Friday, February 29, 2008

games we played at John's birthday party

This is a continuation from the previous entry ---> John's 46th birthday party 
After John opened his his presents for his party, we played games.
The games to me were the fun part.  I had never really been to a party for adults where we actually played games.  Charades maybe, but that can be boring.  So before the party, I went on the net in search of games, and found some, and modified them for the party. 
I told John the night before the party, "you better not blow it, you had better be willing to be silly and have fun tomorrow!".  He looked at me aghast!  "You mean we have to be silly at this party?"  "Well I thought you knew we were playing games, you sort of caught me collecting these winning prizes!," I said.  "Well, I guess I'll cooperate," he mumbled. 
This was a big deal for John.  He wasn't able to play much in the past.    He was taught that you don't play, especially as an adult.  He told me that this would be his first birthday party in his life, either as a child or adult.  Wow.  Now that's kind of sad.  But he was willing to put aside these inner tapes from his childhood and try to have fun.
Before the party I had made up "prize bags".  If you won a game you got to pick a brown paper bag (a lunch bag, LOL) and open it, and you won what was in it.  You put it in your party bag that you took home when you went home.  There were lots of cool gifts, and each guest took home several things.  If you didn't like what you had chosen, you could just trade with someone else from their party bag.   
So I told you I would tell you about a few of the games we played.  And I wanted to say John played along, was a good sport, and we all had a riot!
One of the first games had us being barnyard animals.  Everybody chose their favorite barnyard animal.  The game had John baaing like a sheep, Matt mooing, Valerie being a cat...  I can't remember who else was what.  While Valerie was meowing she asked John to keep on baaing because she wanted to play animals with him, LOL.  Anyway, the game got kind of complicated, which I won't explain now, but it culminated like this.  If you won, before you could claim your prize, you had to be a rooster!  John won!  Here is a picture of him performing his final task!
                            John strutting his rooster stuff! 
Next we played a game similar to charades.  We were trying to guess what our friend was doing.  She was riding a carousell horse.  I am not good at these kids of games.  I thought she was blow drying her hair, LOL.  Or perhaps spotting land?
Okay, so like, what does John look like he is doing here?  If you said playing a violin, or even shooting a rifle (like I thought), you'd be wrong.  He is branding cattle! 
              And here's our friend getting a shot at the same thing! 
Here she is really getting into it and getting caught in the banner!  And well, kind of ripping it down, LOL.
Those are just a few games we played.  I might tell you about some more later.  But I did want to tell you some of the little prizes John and I won in our "prize bags".
John won:  Ajax Dishwashing Liquid, SpongeBob Squarepants toothpaste, Luminous Colgate Toothpaste, Crest PRO-HEALTH (like SCOPE), Strawberry Chap Stick (which he gave to me), and a travel sewing kit, Sugar Babies, and Hot Tamales. 
I won a Vanilla Yankee candle, a Cinnamon Apple Yankee Candle, some hand sanitizer to put in my purse, chocolate Sugar Babies. Lemon Heads, and a container of buttons. 
Okay, I have to do one more entry after this, because I would be remiss if I didn't show you John blowing out his candles, LOL.
Love you all, Krissy :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

John's 46th birthday party

We finally got to have John's birthday party, a week ago, Saturday.  It was his 46th birthday party and the 2nd anniversary of his bone marrow transplant.  So I wanted to make it special.
I cooked up two big pots of chili, made a salad, and started making the carrot cake and a key lime pie.  May as well make it in front of him, he was suspicious already, LOL.
Then I asked John to leave for awhile. 
My sister Valerie, from There is a Season, came over early to help, as did her son Matt.  We wrapped presents, hung streamers - which kept falling down, LOL, - and blew up balloons that filled the house!  Matt finished cooking the food, while Val and I finished decorating.  Finally I called John on his cell and asked him to come back.  Not all guests had arrived yet, but oh well.  Oh, and to look extra pretty, I had Val put sparkly stuff in my hair, LOL.  I couldn't convince anybody else to do it, but this was a party, wasn't it, so why shouldn't I be silly!  I was laughing so hard by this time!
John walked in the door and was very surprised!
After we ate lots of good food, John opened his presents.  
I gave him money to join the astronomy club, a framed sketch of St. Francis, and some Hanes briefs.
                        John enjoying the sketch of St. Francis

                    I am not sure why we posed with underwear,  
                        or why I am showing it to you, LOL.
Above is Valerie giving John bunny ears as he opens the present she and her boyfriend gave him.  In every crowd you find one who has to do bunny ears, and this time it was Val, LOL.
                   John with the longjohns from Val and her friend  
Our nephew Matt gave John weights.  Dr. Claxton
wants John to start getting in shape now that he
has more energy.
John got a few more gifts.  A friend named Shirley gave him a book about architecture and two more friends gave him a Barnes & Noble gift certificate.  My parent's also gave John a present, as did his.  Everything was so thoughtful and wonderful!
I will tell you about the games we played in the next entry! 
click here to go to entry:  games we played at John's birthday party 
Krissy :)

