Thursday, January 31, 2008

Should BB Gun Competitions be allowed on school property?

Last night I was watching a local school board meeting on TV.  Yes, my school district actually does televise them, and yes, I actually do watch them on occassion. 
There was a discussion from community citizens, followed by a debate amongst school board members.  Then the school board members voted on the matter at hand.  What I heard astounded me.  What was at stake was a local BB Gun club wanted to hold a BB Gun target championship on  school property after school had let out for the day, and the school board was to decide whether or not they should allow it.
We are talking about Junior High students here.  I was astounded to hear adult after adult in my community step forth to the podium and testify that the students should be allowed to shoot the BB Guns on school property, because it wouldn't be during school hours.
They explained that these children who have learned to shoot have learned great discipline and markmanship, among other things.  
Okay, perhaps that is true, but how can this justify allowing students to take guns to school?  Even if you believe this (and it may or may not be true), if guns are brought onto school property at any time during the day, it will confuse all the school children.
After awhile, the children won't be able to make the distinction between whether the guns should be allowed after school or during school.  If they are allowed after school, why would the children not think it would be okay to have them during school?  How could they make the distinction?  The children would begin to think there was a school supported policy in favor of BB Guns.  If not consciously than at least subconsiously.  We are talking about 11 to 14 year olds here!     
Besides, what really is the purpose of BB Guns?  To go hunting, right?  Then why do you need them in school?  We all know there has been too much violence in school.  Keep them AWAY.  Not too long ago, in my town, there was a school shooting at the university level.  We all know there have been too many shootings in schools.  Why on earth would we allow gun contests on school property?
The proponents for having the BB Gun competion at the local school were stating last night at the meeting that the children were the best children, the most disciplined ones, and grew up to be professionals.  One gentleman at the podium even pointed to another gentleman and said, "See, Loyd over there.  He's an engineer."  I almost fell off the couch in laughter.  So what if Loyd grew up to be an engineer?             
Obviously this gentleman didn't know about Toby.  Toby lived behind me when I was a child.  And he shot me with his BB gun.  And it HURT.  Fortunately he only got me in the leg.  I am glad his aim wasn't too good.  Thing about it is, I had several layers of clothing on because it was snowing outside, and I didn't want to get cold or wet.  So the bullet only went through a few pairs of my pants.  Thank God for that.  All children who shoot are not disciplined. 
That reminds me of another story.  When John was younger there was a teenager who was shooting at neighborhood kids.  He was doing it for twenty minutes and refused to stop.  John told him to quit.  Finally, when he wouldn't stop, John came up to him, took his gun away, and smashed it.  The kid got so upset he went and got his big brother.  When his big brother came after John, John told him that his brother didn't deserve the gun, because he wasn't using it properly and he had repeatedly been told to stop shooting at children.  The older brother turned around and walked away.
See, not all children who shoot are disciplined.  And you don't know who is going to be bringing the BB Gun to school after you start the policy.    
So the school board voted after they had discussed everything extensively.  Now you have to understand I live in a conservative area.  Which is often not a bad thing.  But this time I was scared.
The vote was very close.  I was worried listening to the board as each weighed in.  Everybody held their breath because you couldn't tell how the board would vote by the way their discussion had been going before the vote.
It ended up 5 to 4 to keep the BB Gun competition off of school grounds. 
So what is your opinion?  Do you think a BB Gun competition should be held on school grounds after school is let out?  Keep in mind that the contest is not school sponsored, but, most of the children that are shooting the BB Guns attend the school where the shooting is going on.
Just curious, 
Krissy :) 

i tried out my CPAP machine today!

I just woke up from a nap. 

Yes, I took one in the middle of the day, because I have been so exhausted lately.  It's been the sleep apnea.  Not being able to breathe has awoken me so many times during the night each night.  I know this because each time I can't breathe I have awoken gasping for air.  John hears me gasping for air, and then moaning, many times during my sleep each night.

My CPAP sleep apnea mask finally arrived from the FEDEX man today.  And I quickly put it on, and set the CPAP machine to blow air through the tubing into my mouth and nose.  Then I took a nap. 

I'll tell you right now, it was the best sleep I've had in years and years!

John said he kept checking on me because he wanted to make sure I was okay, I was sleeping so soundly! 

He said Michael was with me the whole time making sure I was okay.  Now I have a kitty who will chew through the hose if I need him to, LOL.

I didn't panic with the mask on, although it was pretty scary when I first started the machine.  But I was able to immediately relax and fall asleep.  And then I slept so refreshingly!  I'm really going to be liking this thing!

Love you all,

Krissy  :)     

now i'm wearing bifocals!

I've just come back from Happy Valley Opticals with a pair of  bifocals.  I've never worn bifocals before.  I'm 44.  Gee, it's hard being 44! 

So I am feeling so strange right now.  I am wondering if it will take me five days or two weeks to adjust to these things.  Right now my head hurts and my neck aches from trying to look out of them! 

