Monday, July 31, 2006

monday morning question


What do you like most or least about the night?

My answer:  What I like most about it is it is all peaceful and quiet.  Sometimes I stay up and get some work done.

photo scavenger hunt #86


The entries for Scavenger Hunt #86 will be due on Sunday, August 6 at 11:00 PM EST.

The subject this week is:  photo(s) of your choice
You can use old photos, but let's consider getting out our cameras and practicing taking some shots!

Ok.  No rules!  Just have fun!

Krissy :)

Photo Scavenger Hunt #85 Participants...

The topic for this week was: glass

Here are the journals who participated:

Northern Trip

Photo Trek

Lost in my own thoughts

Photo Blog

My Photo Journey

A Couple of Nomads

Footprints in the Sand

Linda's World

Holiday photos

my spot


Sometimes I Think

Thanks everyone who participated.  These were extra special, imaginative, and creative this time!  I really enjoyed them.  I hope everyone will go look at them and comment on them, they are all great.  Krissy :) 

Sunday, July 30, 2006

my photo scav hunt #85 photo

                     The subject this week is:  Glass


This is a glass flower given to me by my niece Chelsea.  I treasure it highly because she gave it to me.  I also love it because I think it is absolutely beautiful.  I love all things glass.

Krissy :) 

John is doing well

Hello you all.  Many of you have been asking how John is doing, and I wanted to give you an update.  In many ways, he is doing amazingly well.  It has been four weeks since he came back from being hospitalized, and he has not had to return there.  He has only had to go to Hershey for check ups.  For this I am amazed and grateful. 

His last appointment in Hershey was this past Monday.  The rash turned out to be Graft Verses Host Disease.  This means the donor is rejecting you.  But the rash was mild, and could be handled with medication.  This was not the complication the oncologist was worried about.

The complication the oncologist is worried about is John's Creatinin level.  Technically, John has chronic renal failure.  Yes, his kidneys are failing him, at some level.  His Creatinin level is 3.5.  The Creatinin level shouldn't be over 1.5.  I looked up on the net how high your Creatinin level must be before they put you on dialysis.  The answer is 10.  But I also read that they do it as low as 5.  Hmmmmmm......

Anyway, the fix that the oncologist has decided to do at this time is to lower one of John's meds (an immunosuppressant), which will hopefully lower his Creatinin level.  The only problem with this is, the lowering of the med will increase the chance of Graft Verses Host Disease.  So the oncologist had to significantly increase John's Prednisone, to fight the GVHD.  For those of you who know about Prednisone, it is nasty stuff, LOL.  Mood swings, etc.

Okay, one more thing.  John's counts have gotten higher!  Yay!!!  Finally they got high enough for him to have surgery on the ingrown toe nail of his big toe.  It is doing remarkably well!  He has contracted no fevers!  It is truly amazing.  And the toe is healing nicely.  I don't take any of these small things for granted after so many complications.

Okay, I must run, my in-laws are coming this morning.  Thanks for listening to this update.

I love you all.  :)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

my All About Me section


Today was a hot, humid day.  Inside, with the air conditioner on, the temperature was 82 degrees!  I can't wait until this heat wave is over! 

On a different note, I thought you all might want to check out my new All About Me photo.  No, I didn't really like my hair short.  And yes, it grows fast, LOL.  I like how it is now - long.

Also in the All About Me section you may notice that I have a logo for something called The Healing Garden.  The Healing Garden was started by Tammy in her journal As I Am.  If you click on the logo in my All About Me section for the Healing Garden, it will take you to an entry in Tammy's journal, explaing all about it.  

Click on the logo to check it out if you like.  It is for those with disabilities and illnesses who want support, and for those who want to support them.  

I am going to write an entry here in my journal in a few days about my disabilities.  Actually, many of you don't know I am on disability.  Does that surprise you?  More to come...  

Love,  Krissy :) 

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Would you like a postcard from PA?


Yesterday I was delighted to get a post card from Linda in Washington.  She sent one to John also. 

She offered them to those who sent their address to her.  I am going to do the same.  To those of you who want a post card from Pennsylvania, email me your home address and I will send you one.  Don't worry, I won't give your address to anyone.  I have 14 post cards from the lovely state of Pennsylvania. I want to mail them to my lovely J-Land friends. 

