Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Roadside Objects

Today John and I were doing errands.  As he was driving along, I noticed the retread of a tire alongside the road.  About two feet from that, on the shoulder of the road, was a goose laying an egg!  

A little farther along we came upon a large wooden sign.  One of those homemade signs that say something like "Six ears of corn for a dollar".  Only you couldn't tell what it said because it had been nailed on upside down!

The next thing that I saw that I thought was kind of curious was a road sign that said "Bridge May Be Icy".  Wow, interesting since it was 91 degrees outside.  Everytime I see that sign I chuckle.

I also saw several signs that read "DUI - you can't afford it".  To me that is a bizarre campaign.  Is money really going to stop somebody from drinking too much?  If something was going to stop them, I would think it would be not wanting to kill themself or somebody else, not worrying about saving a few bucks.

I also saw a sign that said "Falling Rocks".  On the shoulder of the road were lots of rocks that had fallen.  Gee, I thought, they are warning you that a rock might fall on you.  Like, what are you supposed to do if you see it coming?  Sure enough, I saw one really HUGE rock that had made it down into the middle of the road at an earlier time.  We straddled it and drove on.  I am glad it hadn't fallen when we had been driving by.

I also saw three Deer Crossing Signs.  I was hoping to see a deer, but it is probably good that I didn't.  If it had jumped out in front of the car it would have been a bad thing for us all...  


  1. oh my gosh these were really funny..i have seen these signs as well, but hearing you put it like this makes one think huh?

  2. chickiecheeses5/13/2004 1:00 PM

    I always see a sign that says beware of aggresive drivers, now what's up with that? Like they own the road and I have to get out of their way! We also have deer signs, on this one road the deer cross at the sign all the time, I wonder if they can read? Have a good day.

  3. I loved the title to this entry, as well as the goose laying an egg - you should've had my El Cheapo camera LOL  Jan and Sierra

  4. Hon, Pennsylvania is a silly state isn't it?  Thanks for sharing your ride in the country, sweetie!  I loved the goose and the upside-down sign!  Love, Val


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