To those of you who wear bifocals, how long did it take you to adjust to them?

A day?  Two weeks?  Did you ever get used to them?  Just wondering!

Krissy :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i'm getting a full faced CPAP mask for Sleep Apnea

                       MY CPAP EQUIPMENT:

My CPAP machine: REMstarPlus M SERIES:

My CPAP face mask:      
Ultra Mirage full face mask 

A few days ago I went to my Home Health Care Company to try on a CPAP face mask.  You probably recall me mentioning that I was going to check out what a full face mask was like, and that I was panicking.  
I have to wear the CPAP mask for my Sleep Apnea.  Before I go any further, for those of you who don't know anything about Sleep Apnea or CPAP machines, I'm going to do my best to give you a little explanation.  I hope this isn't dry, but please bear with me.  
A CPAP machine keeps your airways open so you can breathe while sleeping.  Obstructive Sleep Apnea (the most common kind) occurs when air is prevented from entering the lungs multiple times each night.  The person stops breathing for 10 to 30 seconds each time they get an apnea (each time they stop breathing).  He or she can stop breathing up to 400 times per night.  Often when the person stops breathing, he is aroused awake.  This results in very poor sleep.  A person with sleep apnea can develop many serious, even life threatening, health problems . 
The CPAP machine prevents you from stopping breathing.  It does this by forcing air through your airways, preventing your apneas, allowing you to breathe normally during sleep.
In a CPAP machine, a hose is attached to the base of the machine.  Air is then forced through the hose, into a face mask which is worn over your nose.  If it is a full face mask, it is worn over your full face, allowing you to breathe through your nose and your mouth.  The benefit of wearing a full face mask is if you generally have a plugged nose and need to sleep with your mouth open, or if you drop your mouth open while you are sleeping, you will still get the proper air flow to stop your cessation of breathing.  (To view a full face mask, see the photo at the top of this entry.  This is my face mask that has been ordered for me.) 
Okay, I guess that's enough education, LOL.  I just thought some of you might want to know a little about Sleep Apnea and CPAP machines. 
Now let me tell you about the appointment to try on the CPAP face mask I had about a week ago.  I arrived there, and the therapist wasn't too nice.  She rushed me.  I wanted to try on the mask and make sure I didn't make a mistake this time in choosing it.  The last CPAP face mask I used was an utter failure.  So I wanted to try out the full face mask even though I was scared to death! 
So first I asked Kim, the therapist, if I was going to die if the power went out.  She thought I was ridiculous.  I really didn't find it an amusing question.  She told me to try on the mask.  To my amazement I could breathe extremely well, both inhaling and exhaling, through the holes in it.  She explained that was the way the mask was made. 
It looks like I won't be getting a doggie after all.  I don't need an animal to chew through the hose in case there's a power outage and I don't wake up!  Michael doesn't want a doggie anyway!  
The next thing Kim did was show me how to detach the face mask if I wanted to "escape".  Escape is my word for it, LOL.  I have this thing that unless I know that I can get out quickly I'll freak out and not be able to fall asleep!  Like what if there were a fire, and I was attached to this machine?  I wouldn't want to be trying to figure out how to rip this thing off!  I know it's psychological, I am strong enough to pull the mask off, but still.  So when Kim showed me how to removethe mask, I was thrilled beyond thrilled to find out how simple it was.  So easy that I can't believe it!  What a superior piece of equipment. 
Finally, I tried it out.  She turned it on.  I didn't panic!  Wow. 
I dropped my mouth to see if I could breathe out of my mouth as well as my nose.  I wanted to be sure.  I closed my eyes so I wouldn't panic and tried to relax.  "Open your eyes!," Kim snapped.  "That's enough time.  This should work for you, it looks like."  
"How do I know if I can breathe out of my mouth if I don't test it out long enough?," I asked her.  
She snapped, "Your mouth will fall open naturally during sleep and it will work, you'll see.  So this will work for you," she said hurriedly.  "You can't have it now, though.  You have to wait until it arrives from FEDEX."  
Then she mumbled something about getting off early.  So John and I marched out the door, we didn't want to take up a second more of her time!
I'm still waiting for the face mask to come and it is going on a week.  I sure hope it  comes soon.  I am very excited about finding a cure to my daytime sleepiness.  Overall I am pleased with the mask - what I have tried of it so far.  Here's hoping things works out this time...
Love you all,
Krissy :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i received the Nice Matters Award


Recently, Jeanne Dinini of Writer’s Notes, presented me with the Nice Matters Award. I feel so honored to receive it. It’s not about your blog’s content.  It’s about, well, being nice, and helping others in the blogosphere.

"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people, good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence on our blogging world!"

This is the explanation of the Nice Matters Award, from Genevieve Olsen of Bella-Enchanted, who created it on August 2, 2007.

