Sunday, February 17, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #128 participants... (Subject: Pets)

                          JLand Photo Shoot #128:  Pets

This week there are 26 bloggers who have shared their pets with us.  Thanks for showing us these precious members of your family!

Now let's visit each entry, as you would like others to visit yours!

Check these out!

Jottings From Jersey shows us Gunner her dog and Jasmine her cat (but leaves out the 4 bettas and the 10 tropical fish!)
MISSYZ STUFF brings us such a zoo of animals.  I can't tell you what they are, because I don't recognize them all, LOL.
Beneath the Surface writes an entry in memory of her beloved dog Sasha who just passed over.
Northern Trip shows us his cat Strider, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge in June 2004
Just For Fun brings us her Grandson's puppy, Asia, she babysat for three months.
Gryphon Photos shows us her "two pets".  I only see her dog Bubbles.  Jan, are you trying to imply your husband Lloyd is one of your pets, LOL?
Adventures From Florida to Kentuckiana shows us menagerie of animals, and I think takes the prize for having the most!
Midnight Conversations brings us her two dogs Toby and Slo Mo, and her cat Sheba (named before they knew he was a boy!) and her daughter's cat Hunter.
Linda's World shows us Gabi which in Hebrew means "God is my strength".  Gabi is an exotic shorthair female cat.
Koda's Corgi Tales shows us Koda.  Betty who writes this blog says that Koda is a real blessing to the family.
Slapinions shows us the two cats he bought for his daughter.
Promise... Me  shows us photos of Promise's black cat Makeveli who ran away.  There are also photos of AJ, who Promise considers her own cat.  She is hoping that AJ gets along with Mak when Mak returns.  
Tales of a Trailer Park Princess! delights us with her little dog Princess.
Nancyluvspix shows us her "two lazy bone" dogs named Shanti and Snickers.  Their coloring is beautiful!
Living my Life shows us napping felines. 
Almost 40! post her beautiful cats. 
I'm A Survivor brings us winky-eyed Jesse the cat, hermit crabs Sun and Star in bright pink shells, and Precious the dog stealing money!
My Life And Loving It allows you to watch Cotybear the Golden Retriever swim!
Footprints in the Sand shares with us her pets, both those who are with her today, and those who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.
No More Appetite for Destruction brings us the cutest dog and her baby puppies in a wading pool!
My Photo Lounge writes about Bear, Mickey and Bowser who are all very loyal pets.
Lost in my own thoughts shows two magnificent dogs.
From Here to There... brings us some unusual pets and helps us laugh!
Unedited Me shows us her cats amd dog she rescued.  Her pets only come in red/orange and white. 
Things change...  (private)  
Thanks for playing this week.  I will post a new subject tomorrow (Monday, February 18). 
Love you all,
Krissy :) 


  1. I'm going to come back in a bit and take a look at all these fun pets! (((HUGS))) -Missy

  2. Thanks Krissy. Sometimes I wonder how on earth you manage to do all this!!! I will pop round them all for a peek when I get a chance. I hope you are well. Love Pam xx

  3. (((Krissy))) I read ahead and saw your next entry; ((((Krissy)))) you need to take care of yourself and John first...........okay??? these things can always wait; you and John and your health far more important

    thanks for doing this even in the severe amount of pain you are in!! You are a loyal loving friend and J-lander


  4. I didn't play this week but will try to make it by to see others photos.

  5. treesrgreen782/17/2008 3:59 PM

    I read ahead too, I understand this kind of pain you are having, I have it often, take care of yourself, the Photo Shoot will always be here.  God bless.

  6. Krissing, in spite of feeling just horrid, you got this done for all of us.  Thank you for your dedication to us ... your on-line friends.  

  7. monicasmemoirs2/18/2008 9:55 PM

    Whew, it took time visiting each journal but, it was so worth the visit to all the pets.  So many adorable furry and feathered (among others) pets out there.



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