Ugh, I think I have pleural pneumonia

I haven't written in a few days because I still feel under the weather.  I am going to post today just because I feel like it (please don't scold me!), but I wanted to get on here first and tell you how I am doing.  This pneumonia thing is not resolving istself.  I had to go back to the doctor yesterday (actually I saw the physician's assistant) to get more antibiotics.  I'm not a fan of taking too many antibiotics (I mean more than necessary), but I still have a fever and I am having trouble taking breaths.  So I started on a second round of antibiotics yesterday - something called Avelox.  I also have to do three home nebulizer treatments a day. 

There's one thing that frightens me.  What I thought was fibromyalgia, after talking to John, I now think is pleurisy - as in pleural pneumonia.  John was explaining it to me, as he has had it before.  It is terribly painful.  I don't know why it hadn't occured to me before this, as it is in the exact place that the ER doctor said my pneumonia was - the bottom lobe right lung.  Each time I cough, sneeze, laugh there is intense pain.  Heck, each time I breathe too deeply, try to get up, move, and often for no reason - pain shoots through my body.  Bad enough for me to scream often.  I am wondering if somebody is going to report John for beating me the screaming is that loud.  No kidding.  I try to restrain but I can't.  I either scream or cry.  Uhm, well, it just hurts all the time.  It hurts as I sit here, but not one of those stabbing pains. 

I am wondering if I should call Dr. Raquet (family physician) back, or if I should wait another week.  The physician's assistant said I should be substantially better by then.  She thinks this pain in my side is fibro, though, because that is what I am telling everybody - that is what I thought until last night when John described his pleural pneumonia of the past.  By the way, I do have a follow up in about two weeks with Dr. Raquet, to get x-rays done to see if the pneumonia is gone.  I could have him look at that time and see if there is pleurisy then.  For crying out loud!  Why am I always second guessing everything?  I guess I better call this morning?  I think I will!

By the way, Michael is substantially better!  When he was real sick he was in the closet hiding for a few days.  And he stopped eating.  Now he is out of hiding and he is eating again!  The vet put him on antibiotics.  He still sleeps a lot but is up a lot too!  Thanks for the prayers. 

Okay, off to make some phone calls.  I think I will call the nurse and ask her what to do.  Just in case they want me to come into the hospital or not.  My guess is they will not, but why should I second guess?

Love you all,  Krissy :) 

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

just a little reminder

I wanted to remind you, if you play my sister Val's Weekly Sentence game, your submission is due on Wednesday at 4PM.  To play the game visit There is a Season.  

Why not consider playing?  It's a lot of fun!  Thanks!

Krissy :)

monday morning question

                                       (A day late!)

What pivotal experience(s) in your life has changed you, so that you see life through different eyes?

My answer:  Becoming a Christian, the moment I realized it was okay to be either married or not married, marrying John, going through the transplant experience with John, starting this blog (call it cheesy but this thing has changed me in a lot of ways!)

So tell us, what experience in life has changed you to see differently? 

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Michael my cat is sick

I just woke up.  Coughing.  Coughing is a good sign, because it means the congestion is finally breaking up in my lungs.  I did a breathing treatment with my home nebulizer after I got up.  Then I took my temperature which is 99.5, down from 100 degrees, which I guess is a good sign.  It has been 100 degrees for most of today.  Now why would that be that after 6 days on antibiotics I would still have a fever?  If I still have a fever in a few days I am going to have to call my doctor, so he can prescribe me a different kind of antibiotic.

How am I feeling?  Yucky.  And I sleep a lot.  Yes, I do get on here some.  But I sleep a lot too.  I'm quite exhausted. 

I was too exhausted to go with John when he took my cat Michael to the vets today (Saturday). 

Michael's pretty sick.  He's listless and he won't eat.  His fever is also high according to the vet.  But Dr. Mason says that fortunately he only has an infection, and he needs to be on antibiotics.  (where have I heard that one before?).

Michael is not eating his food, so Dr. Mason told us to give him people food such as tuna and chicken.  We took the liberty to give him some shrimp too, LOL.  He barely ate a few bites of the shrimp or tuna. 

If Michael is not better by Monday he will have to go back to the vet on Monday and stay overnight for awhile. :(    

I am sceeeered.

One good thing that came out of this is we found out he is not diabetic any longer and John and I don't have to give him insulin shots anymore!  Dr. Mason found out by doing tests!  Yay!!!

Okay, like I said, I am sceeeered for my kitty.  I only have one kitty and  he is irreplacable.  I won't get another one if anything ever happened to him. 

