Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Moving is finished, finally

Wow am I tired.  John and I finally finished moving everything out of his old apartment today.  Yesterday the final boxes were moved, and the place was scrubbed down.  Today what was not wanted was taken to the dump.  Then John waited around for the carpet cleaner to come, and turned in the keys.  Thank God it is totally finished, because I am so tired.  Oh, there is one more thing to do, the storage locker needs to be cleaned out.  But the rental office is going to give us a few more days to do that.

I couldn't help him finish up because I had three appointments today.  First I had to be home for the maid.  She is really frustrating me because she is banging my things around and has broken at least one mug.  She slams my cabinets and my furniture.  I asked the company last week to send me somebody else. 

I also had a doctor's appointment.  I am so excited.  I got my test results back and I am not in the diabetic range!  Yay!  Last time I went I was in the diabetic range but got my score down this time!  I still need to lose weight though.  I told him it was hard for me to exercise because I am in pain with my fibromyalgia.  John and I are going to join the YMCA though because they have a heated therapy pool.  I should be able to stand that kind of exercise.

I also started a new therapy group today.  I am going to be going there instead of my individual therapist from now on.  It is a women's group for those with mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar).  It lasts for an hour and a half and meets once a week.  There were about eight of us.  I have mixed feelings about it.  In some ways I really liked it.  The two fascilitators kept it interesting and asked us questions that allowed us to help each other on a practical level.  I really like that kind of counseling.  But the therapy kept going another way.  Several of the women kept dominating the group.  It was the same two or three women.  They were telling their entire life story and kind of moaning about their lives.  They were saying how hard they had it.  Well good grief, who doesn't have it hard?  I understand talking about problems, but I also think we should be brainstorming about how to solve things.  And I don't think the same two people should be dominating all the time, unless you have a specific problem that week.  These two dove right in without even seeing if anybody else had a need.  

Chelsea just came by with a magnificent present.  It is a frame with a bunch of wedding photos in it.  It is a wedding present from her and my sister Valerie.  Wow, I really love it.  I will cherish it forever.  Thanks Chelsea and Val.  

Well, enough rambling for now.    

Monday, May 30, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question

What is something we don't know about you? (Question from Val)

I hate answering this question.  If I wanted you to know I would have  already told you!  But since I promised to answer questions honestly when I asked for y'all's submissions, I had better answer this question!

The thing you don't know about me is that I was married when I was 22 (that's 20 years ago!) to somebody who beat me.  I had to get away and get divorced.  Then I got an anullment through the Catholic Church.  So there you have my little secret, lol. 

This Week's Hunt

This Week's Photo Scavenger Hunt (#26) will be due on Saurday June 4, at 8 PM EST.

This week's hunt's idea comes from Val of Val's Thought's.  She asks us to find an object:  something you don't know the name of, or something that you don't know what it does.  Let's all guess what these objects are!!  We will leave our guesses in each others comments section.  If you figure out what your object is before Saturday's posting, still post it and let us all guess!  

Have fun!  

Entries for Scavenger Hunt #25

Assignment:  Your Pet(s)








springangel235  and  here








hope4meeeee  and  here





Let's all take the time to check these entries out.  They are spectacular!  If I left your entry out, please let me know immediately, so I can add it.  Hope you found this fun! I enjoyed seeing these members of your family!  Krissy  :) 

Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's Been Rough

Boy am I exhausted.  John and I have been moving all week.  We have been packing all his belongings up and moving them into our place.  He still has his old apartment until the 31st and has to move everything out by then.  Our place is very small.  It is hard consolidating all of our stuff.  We are throwing a lot of things away.  I didn't know that would be so emotional!  

This is really hard work!  Stressful, stressful!  And we are doing it over Memorial Day Weekend also.  I hope we have time to take a few hours out for a picnic.  After packing, we have to scrub John's place down.  Then wait around for the carpet cleaners to come.  I have three doctor's appointments that day (May 31st), so it looks like I am going to have to go alone because John is going to have to wait for the cleaners to come!  Thank goodness we called them in time because they were almost booked up!

I guess it has been a little stressful with so many life changes at once.  But getting married has made me the happiest person in the world.  I love, love, love being married to John.  I haven't felt this secure in years.

I have had another stress on me though.  John has severe anemia and they think there is a chance that he could have a reoccurence of the cancer (Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma) he used to have.  Probably not, but there is still a slim possibility.  They told us this a week before we were to be married.  I thought I had been punched in the face.  I did not tell everybody because I didn't want anyone to worry.  Now I am mentioning it because it is kind of a heavy weight on me.  

Anyway, John has had a battery of tests this week and last.  We won't know the results until June 16.  Yikes, that is a wait.

