Thursday, May 20, 2004

Dreaming Journals

Last night I dreamt I was writing an entry in my journal.  Then when I was done writing the entry, I went outside, got in my covered wagon, and started to go across country.  Only the front of the wagon locked me out, and I was trapped in the back, and the wagon was careening out of control.  I felt my life was careening out of control.  The wagon raced along every twist and turn and I couldn't stop it.

The night before I had had another dream (seriously folks!) where I was writing in my journal.  When I was finished, all my J-Land friends were angry with me for some reason.  I feared they would never want to read my journal again. 

Gee, do you think I am taking this thing to seriously?!!!


  1. purplectigger5/20/2004 10:05 PM

    Sounds like me. I'm thinking all day about to write next. Every thing that goes on at work is a good entry. I like your journal. Keep up the good work'

  2. Kristina,

    I thought I was the only one so obssessed with journaling that I dreamed about it... you must be crazy too!  LOL!!

    Thanks for visiting my journal and leaving your link.  I really enjoy reading other's thoughts and ideas.  I loving finding out that I have things in common with others.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting me.. come back anytime and if you don't mind, I'll be back here too!

  3. sonensmilinmon5/21/2004 4:52 AM

    Kristina .. FUNNY!  Why?  Because last night I had my very first journal dream too!  I wonder what that means for us?


  4. springsnymph5/21/2004 8:59 AM

    Interesting dream, Kristina.  I haven't gotten to the point where I dream about my or others' journals but I think about them constantly during the day.  It's amazing how important they become to us in such a short time.  They are, after all, our brain children!  I enjoy reading your journal and thanks for visiting mine and leaving your nice comments.

  5. chattiekimmie5/22/2004 12:11 PM

    I haven't drempt about it yet, but I do find myself pondering different things about other's journals.  I've even caught myself thinking, "Oh this would be good to write about."  :) Kimmie

  6. Oh, now you've done it. You wrote about the covered wagon. Now I'm angry.

  7. WOW, 2 nights in a row!!! Yes, I must say you are a bit out of control there lady!! Slow that buggy down!!



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