Okay, now I am getting way ahead of myself and getting kind of hysterical.  It's just lately while I was sick he stayed by my side every second watching over me.  He listened to make sure I could breathe.  He leaned against me to keep me warm.  He is so kind to me.  Now he needs more time to himself because he is sick, so he sneaks off to get his alone time.  And I am glad he does.  I want whatever makes him better.  I am just noting that he is an extra special kitty and I don't know what I would do without him.

Okay, getting off here, love you all,


Friday, February 22, 2008

please check out last entry!

That last entry was not a test.  Please check it out!
Krissy :)


my journal turned completely to comic sans!

Oh my gosh, the tech support man fixed my font size and now I can write all my entries in the correct size!  But he made a major mistake.  He turned my entire blog into comic sans, LOLOLOL.  Oh good grief, I don't know how to fix that.  Does this journal horrible, totally in comic sans?  Every word of my journal?  Kind of, huh?  This is a hoot!  I can't stand AOL at times.  Oh well, the price of these blogs aren't bad, they DO come with the ISP service.  Now I am going to have to figure out how to get rid of some of this comic sans, LOL.  Okay, talk at you later!  And yes, I am getting lots of sleep!

Oh, I think I will do a poll thingy!

Love you all,

Krissy :)

**Edit:  My sister Valerie just informed me that this is not comic sans 14.  Drat.  I guess the Tech support didn't fix it after all, LOL.  I think it is in giant Verdana letters.  I guess I will have to use baby comic sans letters or giant Verdana letters, neither of which I like!  Phoooooey!  I have heard that there are problems all around JLand with font sizes and styles. 

Are any of you having problems with your fonts? 

Thursday, February 21, 2008

John and I are using a list to keep up with things

Hi you all.

Yes, I am up early in the morning.  It is because I just slept for about 12 hours.  I'm mostly just getting up to take my medication and for appointments.

I do get on my computer a little bit though.  Mostly to play pogo for a few minutes.  Then it is back to bed.  And yes, I am writing an occassional entry.  So scream at me!  Staying in bed is boring!  But I am taking this thing seriously.

I went to my family doctor yesterday.  It was a follow up appointment for the hospital visit.  The doctor said that I would have to stay home and rest for four weeks (except for important appointments like doctor's appointments).  Then he was going to x-ray me again and make sure the pneumonia is gone. 

One good thing is he wrote me out a script for albuterol, to use for my home nebulizer so I could give myself breathing treatments at home.  This way I won't have to use my inhaler every four hours.  Instead I can do breathing treatments three times a day.

Also, a friend came over, and helped John and I make an hour by hour list of what needed to be done for our meds, breathing treatments, insulint shots, etc.  This way we will be able to keep up because we will know what to do and we won't forget anything.

We tried following the list for the first time yesterday.  It worked better than using no list, but we still have a ways to go using it.  I feel we are getting more of a grip on things, praise God for that.

Somebody is coming over for three and a half hours today and helping John clean.  That's nice.  Real nice.

What else is new?  Let's see.  I am beginning to start a fever.  It was 100 yesterday.  Not that high, but I hate fevers, they make you feel so yucky.  So I know what you are going to say, GET OFF OF HERE!  So I will go.

Love you all,

Krissy :) 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

now I have pneumonia

I may as well call this "My Sick Blog".  

Let me tell you what is going on.  And yes, I know I shouldn't be on here, I should be in bed, but I wanted to get on for a few minutes while I felt okay and mention what is going on. 

Last night in the middle of the night I went to the Emergency Room (yet again).

It's because I could barely breathe.  The doctor ordered a nebulizer treatment (albuterol) which lasted about 10 minutes, to get me breathing again.  Then I was taken to x-ray.

Turns out I have Pneumonia.  Dr. Feese told the nurse to give me another "breathing treatment".  Then he told me I was going to have to take double strength Zpac (zithromax) for awhile when I returned home.

The doctor wanted to admit me into the hospital, but told me there weren't any beds left.  So he reluctently sent me home with the Zpac and told me to drink lots of fluid and get lots of rest, and go to my Primary Care doctor in a couple of days.  I have already made an appointment, and am going to see my doctor tomorrow.   

How does one have pneumonia for awhile without realizing it?  I know that I have been trying to catch full breaths for awhile, but I guess it progressively got worse, and it was so slow I didn't notice.

Now I am exhausted and sleep most of the day.  The house is a wreck and even John can't keep up because he is tired from taking me to the hospital and appointments so much, LOL. 

I just called somebody and asked them to help for a few hours, and offered to pay them, but they said they couldn't come and help.

I don't know what I am going to do, because the exhaustion I am under does not allow me to get a lot done here, some of which includes staying on top of our meds, doing my home breathing treatments, feeding the cat, my insulin shots, etc. 

Poor John, he is trying to take care of everything.  He does a lot, but I do wish I could give him an extra pair of hands!