Well, I guess that is all for now.  Let's all keep our chins up and hope for the best.



Monday, May 23, 2005

This Week's Hunt

This Week's Photo Scavenger Hunt (#25) will be due on Saturday, May 28, at 8 PM EST. 

I was sitting here thinking a few minutes ago and realized that I hadn't come up with a topic for this week's Photo Scavenger Hunt yet!  I don't know where my head was at last night!  Anyway, I just got to thinking that we should do something easy because this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  So everyone may be busy this week and this weekend.  So let's do something simple.  Here goes:

Take a photo of your pet(s).  If you don't have one, take a photo of any animal!  

Hope you like this one.  It gives us a chance to show off and brag on our furry friends.  Or not so furry, whichever the case may be.  Does anyone out there have a lizard?

Love, Krissy     

Name That Flower

Hi.  I noticed a lot of you in J-Land were showing beautiful photos of Irises which are in bloom this time of year.  I wanted to show you an iris that my sister Therese bred.  Yep, she bred this herself.  She cross-pollinated a white iris and a burgandy iris!  How it came out YELLOW I don't know!  It is her first cross and is five feet tall!


Now she wants a name for the yellow iris.  Go ahead and submit a name in the comments section.  The submitter of the winning name will get some of her hybrid yellow seeds as well as some blue iris seeds you see in the photograph.

Speaking of the blue irises, no, she did not breed them, but she has just crossbred them with the yellow ones (she uses a Q-Tip!).  She is hoping that this new cross will produce irises with a blue top and a yellow bottom. Then we will have to have another contest, lol.  They should be striking!

Anyway, back to "Name That Flower".  If you have an idea for the yellow iris, please put it in the comments.

Love, Krissy  :)   

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

How did you meet your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend?  (This question comes from kkasey47)

I met my husband at Barnes and Noble.  I heard him talking to some mutual friends.  He seemed very interesting and nice.  He sat down in the coffee shop to read a book and I sat at the table next to him.  Soon we were talking.  I knew I couldn't lose with someone I met at a bookstore, he was quite the intellectual!  The rest is history. 

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Entries for Scavenger Hunt #24

Assignment:  Take a photo in the dark









Photo Scavenger Hunt #24


This is a Memorial For The Unborn at my church.  It is there to remind people of the 4,000 or so babies who die from abortion each day in America.  It is also a place that moms who have had abortions come to grieve the loss of their child.  They come there often to speak to their child or to simply put a rose at the foot of the memorial.  This brings a lot of healing to them.   

For more information on abortion visit:  http://www.priestsforlife.org/

For more information on healing after an abortion visit:  http://home.wi.rr.com/noparh/projectrachels.html 

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sightseeing Part 2

Here are some more places John and I visited on our honeymoon! 

A Walking Cave

I normally don't like caves but John wanted to go so I thought I would give it a try.  Boy, I was a real trooper, as this was the second cave we visited on our honeymoon!  It was a 45 minute tour and the most unusual thing about it was the hibernating bats!

The first thing we saw was a fossil.  It was a cephalopod.  The cephalopod is an ancestor to a squid.  The tour guide said the fossil was in a layer of rock that was dated to be four hundred million years old, so they knew the cave was the same age.  On the way out we also saw fossils of ferns and shells.

The first room we went into was called "The Ballroom".  There have been weddings, receptions, and even square dances held in there!  I would never want MY wedding in there!

We saw a lot of stalactites (they come down from the top of the cave) and stalagmites (they come up from the floor of the cave).  We saw a giant stalagamite formation.  It was freestanding.  It was thirteen feet high and eight feet across! 

We also got to touch a stalagmite.  It was in the shape of a camel.  It has been in the Guiness Book of World Records!

The grossest room to me was the one where the bats hibernated.  There were hundreds of bats.  John thought it was interesting!  Two of them woke up when we came in the room and started flying around.  I screamed.  One of the bats flew down and jumped in my hair.  The tour guide told me not to scream because the bat would get confused.  He said bats get confused when women/girls scream.  He said their high pitched screaming voices are very soothing to them, and they think that the women are calling to them to come over.  So they fly towards the women.  They don't understand when the women get upset.  I will never scream when I see a bat again!

Another interesting thing about this cave is it used to be used as a hideout by a man who was a Robin Hood type of robber.  He used to live in the cave some of the time and legend has it that the money may still be in the cave. 

The cave was also used a lot by local Indians.  The temperature stays a constant 48 degrees, and the Indians came in in the wintertime to get out of the cold.  You can still see the black soot on the walls and ceiling where they lit their fires. 

This was a fun trip for me after all, except for the bats!