I don't know who started this fun little game (was it you, Robin?) but I wanted to participate too.  If you email me, you don't have to send out post cards too, only get one.  But I wanted to send some out.  So email me if you want a post card.

Krissy :)     

Monday, July 24, 2006

monday morning question


We'll call this question Christmas in July!  What is one of your fondest Christmas memories?

My answer:  I remember our beautiful Christmas tree.  It was an imitation tree.  It was silver, the kind where you had to poke the branches into the long pole.  It was garish and gawdy, yet beautiful.  We poked the branches into the pole, and then we would shape them.  Then we would decorate the tree, put on icycles and lights.  And the star on the top.  But the very BEST part was the color wheel!  It spun around and turned the tree blue, green, red, and purple.  Or some fun colors.  We squeeled with delight.

What's your memory?  

photo scavenger hunt #85


The entries for Scavenger Hunt #85 will be due on Sunday, July 30 at 11:00 PM EST.

The subject this week is:  Glass

Interpret this any way you like.  No rules!  Just have fun!

Photo Scavenger Hunt #84 Participants...

The topic this week was:  Things that start with the first letter of your name

Here are the journals who participated:

Linda's World
Confessions Of An Angel Waitress
ALMOST Paradise
Northern Trip
Footprints in the Sand
Throw me a bone
Photo Blog
Sometimes I Think
There is a Season

ALMOST Paradise (Something Treasured)

Thanks for playing along this week!  Krissy :)

*edit:  the links are all messed up, and I am about ready to not do them like this anymore.  Let me see what I can straighten out right now:

Throw me a bone:

Photo Blog:

There is a Season:

So sorry you all.  I think I will do the links a different way next time.

Krissy :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

my photo scav hunt #84 photo

The subject this week is:  Things that start with the first letter of your name

                                     K is for... Kitty!


                      Isn't Michael such a ham?  Krissy :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment 121

When I read John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment 121 I knew right away what I wanted to write about.  Here's the assignment:

Weekend Assignment #121: Do whatever you want, so long as it somehow involves the number 11. Memories of being eleven, lists that have eleven positions on them, collections of eleven similar objects -- hey, whatever you want. As long as the number eleven is somehow involved, it's all good. For those of you thinking about being sneaking and using binary notation: no "11, base 2." We're talking binary number 1011 here, pal.

Okay, so what did I think of right away?  11 fingers!  That's right, my sister Val was born with 11 fingers.  The 11th finger grew out of the pinky on her left hand.  The finger was removed when she was a baby, but if you look real closely you can see what remains of it in this photo (right side of the picture - on the pinky). 


There's an interesting story about how it was removed.  When Val was a newborn, the first thing that the doctors did was tie a black nylon string around it in hopes of removing its blood flow,  thereby causing it to fall off.  (I kid you not, my mom tells us this!)  When that failed to work, the finger was surgically removed (fingernail and all!).          

Extra credit: Grab a book, open it to page 11, and write out the 11th sentence.

Okay, I grabbed the nearest book to me.  It is a book that I just bought for my niece (to give to her son).  It is called Read with Dick and Jane.  Opening to page 11, I see there are not even 11 sentences, LOL.  Oh come on now, this book is made easy for children.  I just LOVE this book, it was my reader in first grade.  Getting back to the subject, I will read sentence eight, because it is the closest thing I can find:  Run and find Mother.  Dick is saying that to Spot.  Read the book to find out if Spot saves the day, I won't spoil it for you and tell you the ending.

God bless, Krissy :)

Of ingrown toenails

Gee, I am sorry it has taken me two weeks to do an update on John.  I hadn't realized so much time had gone by.  I have been so busy trying to catch up on work at home that updating this journal just kept getting away from me.  John and I have been away at Hershey about five out of the last six months.  There is a lot of work I have had to catch up on at home. 

Let's see.  Last entry, two weeks ago, we were waiting for Hershey to call to change one of John's meds to bring his counts back up.  Well, the med dosage was changed.  And his counts never came back up.

Well, not until a couple of days ago.  They are finally higher.  Let me explain.  John has been given shots to artificially stimulate his red and white blood cells.  He has to go to the doctor's office daily to get the Neupogen shot (the one for white blood cells).  The home nurse no longer comes (long story) so he has to go to the doc everyday.  These shots are to bring up his counts TEMPORARILY.  I say temporarily because they only work for a short time.