And I don't want to ask my sister Valerie to help me.  She has enough on her plate.  Her boyfriend John was lifeflighted last night to a hospital about an hour away, because he has fluid on his heart. They said if he had waited any longer to come in to the Emergency Room he would have had a heart attack.  Now he is in the ICU in an unfamiliar hospital.  And Val had to stay behind. 

They need to figure out what is causing the fluid on his heart before they can do anything about it.  If they drain it, it just might refill.  They are deciding if they want to drain the fluid around his heart or open his chest. 

Please pray for him. 

Now I will go lay down.

Love you all, Krissy

Monday, February 18, 2008

There will be no JLand Photo Shoot this week

There will be no JLand Photo Shoot this week.

This is John.  Krissy is in a lot of pain; she's taking a muscle relaxant and is going to sleep.  I'm writing this because she wanted to give you a subject for the photo shoot for this week, but is unable to.  She has decided that she needs a break from the photo shoot this week due to health reasons.  She will continue with the JLand Photo Shoot next week. 

If you don't hear from Krissy for a while it's because she took one of those muscle relaxants that makes her sleep and sleep.  Don't be alarmed.

I hope all of you are having a good week.


the hospital gave me muscle relaxants for fibromyalgia

I'm having a super hard time doing the Monday Morning Question because I don't feel well.  So I am going to have to skip it this week. 

Actually the problem is that I was given a strong muscle relaxant at the hospital last night and it takes 10 hours to wear off.  Most of the past 10 hours I have just been sleeping.  That's really why I can't come up with a Monday Morning Question.  I keep falling asleep!  

Let me tell you what the doctor at the hospital Emergency Room told me, while I'm still on here.

The problem is definitely fibromyalgia.  He said he's never seen such a tight and spasming back.  He gave me something called Flexeril.  What it does is loosens your muscles, and gives them a chance to stop spasming then tightening back up to brace from the spasming.  Which of course repeats the painful cycle.

Flexeril is wonderful stuff!  The problem is it lasts for 10 hours, during which time you probably fall asleep.  During most or all of the time.  So if you have anywhere to go, well, that's out. 

So if my entries are not frequent, you will know that I am in bed!  But he did say I could space out the medicine some if I have appointments or meetings.  So I will be awake some of the time and be on here some, LOL.

One thing that is good is my condition won't last too much longer, most likely.  What brought it on was stopping my exercises when I got the pinched nerve.  I could no longer do the fibro exercises and my body rebelled. 

When I get back into my regular routine of exercising, the cramps should go away and I won't need the Flexeril anymore.

Another thing the doctor told me is I am severely dehydrated and I must drink all day.  Now I wonder how that happened? 

Okay, I think that summarizes everything.  I am glad I will be getting better.  Wow, I already feel better some, and with each new pill I take, it loosens my back more, helping me out.  I am not saying that I am not in very severe pain, but I think I can make it for the two weeks it will take to get substantially better.

I am missing working on the computer already though.  I just tried and tried to do computer work, and fell asleep repeatedly.  I gave up trying to do a Monday Morning Question and delete email, when I woke up and found my head pounding against the keyboard.  That is when I thought I should tell you all I am taking a break for awhile, LOL.

So if I am scarce for awhile, you'll know why.  I will be back to post a subject for the JLand Photo Shoot though, because that is important.  I will get Val to help me. 

And I can't wait to come back in a few days and write about John's party.  We took pictures too!

Okay, love you all,

Krissy :) 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

i'm going to the emergency room

I just finished up the JLand Photo Shoot.  It took me awhile because I am in such severe pain.  While the pinched nerve pain is gone, I am having severe cramping that is racking my body.  It is similar to charley horses in my legs, But it is cramping my whole upper torso, over and over again.  I have never been in this much pain before.  This has been going on for two weeks, but the pain has been worse in the the past two days. 

Yesterday was hard.  We had John's party, and while it was a blast, I could hardly enjoy it through all the pain.  I cried some of the time, and some of the times I had to let out screams.  Yes, that is babyish, but it was literally uncontrolable for me to have to do so.

So I just called my doctor and he said to go over to the hospital, as it is a Sunday and the doctor's office isn't open.  So I am going to the Emergency Room right now.  I don't know if they can do anything.  Maybe give me a muscle relaxant to see if the muscle will relax and stop gripping.

Anyway, I am off to the hospital.  Please pray for me.

Love you all,


JLand Photo Shoot #128 participants... (Subject: Pets)

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Thanks for playing this week.  I will post a new subject tomorrow (Monday, February 18). 
Love you all,
Krissy :) 

Thursday, February 14, 2008

i'm doing a fundraiser for Hope Lodge/any suggestions?

Here I am on a Thursday morning, still at Hope Lodge in the town of Hershey, PA.  John and I are still here because snow and freezing rain continued to come down yesterday.  What was so nice is the staff here at Hope Lodge let us stay another night.  We could have been told to go to a local hotel.  But we weren't.  We were asked to stay.  And that saved us a lot of money.

