Sunday, May 16, 2004

Smarty Jones and a Quarter Pounder

               Smarty Jones and a Quarter Pounder

Sorry there was no entry yesterday.  My sister from another state came up for a visit.  Now I can't tell you her name, and I can't tell you the state.  Let's just say that she is nervous about Journal Land, and worries about her safety.  I don't know why, because I don't know how anybody would identify her.  But at any rate, I will honor her wishes.  So I will change her name to protect the innocent (or guilty?).  I thought about it for awhile and decided we would call her Arielle.  Because she keeps saying she is unique, and I think she is exotic, and I thought Arielle was a somewhat unique and exotic name, so Arielle it is.  Henceforth in this journal she will be called Arielle.

Arielle and I had so much fun this weekend!  We talked for hours.  One thing in my family that we like to do is talk.  We also went over to my parents house, and my parents, Arielle, my sister Valerie (real name), and I went out to a Chinese restaurant.  Another thing my family loves to do is eat!  Then we went back to my parents house, talked some more, and watched the horse race.

My Dad asked us to place our bets.  He picked two horses, and put down $500 on each.  I forget who they were, but neither of them ended up winning.  I picked Smarty Jones to come in first.  I was a little concerned about my pick, because I didn't know if he could keep up his winning streak, but he is definitely my favorite, so I picked him.  I told my Dad I was putting $10 down (I was never one to take big risks!).  Then they began putting the horses into their stalls.  Arielle liked how rebellious and forceful the horse was who wouldn't get into his stall, so she picked him to come in one of the top three places.  She didn't tell us how much she was betting. 

The race started.  It was so exciting!  And Smarty Jones won!  Does that mean I won $10 I asked my dad?  "No, Krissy," he said. "you win six dollars."  "Then I am going to take my money and get myself a Quarter Pounder.  I don't like those much, I would like to have something healthier, but what else can you get for six dollars?"  Arielle said, "I bet a million bucks, how much do I get?"  "You did not bet a million bucks, you can't decide after the horse wins how much you bet!"  "Yes I can, this is just for fun," she said.  "Well then you have won two million," my Dad replied.  Arielle promised to take us to Hawaii and all kinds of things.

After staying all day at my parents, Arielle and I went back to my apartment and had a good night's sleep.  We went to Mass in the morning and talked some more and promised to call each other soon... 




  1. Sounds like you had a great day!!


  2. shanazdrojowy5/16/2004 11:06 PM

    Just stopping in to say Hi after seeing your post on my journal (ItsAlwaysSomething).  Looks like we have faith in common.  I'm 36 YO and I used to have a Maine Coon, Alex, who had some horrible form of Kitty AIDS.  We had to have him put to sleep, which traumatized my youngest son.  However, my vacuum cleaner has required a whole lot less bags changes ever since too!  :-)  Shana

  3. Your sister (Ms. Anonymous) is funny.  Heck, I think it would be really easy to figure out who my entire family is just from my screen name.  I have a listed number. I also have a really good alarm system on my house. LOL  I'm not worried.  You are off to a good start!  -Becky

  4. chattiekimmie5/17/2004 12:56 PM

    lol lol lol I needed the laugh.  What a fun entry

  5. sonensmilinmon5/17/2004 6:25 PM

    Thank you for visiting my journal ... and thank you even more for leaving a link to your journal. :)  I like and I will be back again.  

    Funny entry. :)


  6. voiceofreason165/17/2004 11:38 PM

    i just today found out you had left a comment about my amish visit, thanx for visiting and posting, your journal is awesome!

  7. Yes, I have family that acts the same way about their name being in the journal!! Silly, but I somewhat understand


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