I think Genevieve is on to something very important here. The content of our journal/blog is not the most important thing. It is how we treat others. Do we care about others in the blogging community? Are we showing this in various ways? It could be anything from leaving a comment to writing an email if we have the time. Are we building up the blogging community, or are we tearing others down? Something to think about.

Okay, now for the hardest part. Genevieve asks us, if we receive this award, to pass it on to a few other bloggers.  She asks us not to give it to more than seven.  I want to give this to everybody! But those aren't the rules. So I had to narrow it down.

Here goes:

Tammy:  Tammy has done so much to help those in our AOL blogging community (Jland) that sometimes I wonder if she is ten people!  While she does author numerous blogs, at present she has had to slow down for health reasons. But she is keeping up on her blog Down Home. Tammy is so special, and "Nice" epitomizes her.

Valerie:  Valerie is my sister. No, that's not the reason I've chosen her. It's because she's done so much through her blog There is a Season. She has promoted many important causes. She has promoted Suicide, Bipolar, and Bone Marrow Donation Awareness. She has brought awareness to cancer, and called others to do blood banks. Finally, she has done many things for me while I was away with my husband when he had his stem cell transplant. One thing she did was keep the JLand Photo Shoot alive for the blogging community for months.  That's no easy task! Thanks Val!

Betty:  Betty is newly back to AOL journals. That hasn't stopped her from jumping right back in. What I've noticed about Betty is that she is so eager to help. She visits others' journals, giving encouragement and inspiration. Betty's just like that. She wants to help others. I know she wouldn't want me to say that, though! She doesn't like the spotlight on her. She gives all the credit to the Lord. Visit her at Koda's Corgi Tales.

Okay, ladies, you can snag your award below to put in your sidebar of your blog. Remember to right click and "save as" a jpeg. There is even a gentleman's Nice Matters Award if you want to pass it on to any men.

Congrats.  Because nice really does matter!

Love you all, Krissy :)


Monday, January 28, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #127


Thanks to all of you who played along last week.  We had our biggest turnout ever with 37 participating bloggers!  I hope you'll continue to play this week also, and that you will find this week's subject interesting. 

This week's JLand Photo Shoot will begin today (Monday) and is due on Saturday, Feb. 2, at 11 PM EST.  That's Saturday night for those of you who are getting confused!

Our subject this week is:


You may interpret this any way you like.  Suggestions:  trees, people, antiques, etc.  

This week we are going to have a rule.  You can snap the photo this week, or you can pull out a photo that you have taken in the past.  But please make sure it is a photo that you have taken yourself, so you can showcase your photography.  That's the only rule.  Thanks so much!  :) 

After you've posted your entry in your journal/blog, please put the address to your entry in my Comments Section below.  If you need an explanation on how to do this, or need to know any other instructions concenerning this photo shoot, please click on the link below.

                 Instructions for JLand Photo Shoot

I can't wait to see what everybody comes up with!

Love you all, Krissy :)

monday morning question


What is your screename?  How did you choose it?  What does it mean to you?

My answer:  mine is fisherkristina.  I chose it because it was my name at the time I signed up. (It's my maiden name.)  I guess I wasn't worried about being anonymous, LOL.  kristinafisher was taken so I just chose fisherkristina. 
When I wanted to change my screename to my married name after I  married, AOL informed me that if I wanted to keep my journal name Sometimes I Think, that I would have to start everything anew, and that the entries from the old Sometimes I Think wouldn't carry over to the new journal!  So I am still using my maiden name fisherkristina, to keep my blog all in one piece.  
I was thinking last night that I was keeping my last name a secret to a degree, then I remembered that my husband John uses the screename johneknox.  I think you can figure out my last name, LOL! 
Now it's your turn.  Tell us how you chose your screename! 

Sunday, January 27, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #126 participants...

                            JLand Photo Shoot #126 

                            Subject:  Black & White        

Welcome to our biggest turnout ever!  We have 37 participating blogs. 

I want to give a special hello, and a thank you for playing along, to our first time players!  And thanks to each of you who take part on a regular basis. 

You all are what makes the photo shoot what it is.  It's about learning new photography skills.  It's about releasing our creativity.  It's about meeting one another.  And it's all about just plain having fun!  I hope you are enjoying yourself! 

About your photos this week.  They were so artistic.  And creative!  Some were funny.  I didn't know there could be so many interpretations of black and white.  I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Let's view each other's photos, if we can.  I probably sound like a broken record, but I'll say the same thing I always say.  You know what effort you put into taking your own shots, and would like others to view yours.  On the other hand, I know there are lots of submissions this week.  So just do what you are comfortable with.  Thanks!     

Here we go:

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Gryphondear's Word of the Day

Thanks for participating!  I will be posting a new subject each Monday.  I hope you will continue playing along. 

And before I leave, I want to give a special thank you to my sister Val of There is a Season who helped me with this entry.  You are the best!

