Saturday, May 29, 2004

Photos of Michael

The other night I caught Michael playing with his reflection in the mirror.  I had never seen him do that before.  I didn't have the camera ready, so I didn't get to snap a shot in time.  But I wanted to share some photos of him, so here are some shots of him taken down through the years.  The resolution isn't too good on them, so you are going to have to view them large if you want to get a good view.  I hope you enjoy these. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. Those are the cutest!! The sink??...I would've never to be a comfy spot!!! Thanks for weekend??...watching movies and haveing family time...that's about it!! I checked out the weigh in...I like it, but is there anything IN the actual videos that are primarily Catholic based??...
    Thanks for the entry, I enjoyed the pics!!


  2. chattiekimmie5/30/2004 9:06 AM

    cute piccies! :)

  3. Hi!  I just found your comment in my journal from last week sometime, and wanted to hop over and say thanks!  I will put you in my fav list, and will be back often!  Great pic's!  JAE

  4. If that was my cat, TheBoom cat,  I might have dripped the faucet on him and watched what would happen. TheBoom loves to drink from the faucet anyways and  he could not fit in the sink like yours does.
    Cute pics!!

  5. chickiecheeses5/31/2004 1:46 PM

    My old cat used to look in the mirror all the time. She would just sit there and stare at herself. Sometimes she would watch TV too.

  6. willandgrace19866/01/2004 10:58 AM

    I liked the sink picture of Michael the best.  Love, Arielle Marie

  7. What a cute cat! Love the pic in the sink! God bless, Beckie


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