether it be a hospital stay, or a simple check up at the Cancer Clinic.

John saw Dr. Claxton today.  Dr. Claxton was absolutely thrilled at how John is doing.  He told John that his persistence had finally paid off.  He told him that although he had had two years of complications, it had been worth it because now he was going to be okay.  

John and I were thrilled as we left the Cancer Clinic.  It  is finally starting to sink into our heads.  John's really finally doing better and has hit a major landmark point in his recovery.  We have finally come to a conclusion.  

The conclusion we have come to is that John hasn't been this healthy in years.  He's doing better than his preTransplant days.  To have this finally happen is something that we have always hoped for, but weren't sure would come true.  To stare this day in the face finally, John feels, he says, "happy and relieved."  I would say it makes me feel "stunned and relieved."  I had a great amount of faith for this day, but none the less, I am still stunned and in awe.  Many don't make it as far as John has.  Many of our friends didn't. 

So praise God that John is doing well.  God has a purpose for his life here on earth for a while longer.

So before I get off I wanted to say I fixed my computer yesterday.  It took me 24 hours.  

It was so frightening.  I didn't think I would be able to fix my computer before it crashed.  I also feared I would lose all my documents and photos.  

I have never done any computer tech worklike this.  I want to say thank you to Miss Tammy from Down Home, to my brother-in-law Tony, and Sean at Office Depot who all gave me free tech help.  Then they let me loose to see what I could do.

It is amazing to find out what could be done after I learned some concepts.  I was able to take the computer from a totally blank screen and get it into Systems Restore and then onto my regular desktop screen.  Next I downloaded Adaware

I ran Adaware and to my horror, I found out I had 3 Trojans, which had spawned 43 other viruses.  No wonder my computer was shutting down.  It also said I had 786 other "infections".  I was horrified, and took the appropriate actions to rid my hard drive of these viruses.

Like I said, it was a 24 hour project.  But I got rid of all the viruses. 

I'm really excited to be back on line to be able to share with you all.  I'm glad the problem was fixable. 

Thanks for all your supportive comments yesterday.

Love, Krissy :)


  1. Krissy!! I am so happy to hear about John's great report!! thank you Lord!!! that is such fantastic news!!!!!!!

    so happy to hear your computer is fixed and that you did it yourself!! WTG girl!!!

    sorry about the fibromyalgia, take care of yourself!


  2. That is such wonderful news about John! AND about your computer ;p  

  3. That is great news about John. I am glad that you got that computer up and going. Helen

  4. treesrgreen782/12/2008 12:00 AM

    Very good news about John and glad to hear you were able to rid your computer of all those viruses, mine was shutting  on and off yesterday also, but i had just  had it  redone  in November, so hope it will be ok.  Very sorry about your fibro., I know the feeling, mine has been kicking me everywhere it can this past month.  Hope you feel better soon Krissy.  God bless.

  5. littlelady16992/12/2008 12:14 AM

    YIPPPEEEEEE!!!good going you two!!!!!see being stubborn has its advantages {lol}!

    I am sooooooo happy for you guys.
    Krissy I have a friend with Fibro. .... and I will not say I know what you are going though cause you can't say that if you are not them or have what they have. but  I do admire you both { you both are strong }and only wish they would find a cure for it.

    May God bless you both and always


  6. preciousone252/12/2008 12:38 AM

    I am SOOOO HAPPY that John is doing so well!!!  WOO HOO!!!  That is GREAT news!!!  I hope you are feeling better very soon, too!!!!


  7. I am so glad that things are getting better for the both of you .

  8. That was such good news all around.  The confirmation of John's recovery and the recovery of your computer.  Thanks be to our good Lord.  'On Ya' - ma

  9. nightmaremom2/12/2008 6:35 AM

    yeah a good news entry... hope you feel better soon.. that will make it awesome
    love ya

  10. Congrats to both John and yourself for such wonderful news.  God is good.

    Glad you were able to fix the computer Krissy ... remember to run a virus scan ... regularly.  :)  

  11. peytonswater2/12/2008 7:43 AM

    I hope you start to get some relief. My dad has fibromyalgia also.  Great news about John. glad your back online.

  12. I am glad John is doing so well! That is great!
    glad you got your computer up and running again!


  13. hugsdoodlewacky2/12/2008 8:56 AM

    ((((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))))I am glad John is doing good and glad your puter is fixed.

  14. Good job both of you! Tammy

  15. carolelainedodd2/12/2008 9:37 AM

    That is marvellous news about John.  
    Sorry to hear you are in such pain though.
    Those virus' are tricky little devils aren't they???.  So glad you managed to fix it though.

  16. Congratulations on John's great news!


  17. xxroxymamaxx2/12/2008 10:42 AM

    Krissy, still praying for you and Joh!! Way to go on fixing your computer!!  Love, Shelly

  18. I'm so happy for you and John!  I can't imagine how happy you guys were to hear such news from the dr.  Good for you on fixing your computer.  Most people wouldn't even try to fix their computers.  It's pretty easy once you know what to do.  Time consuming, but easy.  Enjoy your day.

  19. midwestvintage2/12/2008 11:29 AM

     I am glad your were able to fix your computer.   Especially glad John is doing so well.   Sunshine news on a gloomy day.


  20. I'm rejoicing with you at John's truly miraculous news!  And praying for you and the fibro pain.  I know it's tough.
    And congrats on getting the computer up and running again.
    loving you

  21. GREAT news for John! He's a strong person, that's for sure.
    Hope you feel better soon. Get some rest. I'm glad you fixed your computer. I would be heartbroken if mine was broken.

  22. Fabulous news for John and well done on fixing the computer. You have to take It easy and get plenty of rest. Happy thoughts coming your way. Love Pam xx  p.s. please give John a huge hug from me when you can. Thanks Krissy. ;-)

  23. How wonderful hearing your news on John, our prayers have indeed been answered.  Bless you both....Arlene (AJ)

  24. WoW, so much good news!  I am truly happy for John...and you.  You must be estatic!
    I guess this is the time of year FM kick up.  Having trouble myself.  I hope you feel better soon!


  25. Well done in getting rid of all those nasties, Krissy. And welcome back, of course. I'm pleased that John has done so well, pleased for both of you.

  26. Big smiles here for John!!!
    and woo hoos for you for being so handy and fixing the computer!!!
    Linda :)

  27. rdautumnsage2/12/2008 7:45 PM

    Great news on John! Desperation teaches you A LOT when it comes to the computer (winks) speaking from experience. (Hugs) Indigo

  28. ok johns doing well, the computors doing well, now lets work on

  29. With God all things are possible!  You and John are proof of this.

    John is a living examples of what God can do if we let him.

    Krissy, there is nothing I don't think you can't do!  I believe you could not only fix your computer but probably design a space ship if you decided to.  

    It's fun & an honor to know you! Merry

  30. adonnainparis2/13/2008 8:58 AM

    That's such wonderful news about your husband!

    I could never fix my computer like that.  I don't have a clue where to start.

  31. lifesabench62/13/2008 10:24 PM

    Good grief Krissy!  You computer whiz you!  I'm glad you got it figured out before losing everything.  As for how John is doing, I'd sing Hallejulia- but I think I'd scare you all.  I am so happy and glad for him doing so well! Thank you Jesus! May He bless you both always!  Love Carolyn

  32. cacklinrosie1012/16/2008 1:05 PM

    Krissy, do you have a link for AdAware.  I keep heairng about it.  I keep finding more and more bad stuff on this pc and suspect I haven't even found half of it.  Praise God that John is doing so well.  Love ya, Chris


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