Now, the reason why he is getting the Neupogen shots.  John has had a fever for about a week and a half now.  Today it is finally gone I think.  Anyway, he has two ingrown toenails.  When he saw Dr. Claxton about two weeks ago, Dr. Claxton told him one of the toenails must be removed as soon as possible.  Like before he gets blood poisoning.  The only problem is, it can't be taken out until his white blood counts get higher.  That is why the doctors are giving John daily Neupogen shots to raise his counts.  Fortunately the shots can be given locally.  Meanwhile, John has been given an oral antibiotic to take.  If at any time he gets a high fever before the toenail comes out (because the toenail is causing a very bad infection), then the oral antibiotic won't be enough, and John will have to go back to Hershey and be hospitalized and put on an IV antibiotic for 24/7.

Oh, and one more thing.  John was supposed to go to Hershey for an appointment after he had his toenail worked on (He was going to have it worked on sometime next week.).  His appointment date to go to Hershey was a week from Monday.  But that's not going to work out that he see Dr. Claxton before he gets his toe worked on.  Now he has to go to Hershey on Monday (in two days - April 24).  Because he has this rash on him.  And I guess they are concerned it might be Graft Verses Host Disease.  I was speaking with Hershey on the phone today and told them about the rash, and they moved John's appointment up one week.  So anyway, John and I will drive up on Monday the 24th, and as always, I will pack a bag for each of us, just in case we have to stay.  I don't think we will have to this time, but I always pack, because all too often it happens. 

Okay, well that's about it.  Please pray for John.  He has been through so much.  He is in good spirits though.  He is my very strong and positive guy.  But prayers that he would get better soon so that he doesn't have to suffer so much would make me happy. 

Love you all, Krissy :) 

Monday, July 17, 2006

monday morning question


Okay, this is lame but I don't care!  The question is:  What Monday Morning Questions would you like to see asked in the future?  Thanks, Krissy :)

photo scavenger hunt #84


The entries for Scavenger Hunt #84 will be due on Sunday, July 23 at 11:00 PM EST.

The subject this week is:  Things that start with the first letter of your name

Interpret this any way you like.  No rules!  Just have fun!

You know what to do, put the link to your entry in the comments section below.  Krissy :)

Photo Scavenger Hunt #83 Participants...

I just wanted to thank you all who photographed your treasures.  "Something Treasured" allows others to get a glimpse into ya'lls' lives.  That's why I enjoyed viewing these photos so much.  Sorry I didn't get a chance to take pictures myself; John has had a fever for five days and I have been helping him.  I promise to do my best to participate next hunt. 

Please check out these entries and encourage one another.

Entries for Scavenger Hunt #83

Here are the journals that participated:

The ways of Rayne
Throw me a bone
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Holiday photos
Linda's World
Northern Trip
Footprints in the Sand
Photo Blog
Confessions Of An Angel Waitress

Monday, July 10, 2006

monday morning question


What drives you batty?  Okay, a minor irritation I mean.

Somebody cutting in line.  So I am wanting my turn.  And I am thinking, "Who does this person think they are, thinking they are more important than me, that they should cut in front of me, and not wait their fair turn?"  Silly perhaps, but I think it. 

Now what drives you batty?  Put your answer in the comment section below or put your answer in your journal and leave a link to it in the comment section below.  Krissy :)

photo scavenger hunt #83


The entries for Scavenger Hunt #83 will be due on Sunday, July 16 at 11:00 PM EST.

The subject this week is:  Something Treasured

Interpret this any way you like.  No rules!  Just have fun!

You know what to do, put the link to your entry in the comments section below.  Krissy :)    

Photo Scavenger Hunt #82 Participants...

Thank you everyone who played along to this week's theme of Red White and Blue.  I think these entries were extra special this week and lots of fun!  Please check each other's out and encourage one another!  Krissy :)

Entries for Photo Scavenger Hunt #82 

Here are the journals that participated:

Linda's World
Dribble by Chuck Ferris
Northern Trip

My Photo Journey
Photo Trek
Photo Blog
Confessions Of An Angel Waitress
ALMOST Paradise
Footprints in the Sand

*edit - The first time I did an entry, the link to Chuck's journal didn't work.  It took you to somebody else's journal.  I have corrected it and it should take you to Chuck's journal this time. 