Reptile Zoo 

The next day John and I visited a Reptile Zoo.  I went because John really wanted to, even though I am really afraid of reptiles!  But it turned out to be a fun experience.

We went and saw a presentation about reptiles.  But first we went and visited individual exhibits.  I really hate snakes, but saw some that were beautiful.  I saw a green Mamba.  He was neon green.  I also liked the Rainbow Python.  He was 22 feet, rainbow and irridescent and glittery.  

We saw two full grown alligators, a male and a female.  The male was twelve feet long and the female was nine feet.  The male was in the water and the female was on land.  They ate rabbits.  It was an awesome sight seeing alligators close up like that.  I am glad that the pen that held them had an enclosure that was about ten feet high though!  

Then we went to the presentation.  We saw a movie on reptiles and amphibians.  You know, reptiles are your friends!  But not always! 

Then the tour guide took out a real live alligator!  It was two and a half years old.  It looked about two feet long.  The first thing it did was pee on the stage!  And then it started hissing.  It did not want to be there.  She had ahold of it by the neck.  Then she clamped its mouth shut and brought it around for everybody to touch.  It felt bumpy on top and very, very smooth on the underside.  Yes, that is right, I touched a real live alligator!  John says whenhe touched it, it gave him a good hissing!  

Next she brought out a boa constrictor.  She wrapped it around herself.  It was about four feet long.  She brought that around too.  Yes, I hate snakes, but yes, I touched it!  Because I will never have a chance again in my life to do it probably.  

The tour guide said not to touch the snake's head.  She also said don't touch it if you were handling your pet hamster before you came to the show, because the snake would mistake you for prey! 

Then we went to see a Monitor Lizard.  As in a Monitor Lizard from the Galapagos Islands that Steve Erwin the Crocodile Hunter is always talking about!  We watched it eat it's lunch.  I won't get graphic here.  Enough said. 

After this I got a new appreciation of reptiles (well sort of, lol!).

Now that our honeymoon is over, it is back to the grindstone.  We have been going full force with everything we have had to do.  But that is another story for another day...

Love, Krissy  :)

Thursday, May 19, 2005


I wanted to tell you a little about my honeymoon. 

First John and I took three days rest at a cottage doing nothing.  Then we went sightseeing.

We went to two caves, a wildlife tour, and a reptile zoo.

Cave filled with water

The first thing we saw was a cave you must go through by boat because it is entirely filled with water.  It is the only one like this in the US.

Nature Preserve and Wildlife Tour

This was one of my favorite trips.  John thought it was fascinating also.  

We boarded a school bus without windows from which we saw bison, deer, long horn cattle, wolves, elk, pheasants, bears, horses, and burros.     

The bison weighed about 1,000 lbs.  They are very powerful animals.  They looked very threatening!

The deer were beautiful.  There was a white one.  White ones get a recessive white gene from both parents.  The deer were exceptionally smart.  They knew their names!  Each one was tagged.  When the driver called out 34 or 39, the deer with that tag number would come over to the fence.  They were of course wanting to be fed.  The white deer was number 34 and came when called.  He wanted his corn cob.

Next we saw the longhorn cattle.  We drove right up to them in the field!  They came right up to the bus!  Never have I seen such a large and powerful animal!  They were beautiful yet powerful at the same time.  Their horns were very wide on their heads.  The tour guide said a six foot horn span is not at all unusual.  The cattle were peeking into the windows.  They were also ramming their horns a little bit into the bus.  "Quit poking the bus, Hard Rock," the tour guide said.  "Quit poking the bus Splash!"

Next came the wolves.  There were four grey wolves.  They are called gray wolves but they are almost white.  They were about the size of German Shepherds but they had more fur and had a wild look about them.  When we were leaving, somebody asked what their howl sounded like.  The tour guide said, "Sing Gunner, sing Becka, sing Traveller!"  All four wolves started howling in different tones!  They went on and on for about five minutes!  They also chased each other around in a circle!  It was fun to hear them sing and play! 

There was also a traditional timber wolf who barked as the others howled, but he was too old to howl.  Poor King. 

These were the animals that I was most impressed with.  I am glad we went on this trip and saw animals up close that I have never been able to see before. 

Well, I think I will close this entry now.  I am getting tired.  Tomorrow I will write about the other two places (the other cave and the reptile zoo!) John and I went to.

Bye for now!  :)      

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

What is your shopping weakness?  For some it might be shoes, electronics, or a food item.  What is it for you? (Question from Monica)

My answer:  When I first read this question I honestly couldn't think of anything that I bought excessively.  So I asked John and he told me that I didn't have a shopping weakness.  I asked him to think about it real hard, and then he told me diet coke, lol. 

This Week's Hunt

This Week's Hunt

This Week's Photo Scavenger Hunt (#24) will be due on Saturday, May 21, at 8 PM EST. 