Love you all, Krissy :)   

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm looking for subjects for the JLand Photo Shoot

I'm glad you all are enjoying the JLand Photo Shoot.  Thanks to everyone who is participating.  I know you all are having as much fun viewing each other's photographs as I am.

I was wondering if you could help me with something.  I'm looking for subjects for the photo shoot.  I thought I'd ask you all, as this is your photo shoot.  

Can you give me a suggestion for a subject for a photo shoot?

If everybody gives just one suggestion, we'll have quite a few! 

This is your chance to have your input!

If your suggestion is used, you'll get credit for it.  I'll post a link back to your journal. 

So, what would you like to see as a subject in an upcoming JLand Photo Shoot?  

I'm a Guest Editor's Pick

Oh my gosh!  Imagine my surprise tonight when I opened Magic Smoke and found that my blog was a Guest Editor's Pick this week.  Will, from the blog WillSpeaking, is Guest Editor.      

I am honored that Sometimes I Think was chosen along with five other  blogs as a Guest Editor's Pick.

I have a tendency to be verbose, but I won't be.  I'll just thank the Lord for helping me, and giving me all the wonderful things He's given me this week.  And thank you all, also, for being there for me, and making this blog what it is today!  

Love you all,

Krissy :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

an interview with John about his bone marrow transplant anniversary

I haven't done an interview with my wonderful husband John Knox, of too-stubborn-to-die notoriety in a few months, so I figured it was time.
Krissy:  So hey there John, how are you doing today?
John:  Let's see.  Trying to cope with the 14 degree weather outside.
Krissy:  Yes, it's horrible.  With the wind chill factor it's probably below zero.  So anyway, what's new with you?
John:  Uhm, I had my 46th birthday a few weeks ago.  Uhm... (quit writing uhm!  I don't want uhm!)
Krissy:  okay!  How does it feel to be 46? 
John:  It feels a lot like being 45 except that I've noticed a number of wrinkles in my face that I've never noticed before!  My image of myself is still someone who is 25 or 30.  It's unsettling to realize that I am middle aged now.
Krissy:  Speaking of birthdays, you have another one coming up on Sunday.  How does it feel having two in one month? 
John:  Sunday is the second anniversary of my bone marrow transplant.  Bone marrow transplant recipients call our anniversary dates "birthdays".  It's because we got a new lease on life.  The anniversary does feel like a birthday because I have changed so much.  It's like I have almost become a different person in some ways. 
Krissy:  How do you feel you've become a different person since your transplant?  If you don't mind me asking.
John:  For awhile at first I think I became more withdrawn like I was concentrating on surviving.  I spent most of 2006 in the hospital.  Once I was home again it was difficult adjusting to being out of the hospital and trying to live a normal life. 
I think after that phase I became more assertive and creative.  I am more willing to take chances now.  I wouldn't have tried writing a blog before this.
Krissy:  I see a lot more changes than that.  I think you're more self-confident.  You're more easy going.  You're determined to do what you need to do.  Your fight to battle the cancers gave you that.
John:  I think you are right, but sometimes I have to work on these things.  It doesn't come completely naturally to me yet.
Krissy:  What's your inspiration?
John:  Shortly before I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma I asked God to give me more faith.  Dealing with NHL and bone marrow cancer, I did find more faith.  I didn't expect the deeper faith to come about in that way, but maybe I needed something significant to happen to give me that deeper faith. 
I know that God does not give us cancer, but I also know that God allows "all things to work together for good for those who love Him". 
Krissy:  If you could, would you change what has happened in your life?
John:  (moment of truth here) Overall I wouldn't change what has happened.  I do wish there had been fewer difficult complications after the transplant.  I think that six months of complications would have been enough of a trial to help me learn, but I trust God to do what was best for me.  Maybe I did need a year.
Krissy:  You believe God does not bring the illness, but He does sometimes allow it, right?
John:  Definitely.  God doesn't make us sick, but sometimes suffering can be a growth experience for us.  And it can draw us closer to the Lord.
Krissy:  So you're not angry at God for your cancer or bone marrow transplant experience?
John:  Throughout this whole cancer experience I have never blamed God or gotten angry at Him.  I've always known that God has my best interests in mind.
Krissy:  Would you like to add anything before we close?
John:  I would like to give thanks to God for seeing me through the cancer and complications.
I also give thanks to God for how He has helped me spiritually.
If you would like to visit John and tell him "happy birthdays" then here is the link: it's the 2nd anniversary of my bone marrow transplant
Love you all,
Krissy :) 

Thursday, January 24, 2008

joining the Writers Critique Group

I'm really excited!  I just received an email from the Writers Critique Group that I have been wanting to join.  They've accepted me!  They are going to help me edit some writing I have been working on.  It's Non-Fiction.  They think I have potential as a writer.  Who me???

