Monday, August 9, 2010

monday morning question -- What is the most unique or interesting thing in your purse or wallet?


A lady's purse is notorious for having everything in it but the kitchen sink. I bet you can find a number of interesting items in your purse. But I only want you to name one. What is the most interesting or unique item in your purse? Men, this question is for you also. How about telling us something interesting in your wallet?

Okay, off to scrounge through my purse for my answer!
The most interesting item in my purse is a job description I picked up recently for employment that was listed at my local college. I figured I might do a little part-time work now that John is getting healthier (well, sort of) , and as I was reading the job description, I figured the job couldn't be too difficult. It basically entails getting paid for eating at a local eatery, and then reporting on how the food tastes. I think I can handle getting paid while eating healthy food for free. That's like getting paid twice! The employer needs several people for the job, per the job description I have in my purse, so I'd better call soon before the jobs are all taken! ~ krissy :)

Now it's your turn. What's of most interest in your purse or wallet?

Please leave your answer in the comment section below. Or you can post your answer in your blog, and we'll check it out if you leave a link.

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