Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Ugliest Sheep Contest

The Ugliest Sheep Contest

Welcome to the Ugliest Sheep Contest. Here's how it works.

Please vote for the sheep you find the ugliest. Vote only once, and for only one sheep. Please put your answer in the comment section.

Each week, on Sunday, I'll give you three more photos of ugly sheep. Continue voting the same way. At the end of September we'll have playoffs. A final sheep will be chosen by you all as the winner of the Uglist Sheep Contest.

After the ugliest sheep has been chosen, we will go on to have other subjects on which to vote. For instance, we may perhaps vote on the ugliest cats, the funniest babies, the scariest clowns, the funniest birds, and so on.

Please come back each Sunday to make your choice in each contest. Actually, each week you have from Sunday to that Friday night at midnight to vote. On Saturday morning I'll tally up the votes for the week, record the results, and post them with the winning photo in this blog. So please come back on Saturday if you can to see the winner!

The next day, on Sunday, I will post another three photos, and we'll begin a new contest.

I'm hoping you all will have fun with this! And now on to the first game...

Which sheep do you find the ugliest?

Yes, I've researched, and each and every one of these really IS a sheep! So which is the ugliest? Place your answer in the comment section. Thanks for playing! The results will be announced in this blog on Saturday, August, 29. Please return on Saturday to see the results!

The sheep (the one on the left) is #1, the second is sheep #2, and the last sheep is #3!

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