This week's idea comes from my hubby John.  He wants us to take a photo at night or in the dark using a flash.  It gives an unusual effect to the picture.  It may take some experimentation at first, but he says you will like the way it comes out.  

Hope you enjoy this!  Krissy :)        

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Two Shall Become One

Well we did it!  John and I got married.  Last Saturday, May 7, 2005. 


Everyone said it was a beautiful ceremony.  I shall never forget saying my vows.  John says all that he was aware of was me, and the vows that Fr. George was reading for him to repeat.  He had no awareness of any of his surroundings.  John made it easy for me, because I was so nervous, lol, and hearing him say his vows so firmly and loudly made me more secure and better able to do my part!

The Gospel Reading and sermon was extra special to me.  The Bible Reading was John 2:1-11.  It was about Jesus changing the water into wine at Cana.  Fr. George said he chose this reading because it reminded him of me and John.  He said that John and I had very difficult lives in a way, but that God gave us each other to be the joy (wine) in each other's lives.

I wanted to show you a close up.  I call this photo my "Deer in the Headlights" Pic.  Because I look like I was so frightened!  Perhaps it was taken before the wedding, because that is when I was so nervous (ask Val, she had to hold my hand!).  I wanted to show you this because it is a good one of my gown and veil.  My Mom made the veil!  Isn't she talented? 


My sister Valerie was my Maid of Honor.  She was fantastic to me.  She has been fantastic for months.  Thanks, I love you, Sissy.  Here is Valerie with her children Chelsea and Matt.  The kids were also a part of the ceremony.  They also did fantastic "just married" artwork on the car before we went on our honeymoon!  Good thing they used paint that was water soluble. 


My Dad of course gave me away.  And my Mom was part of the Unity Candle Ceremony.  I want to thank my parents for everything they have done for me to make our big day special.  They are the greatest!


We will cherish the memory of the wedding for the rest of our lives, knowing that it is the beginning of a beautiful marriage. (quote from John!) 

Friday, May 6, 2005


I am, uhmmm, nervous.  Very very nervous.  Very happy, but very nervous!         

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Engagement Ring

Hello fellow J-Landers!  I have been busy doing things that brides-to-be have to do.  There are so many last minute things!  Even simple things that can't be forgotten, such as picking up nylons and packing and such.  And wow, there is going to be a lot of things that need to be done after the wedding!  But I need to just enjoy myself during my wedding day and honeymoon and not worry about what needs to be done after the honeymoon until I get back from it.  Just three more days to go.  By the time you read this (Thursday morning), it will be just two more days til the wedding!

I realized that I never showed you a pic of my engagement ring.  It is a tanzanite flanked by diamonds.  John proposed to me while I was on the computer, lol.  He got down one one knee and proposed to me while I was on the computer!  I don't know if I was writing an entry or reading one.  Now you know how addicted I am.    Here is the ring:


Let me see what I can tell you about the wedding.  Well, not a lot.  Can't tell you about my dress, lol, because certain people read this journal, lol.  And I can't tell you about the flowers either.  But I will show and tell when I get back from the honeymoon. 

John helped me pick out the music so I will tell you what songs we are going to have for the wedding:

Sheep May Safely Graze - Johann Bach
Pachaelbel's Canon - J. Pachelbel
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - Johann Bach
two songs sung by soloist - her choice of songs

Trumpet Voluntary in D Major

Ode To Joy (from the 9th Symphony) - Ludwig Van Beethoven

Presentation of flowers to the Blessed Mother
Ave Maria - Franz Schubert

Well, that's about it for now.  I will tell you more about the wedding after it is over and I can let the cat out of the bag, lol.  John doesn't even want to know the color theme.  He doesn't know what color Val's dress is yet.  Val is my Maid-of Honor, of course. 

Well, talk to you soon.  Please pray for me that I don't want to be a runaway bride!  Just kidding!  I am very happy right now. Love, Krissy :) 

Monday, May 2, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

What are some of your happiest childhood memories?  (question from Jules)

Answer:  Some of my happiest childhood memories were when I went on family vacations.  We were all together as a family and we had so much fun.  Just being together was fun.  And so was seeing intriguing things.  And going to the beach was great.  We went to three beaches if I remember correctly.  My favorite was Nags Head, NC.  Once we stayed in a cabin in the woods.  Yes, these are some of my happiest childhood memories.

Nope, Nada, Nil

This week there will be no Scavenger Hunt because I am getting married on Saturday and then will be off to my honeymoon.  Come to think of it, there won't be one the week after, because I will just be getting back from my honeymoon.  So we will have two weeks off.

Love, Krissy :)         

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