I guess what I am trying to get at here is that Hope Lodge has been a lifesaver for John and me.  We would not have been able to afford a place to stay before, during, and after John's Bone Marrow Transplant if those running Hope Lodge hadn't let us stay all the times that they have. 

Our first stay at Hope lasted 10 weeks.  That's right.  When John had his Bone Marrow Transplant, we were there for 10 long weeks.  Actually, for about the the first year and a half after John's transplant, we were at Hope Lodge more than we were at home.  

Sometimes it would be just me staying at Hope Lodge and John would be in the hospital for a month or two.  Other times we were both at Hope Lodge and John would go to the hospital for several hours during the day, and we would come back to the Lodge several hours a day and just hang out.  Because we lived so far from Hershey Medical Center, the oncologists didn't want John to go back home, but to reside at Hope instead, so we stayedd nearby.

The first thing I want to say about Hope Lodge is it helped us financially.  The Lord is good to us, because without Hope Lodge John wouldn't have been able to get a transplant.  We wouldn't have had a place to stay near Hershey Medical Center, and they couldn't have done the transplant.  The Lord is good by providing us with Hope Lodge. 

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I want to do a fundraiser for Hope Lodge here in Hershey.  The funds would go specifically to this Hope Lodge. 

Some who stay at this Hope Lodge give a donation for staying here.  John and I have never been able to give a donation.  So I asked the manager if I could do a fundraiser.  She was excited about the idea.

So I wanted to ask you all, do you have any ideas for fundraisers?  I am going to research, but I have never done anything like this before.

To say quickly what Hope Lodge is, basically, it is a place where Cancer Survivors and their spouses/caregivers come so that the survivors can get treatment at the hospital.  There are a lot of bone marrow transplant recipients that stay at the Hope Lodge.  Every couple gets their own room (just like a hotel room!).  There are washers and dryers and many emenities.  There are common living areas, such as a kitchen, a large living room, dining room, place to watch TV and movies.  After awhile, people become a family.  You may share with others, or go back to your room for privacy.  It is wonderful and the staff is wonderful!  You have space for your own food; there is also shared food and meals!  Sometimes there are parties.  It is great because you never feel alone; there is always somebody to talk to.

The purpose of Hope Lodge is to have a place close by, for those who live too far from the hospital (Hershey Medical Center) and need treatment.  Also, if you were to live at home, after your bone marrow transplant, and you couldn't get back to the hospital in time, well, it could be too late for you.  So the hospital likes you to stay close by, within 20 minutes to it.

So here comes the reason why I am talking to you about all this.  As I mentioned, I want to do a fundraiser for Hope Lodge.  This particular Hope Lodge in Hershey, because of the help they have given John and me. 
I have never done a fund raiser before.  I was wondering if you all have any ideas.  Have any of you all done anything that worked?  

I am talking, it can be creative here.  I am talking the sky is the limit.  It can be your traditional fundraiser.  Or I can ask restraunts or stores to sponsor and raffle off something they suggest.  There is a local radio station here that gives out free pulicity.  So the sky is the limit.  On the other hand I can sell hot dogs and sodas in front of Sam's Club for $1 and make a profit.  Or do a fifty/fifty raffle.  There are lots of ideas.  I could ask friends for money.  It's a good cause because The Hope Lodge deals with cancer patients.

Okay, does anybody have ANY fundraising ideas of how I can help Hope Lodge? 

Anything would be appreciative! 

Love you all, 

Krissy :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

monday morning question (arriving on Tuesday)

Everyone's had bad dates.  In honor of Valentine's Day, I have a question to ask you. 

What was the worst date you have ever been on?

My answer:  When I was in my twenties there was a "gentleman" who insisted on taking me to a fine restaurant.  I had been anticipating the date for awhile, as I imaginied I would enjoy his company and the food.  I normally didn't go to such a place because I couldn't afford it. 

As we were given menus, James looked at me and blurted out, "I hope you don't mind that I am not going to get you anything tonight.  You're going to have to buy it yourself.  I just saw my nephew a few hours ago and spent the money on him instead.

I was flabbergasted.  If this were me, I wouldn't have done such a thing.  I would have at least shared half of the food on my plate with the other person.  But he wouldn't budge and give me anything to eat.  I didn't have much money so I ordered a salad.

About a week later, Jim and I were at a get together of friends.  He walked up to me.  "We should get married," he said calmly.  "You are Catholic, I am Catholic.  You are traditional, and so am I.  We both want to homeschool.  Yes, it would be a good idea, We should get married.  After all, we do have the same values in life."

Since when is denying somebody food a value???

Krissy :)  

Monday, February 11, 2008

I fixed my computer!

This entry will be short because I am in a lot of pain.  My fibromyalgia is making me wrench in pain.  Literally.  And I'm not a baby.  I need to do this entry quick and get in bed.

