Monday, May 24, 2004

My Computer Went On Vacation

Yesterday my computer went on vacation.  I used it a little bit too much yesterday, and when it came time to make an entry, the thing up and revolted.  It acted all kinds of crazy.  It froze up on me.  It gave me error messages.  It wouldn't close down a few times.  So when it came right down to it, it showed me who was boss, it was not going to allow me to do an entry!  So this entry is a day late and a dollar short. 

Well, at least I figured out how to do graphics.  This is my first graphic. (Thanks Lori ).

Well, off I go.  Wish me better luck on the computer today!   


  1. I am trying to do my first graphic to today! Actually I already created a journal entry this morning but I just figured out how to do the graphics but AOL Hometown and all that. But than I realized one of the files that it excepts is "jpg." But I kept on putting art, than when it got to my entry, it would not let me! *sniff sniff* I think I figured it out. I Hope you have a good day, and also that your computer starts working better, bye! =-)

  2. You know what?! I give up on this blasted thing! I tried almost every type of picture there is, and the ones I did not, I did not bother with because the pictures look pretty bad, lol. I think I am going to stick to the wretched box!

  3. chattiekimmie5/24/2004 8:14 AM

    Your graphic is cute.  I hate that your computer is acting up.  I hate when mine goes nuts on me.  It makes me feel helpless and stupid. lol  Hopefully yours didn't do that to you.  Mine can be a bit meaner than most.  lol Have a great day.  :) Love, Kimmie

  4. chickiecheeses5/24/2004 8:51 AM

    Congratulations on the graphic!!! My computer always goes crazy. Sometimes I give it the cold shoulder and let it sit there shut off for a day or two.

  5. ladydriversammie5/24/2004 9:26 AM

    LOL...Don't you just LOVE computers?  Mine gets possessed sometimes, I think.


  6. Excellent picture for the topic...and yes, my comp taeks control every now and then too so don't take it


  7. You poor thing!! Boy do I know how that feels!!!

    Lost my "Good" (HA!) computer recently .... crashed like a plane in a rainstorm.... I think I had some sort of virus or worm or something.  So now I'm using this ten year old piece of junk that can only hold in it's memory the AOL and nothing more.  There are times when I really HATE PCs.

    Hope it gets better.

  8. Well, it looks as if your journal is coming along nicely!  Thanks for commenting on mine!  Those wacky warning labels were hilarious by the way!


  9. There is a jnl out there in blogger land that is titled "Sometimes I think" then when you access the blog it continues..."no one is reading this".  Cool title, but your first entry is even better.

  10. Thanks for coming to vist.  Oh computers are very tempamental.  john


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