Love you all, Krissy :)     

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm getting help for my Sleep Apnea

Today I had an appointment with a new doctor.  He's called a pulmonologist and helps me with my sleep apnea.  I fired my last sleep apnea doctor, Dr. Cox, a couple days ago.  Literally. 

It's because Dr. Cox was bullying me.  He wouldn't even help me find a new face mask for my CPAP machine.  My old one hasn't been working for me.  I can't breathe with it on.  Dr. Cox doesn't want me to have a sleep apnea machine.  He wants me to get gastric bypass surgery or stomach stapling.  Or perhaps any kind of weight loss surgery.

Dr. Cox told me that I was too overweight, and that if I didn't lose drastic amounts of weight quickly, that I was going to have to have the surgery.  That I didn't really have a choice.  He said "It's not natural to have a bunch of air blowing up your nose."  He was referring to the CPAP machine that you use when you have sleep apnea.

John said to me later, "It's not natural to have your stomach stapled, either."  John is right.  I don't want to eat a tablespoon of food a meal, and have my metabolism wrecked.  Nor do I want to die on the table during surgery.

It would be different if I couldn't lose weight naturally.  I have lost 35 lbs in the last few months.  Some time I will explain how, but this entry is getting long!

So I just wanted to say that I fired Dr. Cox and went to Dr. Van Kirk today.  And I love Dr. Van Kirk!  He explained so much to me about sleep apnea. 

Dr. Van Kirk is going to work with me on making the CPAP machine work.  I haven't been able to use my CPAP for a few weeks.  It's because I can't breathe properly through the mask.  It's a half mask, and when my nose is plugged I can't breathe at all, so I rip the mask off during the night. 

So I called my home health company, actually in tears, a few weeks ago, explaining my situation.  I thought the insurance company would take the CPAP machine away from me, because I couldn't use it consistently.  Insurances companies often do that if you are not using your CPAP machine consistently.  But I was treated very kindly.  The home health company called my insurance company, and got approval for me for a full face mask.  I go in on Saturday to try it out, and hopefully take it home.

The reason I am getting a full face mask is so that when my nose gets plugged (which it often is, because of sinus problems), I will be able to breathe out of my mouth.

To be honest with you, I am almost scared to death, LOL.  Yes, I am scared.  I tried this full face mask on once before in their office, and had a panic attack, LOL. 

But I am not willing to die, so I am going to try it again.  My dad has had congestive heart failure because of sleep apnea, and has to use oxygen at night along with a sleep apnea machine.  I'm not willing to die yet, as I believe I am meant to still be here for a purpose.

You know, I'm also scared because I saw a documentary.  In this documentary a woman said she was going to choke to death because the electricity went off and she had no way to breathe.  Her dog chewed air holes through the hose and she lived.  Now I don't have a doggie, LOL.  I have no idea if this is a nutty documentary or what.  I do know that there are exhalation holes in the top of the CPAP mask so I don't think you can die.  The home health care people won't give me a straight answer because they don't want to be held liable if anything happens, they tell me.

Does anybody know if I need to get myself a doggie?

Love you all, Krissy :)      

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

physical therapy/exercise for Fibromyalgia

I believe I mentioned this about a week ago.  My fibromyalgia has been getting worse lately.  There have been days where I hurt so bad I haven't been able to get out of bed without the assistance of John.  He has to hold my back firmly, supporting my muscles, while I rise.  This is because the muscles in my back spasm, sending shooting pains throughout my body.  On these days, when my back and legs are spasming, to move even an inch in any direction can cause me severe pain.  This pain occurs whether I'm lying down, sitting, or up moving around.  Doesn't matter.

I'm not complaining here, and I thank the Lord I'm alive.  I'm just mentioning it to say what I'm going through, for those of you who don't know much about fibro.

Today I went to Physical Therapy at the request of my family doctor.  I was very skeptical about going, to say the least.  I have never gotten relief for fibromyalgia since I was diagnosed seven years ago.

Today has brought me new hope, however.  The physical therapist explained to me that those of us with fibromyalgia must keep exericising and moving our bodies.  We must not over do it, but at the same time, we must keep moving.  Otherwise, we will atrophy and then hurt even more when we try to move later on.  This made a lot of sense to me.

She gave me exercises to do in the gym there at her office.  She also sent me home with the exercises so that I can do them each day.  I am going back to see Miss Sharon each Tuesday and Thursday.  She will then add more exercises.

Eventually Sharon will let me loose to join the local gym (YMCA).  But that will probably take a few months.  That's okay, though, as I have to start somewhere.  She'll have to give me advice on which class to take first.  Maybe a class in the water as there is a heated water therapy pool at the Y.

I'm excited.  This will hopefully be a way to lessen the pain a lot, and at the same time help me get back into shape again. 

Isn't this exciting?

Love you all, Krissy :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #126


Thanks again to all of you who played along this past week.  We had 22 participants!  I hope to see lots of photos this week also.  The subject is going to be a fun and interesting one.