John and I are at Hope Lodge right now, in Hershey, PA.  It's where cancer survivors and their caregivers stay when the survivor is receiving treatment, whether it be a hospital stay, or a simple check up at the Cancer Clinic.

John saw Dr. Claxton today.  Dr. Claxton was absolutely thrilled at how John is doing.  He told John that his persistence had finally paid off.  He told him that although he had had two years of complications, it had been worth it because now he was going to be okay.  

John and I were thrilled as we left the Cancer Clinic.  It  is finally starting to sink into our heads.  John's really finally doing better and has hit a major landmark point in his recovery.  We have finally come to a conclusion.  

The conclusion we have come to is that John hasn't been this healthy in years.  He's doing better than his preTransplant days.  To have this finally happen is something that we have always hoped for, but weren't sure would come true.  To stare this day in the face finally, John feels, he says, "happy and relieved."  I would say it makes me feel "stunned and relieved."  I had a great amount of faith for this day, but none the less, I am still stunned and in awe.  Many don't make it as far as John has.  Many of our friends didn't. 

So praise God that John is doing well.  God has a purpose for his life here on earth for a while longer.

So before I get off I wanted to say I fixed my computer yesterday.  It took me 24 hours.  

It was so frightening.  I didn't think I would be able to fix my computer before it crashed.  I also feared I would lose all my documents and photos.  

I have never done any computer tech worklike this.  I want to say thank you to Miss Tammy from Down Home, to my brother-in-law Tony, and Sean at Office Depot who all gave me free tech help.  Then they let me loose to see what I could do.

It is amazing to find out what could be done after I learned some concepts.  I was able to take the computer from a totally blank screen and get it into Systems Restore and then onto my regular desktop screen.  Next I downloaded Adaware

I ran Adaware and to my horror, I found out I had 3 Trojans, which had spawned 43 other viruses.  No wonder my computer was shutting down.  It also said I had 786 other "infections".  I was horrified, and took the appropriate actions to rid my hard drive of these viruses.

Like I said, it was a 24 hour project.  But I got rid of all the viruses. 

I'm really excited to be back on line to be able to share with you all.  I'm glad the problem was fixable. 

Thanks for all your supportive comments yesterday.

Love, Krissy :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

a message from Krissy...

I'm Krissy's sister, Val, from There is a Season.  Krissy is having extreme difficulties with her computer and is working on a system restore.  She will let you know how things are working out from Hope Lodge at Hershey Medical Center on Monday.  John has an oncology appointment there tomorrow and she has access to a computer. 

She is sorry that she will have to post the photo shoot entrants and subject a little late this week.  Krissy sends her love.  xox

Saturday, February 9, 2008

John's party was postponed

Ugh.  The party I was throwing for John today was postponed.  We had quite a snowstorm.
I made a bunch of chili this morning, and now John definitely knows something is up!  I told him Shirley was coming for lunch, and he told me Shirley must be very hungry.  Then he looked at me.  A light bulb finally went off in his head.  "There's more than one Shirley coming, isn't there?"  We both started laughing, as he was finally starting to figure out why I'd been keeping so many secrets lately. 
"I guess you know this has to do with you," I said.  "Yes, but I still don't know what it's for."  Bless his heart, he is so humble!
He also doesn't know we are going to have an active party.  I refined the games last night, and got the supplies ready where necessary. 
Last night I also put each prize in a lunch bag and wrote either "Lady" or "Man" on each bag.  Women will get women prizes and men will get men prizes.  The winner of each game will choose a bag.  The winner won't know what prize he/she is choosing.  This way they will get a pleasant surprise!  Hopefully it will be pleasant, LOL.  If a partygoer ends up getting something he/she doesn't want, he can just trade with another partygoer, during the afternoon.  
And you can't imagine how hard it is to find prizes for men, LOL.  I was buying things like Chapstick and travel size Scope, LOL.  The packages of batteries were cool though. 
I got enough prizes for everybody to have several.  They are little things, but I thought they were cool!  Some of the prizes are nice things, like the Cinnamon Apple candle, the blue glass vase, and the Cocoa Butter.  I also included some silly things, such as Sponge Bob SquarePants bubble gum flavored tooth paste for kids.  They won't know what they will be getting.  It should be fun!
So this morning John wakes up and goes into the living room and keeps eyeing all the party favor lunch bags.  He is wondering what they are doing there.  "Those are your lunches, Honey.  For the next few weeks!"  He just looks at me!  Now I really have him curious.  Remember, we have only had talking parties.  "What are we going to do with lunch bags, he wonders?"  I am having way too much fun with this, LOL!
My Sissy Valerie had to call all the guests this morning and tell them to come this coming Saturday instead.  John and I will be back from Hershey by then and I think everybody should be able to come to the party.  I'll just take the frozen chili from the freezer.  You can freeze chili can't you??  And I will have to bake another cake.  Maybe this week I will come back and post what games we will be playing.  They are a blast!  I'll just tell John not to read my blog for a week, LOL.
Would you all like to know the games we'll be playing, and how to play them?  I'll post them if you'd like!  
Love you all,
Krissy :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm throwing a surprise party for John