*edit - Northern Trip journal link corrected  

*sorry about the constant edits but the links are just NOT working in this entry.  To see Chucks entry please go to

To see the Northern Trip entry please go to

Saturday, July 8, 2006

The nurse coordinator called

I thought it was time for a little update on John.  When I wrote that we were leaving for home, I said that there were a few problems, but that it was news for another entry.  So I guess this is the entry.  The first thing that happened was that John's Cytomegalovirus returned two days before we left Hershey for home, the morning after they told him he could leave.  He was put on an oral anti-viral (earlier I said an antibiotic - this was wrong).  To make a long story short, we got the test results back yesterday, the second bout of CMV is GONE.  The anti-viral took it away.  Thank God for that.

The second problem is his creatinin level.  He still has chronic renal (kidney) failure.  I don't know what they are going to do with that.

The third problem is his blood counts.  Now here is the bad part.  The nurse coordinator called today and said John's white blood count was so low that she was concerned.  (For those of you who understand about this - the word is neurtropenic.)  Anyway, she asked him to stop taking a certain medication which would bring his counts back up, and John said he wasn't taking the medication.  She was then very concerned, and said that she would be speaking to the oncologist who was filling in for Dr. Claxton to see what could be done about the low white blood count, and that she would call John back.  She never called back today.  I wonder why.  Anyway, I am hoping John doesn't have to go back to the hospital.  I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall.

That brings me back to the subject of all the blood counts.  All the blood counts and John's platelets are too low.  The oncologist (Dr. Claxton) is concerned.  What all this means I am not sure.

Okay, that is about it.  Meanwhile, if feels SO good to be home.  Just being here is incredible.  Catching up on two months worth of work, no five months, is difficult.  But it feels good to be doing regular things again.  And we are doing some fun things too. 

Well, have to go now.  Hope you all are doing well. Take care.  Krissy :)

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy Independence Day!


Happy Fourth of July!

To all of my friends in America, have a safe and fun July 4th.  Eat something yummy.  John and I are going to.  We are having bbq ribs, cole slaw and french fries.  And we'll watch the fireworks on TV.  No traffic for us this year!  And remember to count your blessings for living in a country such as ours.  Krissy :)

Monday, July 3, 2006

photo scavenger hunt #82


First, I want to say thank you to my sister Valerie, who has been hosting these photo hunts for me in her journal every week while I have been away.  Without her they perhaps wouldn't have gone on.  Thank you, Sissy!  And I also want to say thank you to all who have so faithfully played and made this a really fun thing to do!  Oh, and thank you Sissy for making me these logos.  I LOVE them.  :)  Now on with the photo hunt:   

The entries for Photo Scavenger Hunt #82 will be due on Sunday, July 9, 2006 at 11:00 PM EST. 

The subject for this week is:  Red White and Blue

Interpret that any way you would like.  No rules!  Just have fun!  

You know what to do, put the link to your entry in the comments section below.  Krissy :) 

Monday Morning Question


What is one word that describes 'how to live successfully'?  Examples:  fearlessly, joyfully, thoughtfully

My answer:  courageously

You know what to do.  Put your answer in the comment section or put your answer in your journal and leave a link to it in the comment section below.  Thanks for playing.  Krissy :)   

Wow, it's good to be home!

It's so good to be home after two long months.  We got here on Saturday afternoon.  Then we did nothing on Saturday night but chill. 

Sunday was different though.  Everything broke down at once.  The air conditioner, the phone, the answering machine.  We had to go out and buy a part for the air conditioner, then buy a new phone/answering machine. 

I hope nobody was trying to get ahold of me while the answering machine didn't work and we were in Hershey for two days after John was released from the hospital.  After he is released is when they usually set him up with a home nurse, and treatment with his oncologist back home.  Also, if they were calling him back to Hershey for anything, we have no way of knowing about it.  I wish it didn't take us a day to realize there was something wrong with the answering machine.  Oh well.

Okay, well, it feels SO good to be home.  Nothing like your own surroundings.  I thought it would take some getting used to, but it didn't!  This is truly home.   

Okay, I would say more.  I AM so grateful to be here.  But I have a headache so I need to end here for now.  I will be back soon.  Krissy  :) 

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