This week's JLand Photo Shoot will begin today (on Monday) and is due on Saturday, Jan. 26, at 11 PM EST.  That's Saturday night, for those of you who are getting confused! 

Our subject this week is:

Black and White

You may interpret this subject any way you like. 

You may want to photograph a black and white scene.  Or for those of you who would like, you may want to convert a shot from color to greyscale or black and white. 

For those who don't know how to use photoshop or any other method to convert to greyscale, but would still like to try to convert a photo, one method is to put the photo you would like to convert to black and white into an AOL email.  Then left click on the photo twice.  The photo will now be in the "Picture Editor".  Left click on "Convert to Greyscale".  The photo will now be various shades of white, grey and black!  Now left click "Save As a Copy".  It will be ready to be saved in your "My Pictures" at this time.  Now you are ready to use it for the photo shoot!

I hope I helped you a little bit with these instructions.  Finally I want to give you a page you might want to check out while you are snapping some photos: Tips for Black and White Photography

If you can, get out there and snap some shots, if you don't have time, photographs you've already taken are certainly fine to use also.

After you've posted your entry in your journal/blog, please put the address to your entry in the Comment Section below.  If you need an explanation on how to do this, or need to know any other instructions concerning this photo shoot, please click on the link below:

                    Instructions for JLand Photo Shoot     

Thanks in advance for playing along.  I can't wait to see what everybody comes up with!

Love you all, Krissy :)    

monday morning question


What were some activities from your childhood that make you smile?  For example: miniature golf, climbing trees, lying on your back looking up at the clouds,  staying out till the street lights came on, looking for four leaf clovers

My answer:  playing with my Crissy Doll, rolling down the hill in my front yard, going down the hill in a toboggan, going on "acorn hunts" with my brother and sisters, playing jacks, painting my fingernails pink

What's your answer?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #125 participants...

                               JLand Photo Shoot #125

                                        The Letter "T"

What a terrific turnout!  We have 22 entrants!  I just wanted to say that I'm sorry I didn't post this earlier, because I still have a killer case of bronchitis that just won't quit.

Once again, your photos are fantastic!  What I enjoyed most this time was your creativity.  This wasn't the easiest of shoots, and you rose to the challenge with interesting, inspiring, and sometimes funny shots. 

Now let's all view each other's, and encourage one another, if we can!  You know what effort you put into taking your own shots!  So please visit where you can. :)

Here are the submissions:

Jottings From Jersey  did tortoise

Better Left Unsaid  did Tomato Man  

Life on a Bison Farm  did her Turtle Yertyl

My Hugs Journal  did her telephone 

MISSYZ STUFF  had her son pose as the small letter "t"

Just Getting It Off My Chest!  did a photo representing time

Linda's World  sports five photos.  I'll only give one away.  It's "Trader Joes"

Gina's space  posted turtles

My Photo Journey  did Devils Tower

Ye Olde English Posey  brings us tea

Koda's Corgi Tales  inspires us with Thankful

Midnight Conversations  brings us a Trio of Telephones, among other photos

Perception  did "taters"

Nancyluvspix  did tractor, but not just an ordinary one!  And she even included extra credit.

MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS!!  did tub (with grandaughter in it) 

There is a Season  did her children's tattoos, as well as a surprise photo

Footprints in the Sand  did trees and time

Promise... Me  did Tour Bus.  And another touching photo.

This and that, and hockey!  did Tired, Tranquil, Towel!   

Northern Trip brings us the Nicolson Clock Tower in Stornoway

Things change... (private journal)  

Smiles House (private journal)  

Thanks for participating!  You all are great, and should be very proud of yourselves for being so creative this week! 

I will be posting another subject each Monday.  I hope you will continue playing along when you can. 

Have a great week! 

Love you all, Krissy :) 

Saturday, January 19, 2008

how Writers Critique Groups work

In my last entry, I spoke about the Writers Critique Group I am hoping to be a part of.
In the comments section myrdog asked:  How does the group work and whose work do you critique?
Good question!  I'll explain a little about Writers Critique Groups, as I know there are those of you who would like to be published someday.
A critique group works when a small group of writers get together.  This could be perhaps four to ten writers.  In some groups, the writers range from beginner to professional (published).  At a meeting (often monthly), one of the members of the group (whose turn has been predetermined) reads a piece of his work aloud.  This work could be the next piece of the book he is working on, the next magazine article he would like to see published or a sample of his poetry, for example.
Members then take turns critiquing.  The group often doesn't exist for line by line editing, such as where to put commas.  But instead, constructive criticism is given concerning the overall piece of writing that the member is reading that day.  Perhaps the critiquing members, for example, may point out what can make the work clearer or more interesting to an audience.  If your piece is fictional, than characters, plots, and what is working and not working in your story may be discussed with you.   
At the next meeting somebody else's work is critiqued.  Some groups have the writer send his sample of literature to other members a week before the next group so all members will have had time to read it before group.
After pondering seriously, if you think you would like to join a local Writers Critique Group, you may have to do a little hunting to find one.  To find a group, first see if there is a Writer's Group in your town or nearby.  They are often listed in the newspaper.  Most local Writer's Groups sponsor Writers Critique Groups as an outgrowth of themselves.  You could also call your local library, large bookstore or local college; they may know where writing groups meet. 
If there are no Writer Critique Groups in your area consider starting one!  While googling I found this article:  How to start a Writer's Critique Group.  This seems like a pretty hardball group, but will give you some guidelines!
I also found three books on starting Writers Critique Groups.  They are:
I hope this entry was helpful.  
If joining a group is not for you, that's okay too.  Whatever works for you is what's best.  
If you have a dream to be published someday, I hope you follow your dreams! 
Love you all, Krissy :) 

