Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday Morning Question for Feb 18 2013

What are you known for? Give the first
answer that comes to your mind!

my answer: I'm known for being honest, direct, and telling it like it is.
That's the first thing that came to mind. As it did, I was kind of taken aback. Something like "loving" or "full of mercy" would have been more to my liking, LOL.

But, you know, I've thought about this one before. Being direct with someone, telling him what's going on, is not a bad thing.  I've come to find, actually, that its a very loving thing. Why would someone want to be in the dark about anything, anyway? I know I don't want to be!

So people do appreciate me for my straight forwardness. And I do love others terribly. I'm so glad they know that, and I hope they find my honesty refreshing! ;)

Now  your turn. No fair not answering! I do this every week and a lot of you don't! Come on.

What are you known for?   

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday Morning Question for Feb 11 2013

What's the worst advice you've ever been given?
My answer:
"Don't expect anything. Then you won't be disappointed."

That's just way too negative for me, you all! It doesn't encourage one to even look for good in anything, look for any possibilities, encourage one to change his situation or life. It merely sets you up to think of everything as negative, even when it's not. If your life is so negative, go out and do something about it -- change it!

And yes, I've actually been given this bad "advice" of expecting nothing so I won't be disappointed, and from more than one person! I guess they're, what you'd call, cynical. Thanks, but no thanks!

Now, please tell us, in the comment section below, or in your blog with a link back here, the worst advice YOU'VE ever been given.

We're really curious to know! 

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