Hi.  I'm sitting here listening to the birds sing outside my window.  It's warmer today.  There is a big fat sparrow eating at the bird feeder And there's snow on the ground.  There's been some amount of snow on the ground for months.  This is strange weather today, birdies and snow.
I'm feeling some better today.  My arm appears to be getting better and less inflamed with each dose of Prednisone.  I am thrilled.  It's great to know from some of you that pinched nerves aren't the worst thing in the world, because they can often be treated with exercise.  That is encouraging to know, Debbie and Celeste!
John's continuing to improve in leaps and bounds.  His immune system improves daily!  We are leaving on Monday for Hershey Medical Center (where he got his Bone Marrow Transplant) to meet with his oncologist.  It's really a routine check up.  Dr. Claxton, I know, is going to be thrilled.  The next day John will have an appointment with his ophthalmologist to make sure he is not having Graft Vs. Host Disease in his eyes.  I think his eyes are doing pretty well.  If he does have GVHD, it's not a bad case.
Speaking of John, I'm throwing a surprise party for him tomorrow (Saturday)!   It is a combination 46th birthday party and 2nd birthday party (being two years since his Bone Marrow Transplant).  It should be a blast.  Shhhh, and don't tell him, LOL.  I am going to make him beanless chili because he can't eat beans because of his kidney damage.  I'm also making regular chili for the other guests.  And there will be carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. 
We are also playing party games, LOL.  Yes, adults playing party games!  I will have lots of Ice Breaker games.  I chose games from around the net.  I am going to make adults act like barnyard animals in one of the games, LOL.  Another one I will make them paint with watercolors with a glove on.  And they will have to play a form of charades (a fun one).  And guess some things about John as he is the guest.  Maybe we will play the one where everybody gets Monopoly money and bids on prizes, but they don't know what the prizes are, because they are in brown lunch bags.  They will be little tiny prizes, but it should be fun.  Some may be booby prizes, and some good, LOL.  Oh, I will have enough so that everybody will win something.  I went out yesterday and it was hard to find men's prizes, LOL.  I am hoping the guests will cooperate and play.
This is the first time I will be throwing a party that will be so active.  Usually our friends just sit around and talk.  What should make this party even more fun is that everybody doesn't know each other, so the Ice Breaker games should be more fun!  I hope everyone will be willing to participate.  I am also hoping to have a lighthearted, fun time and some laughs.  I know John needs it, as he has had a serious time for so long.  
Now I am off to do some shopping for tomorrow.  I have lots to do. 
I will try to take some photos if I can.  And no, I haven't forgotten the other photos I have promised.  I just haven't been feeling well.  They will come in the future. 
Anyway, wish us lots of fun! 
Krissy :) 

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i have a pinched nerve in my neck

I haven't been around for a couple of days because I haven't felt well.  I have had severe pain radiating down my left arm.  It was so bad a couple of nights ago that I went to the Emergency Room.  After 7 hours of tests I was assured by the doctor at the hospital that I wasn't having a heart attack.  Than I was told not to use my arm for several days, and was sent home.

I went to the neurologist today (it was a previously scheduled appointment for my narcolepsy) and the doctor said I had a pinched nerve in my neck and it was causing the problem in my arm.  He said he thought I had problems with the disks in my and neck and back.  He gave me six days worth of Prednisone to take away the inflammation in the arm, in hopes that if the swelling went down, the disk or disks would go back into place.  If they do not, I will have to have an MRI and other tests in two weeks.  There is a possibility that I have slipped disks or maybe even something called spinal stenosis.  I won't bore you all with what spinal stenosis is right now.  I'll wait to see what Dr. Roy says I have, and go from there.      

Ugh, another illness, LOL.  I am going to try not to panic, and hope that this is only temporary; that the illness and the symptoms will be gone after the six days.  I don't want neck and back problems.  I used to have them pretty severely.

Please pray.  

Love you all, Krissy :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #128 - My Pet


This week's JLand Photo Shoot will begin today (Monday) and will be due on Saturday, Feb. 9, at 11 PM EST.  That's Saturday, almost midnight, an hour before Sunday, for those of you who are getting confused. 

Our subject this week is:

My Pet  

Of course you can post photos of all your pets if you have more than one animal friend!    

It's best to take the photos this week, so you can practice your skills, but if you'd like, you can post photos you've already taken in the past.

After you've posted your entry in your journal/blog, please put the address to your entry in my Comment Section below.  If you need an explanation on how to do this, or need to know any other instructions concerning this photo shoot, please click on the link below.

             Instructions for JLand Photo Shoot   

Please play along.  We're all looking forward to seeing your special friends! 

Krissy :) 

monday morning question


What have you learned in the past month?