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm hoping to get in a writers critique group

Right now I am feeling pretty miserable.  I have a bronchial, throat and sinus infection.  Yuck.  A three for one deal.  I haven't had bronchitis in years.  I really have been trying to fight this thing off for about a month now, and it has returned three times.  This time I was smart enough to go get antibiotics.  Now I was told I must rest for a week or so.  I am counting time at the computer as rest!  Well, I will get in bed soon, but have to be on here some of the time, LOL. 

I'm excited today.  I've not mentioned this before but I have been going to a local writers group for a couple of months.  The last meeting there was a panel of leaders from local writers critique groups.  I spoke with one of the leaders after the meeting and she invited me to submit a piece of my work to her.  I wrote something up for her yesterday and emailed it to her.  She emailed me back and said that she would read it to the group (The Christian Roundtable Group) today, and if they felt that they had room for another member, and felt that they should include me (and that I was a good fit), she would contact me.  I am waiting to hear back.  It is kind of daunting, as I have never been part of a critiquing process.  But at the same time, it is very exciting.  I can't wait for her email or call.

Gee, I already have three books I want to write!  Non-fiction of course.  Okay, so I am getting a little ahead of myself here.

Krissy :) 

Monday, January 14, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #125


Thanks to all of you who played last week!  We had our largest turn out ever with 25 participants!  Let's continue the fun this week. 

This week's photo shoot will begin today (on Monday) and be due on Saturday, Jan. 19 at 11 PM EST. 

Our subject this week is:

The letter "T"... begins with T or find an object resembling the letter 

To enter this photo shoot, please post your submission by copying and pasting your full entry URL into the comment section below. 

If you need an explanation on how to do this, or need to know any other instructions concerning this photo shoot, please click on the link below:

              Instructions for JLand Photo Shoot 

Thanks in advance for playing along, Krissy :)  

monday morning question


Have you ever lost a family member in a store or public place?  Have you ever been lost yourself? 

My answer:

I lost my nephew Stephen once in a mall.  If I remember correctly he was six years old.  Unknown to me, he had wandered into a store (IKEA), while I was talking to his sister Kelly.  If you know anything about IKEA it is filled with endless sections of furniture.  I ran through the mall looking for Steve in sheer terror, searching out a security guard to help.  Finally Steve came out the other end of the store, calmly, and said "Gee, I never thought I would get out of there!  There were beds, and tables, and chairs!"  I just looked at him... 

Now what's your answer?  Tell us your "lost story"!  

Krissy :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #124 participants...


                                 JLand Photo Shoot #124

                                     subject:  a close up

There are a good number of submissions this week!  Perhaps this has been the most participated in photo shoot since the shoot's inception.  Thanks for taking your time out this week to participate!

Your photos are fantastic.  Let's all view each other's and leave comments if we are able, and encourage one another!  Each of us knows what effort it took to take our own shots.  :)

The following journals/blogs participated:

This and that, and hockey!     

Jottings From Jersey

Stupid Too

Linda's World

Confessions Of An Angel Waitress


Nor'easter Blues

Gina's space


Footprints in the Sand

Almost 40!

Dribble By Chuck Ferris 

My Photo Journey

Koda's Corgi Tales

Lost in my own thoughts


Ye Olde English Posy

Northern Trip

too stubborn to die

Midnight Conversations

There is a Season

Karen's On-line Diary

Just For Fun

Smiles House (private)

Thanks again for participating.  And I want to thank my sissy Val (her journal is listed above - There is a Season) for hosting the photo shoot during the time I couldn't.  You are the best Val!

I will be posting another subject each Monday.  I hope you will continue playing along when you can.

Have a great week.

Love you all,


Saturday, January 12, 2008

my entry for JLand Photo Shoot #124

Here's my entry of 'a close up'.  If you'd like to participate also, you have till Saturday night (tonight) at 11 PM to post an entry.  Don't forget to leave a link in this journal, so we can all take a look at your photo(s).  I hope you like my photo!  Take care, Krissy :)


Friday, January 11, 2008

John hasn't been doing this well since before the transplant


I realize I have needed to write an entry for awhile.  I have been getting emails asking how John is doing.  I keep meaning to write but I have been soooo tired.

