Thursday, May 13, 2004

Knock Knock

About three weeks ago I was sitting on my couch watching TV when I heard a Knock Knock on my door.  I  got up and looked out the screendoor.  Nobody.  I opened the door real quickly, thinking that if teenagers were pulling a prank or something, they wouldn't have time to sprint off if I caught them in time.  Again, nothing.  Mr. Michael, my beloved Maine Coon cat, darted out the door as I opened it.  Drat!  Now I would have to go catch him.  I fetched him and put him back in the house.  Then I went back and resumed watching my show.

Two weeks later John and I were sitting on the couch talking.  Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock.  I went over and checked the door.  Nobody.  I opened the door.  No one.  I went back and sat down.  Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock.  And with such insistence too!  John got up this time and looked outside.  He opened the door to check to see who it was.  Michael made a sprint for it.  Darn that cat!  We both sat down.  This time it was getting spooky.  Well, I said, "I can't be hallucinating, because you heard it too, and we can't be having joint hallucinations!"  A few seconds later it came again.  Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock.  We looked over and just began to laugh so hard.  Michael's paw was on the door and he was knocking on the door!  Case solved!  He knew that when someone knocked on the door, we would open it, and that was his chance to run out.  So he learned to knock on the door himself!  He is really too much.

Now for those of you who are sick of me talking about my "baby", and think it is akin to watching home movies or something, I have an excuse today.  The AOL theme for this week is "a tribute to our pets".  So don't complain to me...  



  1. No complaints here -- I love a good cooncat story! They are just so darn smart.  That is really funny -- does he have those really big cooncat paws?  

  2. very cute...oh believe me my cats will do anything to get put, I just lost my Bailey a few days ago, from getting out and I am so be careful.

  3. Hi Kristina! Thanks for stopping by my journal!  I read below about your kitty liking running water. I have a suggestion! My cats have this and LOVE it:
    It's the Feline Drinking Fountain. It has a charcoal filter for freshness too. The sound of the fountain is very soothing for ME too.

  4. fisherkristina5/14/2004 4:47 AM

    Becky, I love the fountain, by it looks a little flimsy.  And the water goes all the way to the top!  I am afraid my cat would try to tip his bowl (he already did that until I found a tip proof bowl), splash in the water, knock water allover the ground, and go for a swim in the fountain!  I am totally serious.  He already "swims" in the toilet.  That fountain looks easy to swim in, lol!  But thanks for the great idea!  -Kristina  

  5. Cats are funny aren't they?  We have a cat that likes to chase his tail.  That's the funniest sight!  LOL

  6. chattiekimmie5/14/2004 2:38 PM

    Your stories are great!  Keep 'em coming.  :) Kimmie

  7. Krissy, that is hysterical!!  Michael is the smartest cat next to Honey.  Honey is learning all kinds of new tricks at her Oma and Opa's house.  You should see her!  Opa can't even yell at her when she scratches the couch.  Yesterday while Mom was doing her laps around the house for her 40 minute walk, Honey would hide under a chair or behind the couch or whatever and then go "touch" her when she passed by and retreat.  Like Carl's "last touch game".  lol  She did this for Oma's whole walk.  It was hysterical.  They now feed her whatever she wants and give her any toy and baby her, too.  It is funny.  Oma can tell that she has different meows for me to answer me and can understand everything I say.  So now I have a witness.  She has such an extensive vocabulary.  Aren't cooners the best!!??  Thanks again for the hilarious story!!  I will come visit Michael very soon!  Love, Valerie   P.S.  I LOVE your journal and your story-telling - especially because I know the people and pets involved!!


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