My answer: 

I've learned my town won't take down their Christmas lights!

I've also learned that I'm finally open to begin making some changes in my life that I wasn't willing (or able?) to make before.  I am open to more possibilities now, and I'm less afraid of succeeding.  This makes me very happy.

How about you?  What's your answer?

Krissy :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #127 participants (Subject: Old)

                              JLand Photo Shoot #127
                                     Subject: Old            

We had an excellent turnout this week. 

27 people entered from public blogs and 2 entered from private blogs.
We also had 3 people who submitted photos taken by someone other than themselves, and asked to be included.  I included their entries also, because they fit the subject matter. 
I'd like to say hi and thank you to our first time players!  It's great having you.  And thanks to all of you who have been playing faithfully for a long time.
You all captured the subject matter this week in spectacular ways.  Many of you chose very poignant items to photograph.  Others chose fascinating items.  What I liked most about your photos is that they all evoked strong emotion.
Finally, I would ask you, if you can, to please try to visit each others entries, just as you would want others to visit yours!  :)  
Below are participating blogs, divided into categories: 
regular participants:
Living my Life  shows us something priceless robsbrooklyngirl received from her sister
Linda's World  shows us something priceless Linda received from Grandma
Lost in my own thoughts  shows us Shirley Temple pitchers among other things!
WAIT-NOT YET  shows us something from the 1800s!
Motomom  allows us to see her Grandparent's engagement present.  She also photographs her Grandma's 1918 -1922 handmade high school yearbook
There is only 1 TODAY!  shows us Janie's 94 year old friend Bud
There is a Season  shows us some special trees
MISSYZ STUFF shows us her Camaro before it went Buh-Bye!
Tales of a Trailer Park Princess  shows us her constant companion
Footprints in the Sand  shows us Linda's lifelong companion
Midnight Conversations  gives us a tour of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' Church
A moment in time  brings us an everyday item, making us wonder if it still works
My Photo Journey  brings us an old Oak tree among other stunning photos
Slapinions  shows why Dan updated his electrical services! 
Jeannette's Jottings  showcases one of Jeannette's priceless horses
Gryphon Photos  asks us which is older - her husband, dinosaur skeletons, or Mount Shasta!  
A Couple of Nomads  brings us two beautiful photos from nature  
Northern Trip  shows us something very old
Koda's Corgi Tales  shows us a special box
Gina's space  brings us an old barn.  There's something appealing about old barns.
My Photo Lounge  brings us CARLISLE DRUG CO., a drug store which sports the only soda fountain still operating in the South.
Perception  brings us a historic car
The Little Things  showcases classic boats
Just For Fun  displays many fascinating antiques including salt wells
Jottings From Jersey  brings us old tractors
Photographs & Memories!  brings us 3 pretty photos
This and that, and hockey!  makes us ponder who rode the railways way back when
Private Journals:
Journals where photos were taken by somebody other than the blogger:
~The Life of Me~  shows us Tricia's "Hero"
My Hugs Journal  shows us Mandy's childhood family
The Garden of Catholic Rose  shares with us embroidery work made by her Grandmother

Thanks for playing this week.  Sorry this posting was so late but I was feeling sick this morning.  I will post a new subject tomorrow (Monday).
Love you all,
Krissy :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

my Sister has begun a new game in her blog

Valerie of There is a Season has begun a new game in her journal called Weekly Sentence.   
Why not go play?
Each week someone will win a logo for their sidebar, with their screename on it!  But most importantly, it's all about fun. 
Click here to play:  Weekly Sentence 

What do you want to see?

I got this from Linda, who got it from Robin, who got it from another blogger.

These ladies asked their readers:  What do you want to see in my house or neighborhood?  

Now I am asking you!  What do you want to see in my house or neighborhood?  Tell me what you would like to see, and later on in the week I'll show you.  I thought I would let you have a glimpse inside my home!     

What would you like to see?  My refrigerator?  Michael's bed?  A local landmark?  How about John's room where he is exiled when he has no immune system?

If there are any requests, I will show you my lovely home in a few days!  Or maybe a week.  Perhaps I need time to clean it first, LOL.

Krissy :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

opinion polls on Gun Ownership and BB Gun Competion on school property

After having written the last entry, I wanted to clear up any confusion.  I am not for gun control.  I believe one does have the right to own a firearm to defend oneself or to hunt, after a proper background check has been established. 

I just don't believe the competion should have been held on school property. 

I am wondering how some of you feel, as many of you didn't put an answer in my comment section.  So this time I am going to do a poll!  That way you can answer anonymously! 

And I thought I would ask you a second question, now that we are seriously addressing the Gun Ownership issue.

Okay, I know I may be in hot water here, giving a policy opinion!  But oh well!  As you know me, you have never been able to stop me from keeping my mouth shut on anything, LOL.  I gotta voice something when I think it is important. 

Krissy :)

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