This can be demonstrated by my speech a little while ago.  I was just lying on the couch and woke up suddenly and said to John, "My muscles in my leg are panting."  What I meant to say was that my muscles were pulsating.  I have had very painful fibromyalgia lately. 

As I woke more fully, I asked John if he would help me write a blog entry, but told him never mind, because I thought he was "too hired."  I meant too tired, LOL.  Finally I pulled it together and here we are.

First let me say that I believe John is doing better than he has been since before the transplant.  These are his words.  He is sitting here beside me.  I agree with him.  Yes you heard us correctly!  We want you to celebrate along with us, because you have been there with us from the beginning!  Yes, unfortunately he still has kidney damage but other than that, he is doing tremendously well!  We thank the Lord and his doctors for his recovery, and we also thank you all for being there for him. 

We know he is doing better because of his lab results.  His counts and levels are almost all in the normal range!  His platelets are still low.  But he no longer has the Hemolytic Anemia and hasn't for awhile.  His Hemoglobin and Hematocrit are in the normal range, and are very high for him!  John's immune system is now working well!  All of this is incredible.

And here's another good surprise.  Remember recently when John had 25 to 30% kidney function?  Well for at least three weeks he has had a Creatinin level of 1.8 to 2.0.  This means he now has 40% kidney function!  His kidney specialist said it just would NOT happen in his lifetime.  Showed him, huh!  John is going to try to improve it even more, if possible.  

We are so thankful for how John is doing.  I have to be honest though.  Sometimes it is hard and we get a little concerned.  It is always possible for a bone marrow transplant recipient to have a setback.  Look what happened about a month ago.  On the other hand, there's no reason to believe John is going to have problems either.  We are just grateful he is where he is today.  More than grateful.  We're pretty ecstatic. 

Thank you all for being here for us, 

Krissy :)

Edit:  I am neglecting to mention the most important thing here.  I wrote this entry, and was thinking about it afterward.  I am dumbstruck that I neglected to mention this, and don't want to just take it for granted.  I have new readers and they may not know.  John is in remission from two cancers!  In the past ten years John has had both Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Bone Marrow Cancer (MDS) leading into AML (leukemia).  The bone marrow transplant (stem cell transplant) has put the MDS in remission and should also keep the NHL cancer from coming back.

I want to give the glory to the Lord for this.  I also know this has something to do with my husband, who is a fighter.  

You can check out his journal here:  too stubborn to die      

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Instructions for JLand Photo Shoot

Welcome to the Original JLand Photo Shoot with Krissy, or for short,              

                          JLand Photo Shoot 

Actually this is not a new photo shoot.  It just has a new name.  It's been around and has been run by me and my sister Valerie since Ocotober, 2004.  Thanks to everybody who has participated.  I hope you will continue to take part in 2008.  And I hope to see a lot of newcomers also.


           Instructions for   JLand Photo Shoot 

The photo subject for each week will be posted by me in this journal, Sometimes I Think, every Monday.  

Your submission will be due each following Saturday at 11 PM EST.

If you can't remember these dates, don't worry, I will remind you when an entry is due when I post the photo subject for that week. 

Everybody who submits a photo entry will have their links posted in my journal by me, each Sunday, so that we can check out each other's entries.


To participate in JLand Photo Shoot please do the following: 

In your own journal or blog, post your photo or photos that you would like to have others view.

When you submit an entry, please remember to go to my journal and place your submission entry link in the comment section of the photo shoot subject that I post that Monday.  

If you have an AOL journal, you can do it like this:

To put the link to your entry in my comments section, do the following:
In your journal, there will be a link that says permalink at the bottom of your journal entry.  Click on the permalink.  It will show just that entry.  Now go to your browser, highlight the address in the browser, and left click on copy OR select all, then copy.  (The address in the browser should be highlighted in blue to copy correctly.)  Now you have the copy of your entry link.  Paste it in the comments section of my journal.
If you have any questions, please email me at  Feel free to ask me about any instructions.  Please also don't hesitate to ask me about resizing your photos, or uploading or posting them.    
Just a few more notes:
Please remember that this is all about having fun!  We are here to practice our skills, and have a good time at it.
Another note.  It's just something to remember.  Anything goes.  Old photographs are always welcome.  But let us remember that part of these photo challenges is to get us to go out and learn how to improve our photography skills.  So consider going out there and taking some new shots too!
Don't forget.  You may interpret each photo challenge in any way you see fit.  You may take one photo or several photos.  Just remember to come back to my journal and leave your photo entry link so you can be included on Sunday! 
If you'd like to use the Logo with your photo entries here it is
(just save as a jpeg):

Remember to have fun, and get out there and shoot! 
Love you all,
Krissy :) 
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