Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Happy Graduation Chelsea

       Congratulations Chelsea

Last night was my niece Chelsea's high school graduation.  She is so special.  Let me tell you a little bit about her.

Chelsea is as smart as a whip.  By the time she was six months old she was saying 40 words.  By the time she was nine months old she had a vocabulary of 100 words.  When she was a year old she could speak in sentences, say her ABCs and had a repertoire of songs she had memorized to sing from at any time.  Her favorite one to sing was "I Love You Lord".  The doctor said she was so verbal because she never slept more than eight hours in any given 24 hour period, so she picked up a lot of language skills.

One of Chelsea's favorite games to play when she was a baby was "Scooby Doo".  We would say "Scooby Doo" to her and she would shimmy like Scooby Doo the dog, trying to take off running.  Another game was "Bonkerhead".  When her Mommy said "Bonkerhead" to her, she would bang her head into  her Mom's head.  Mostly though, Chelsea didn't like playing with toys, she just wanted to sit with the grownups and talk.  She still does this - sits with her friends or with grownups and talks. 

Chelsea also liked to spend a lot of time with her little brother Matthew.  Her Mommy (Valerie) says she protected him a lot.  Now that Chelsea is 18 and Matt is 16, I think he protects her some now!

Chelsea was a really good girl growing up.  Her Mommy recalls her being "attached to her hip" for quite a number of years!  And she never did anything without asking.

Chelsea has been active in ice-skating, soccer, softball and karate. 

Chelsea is beautiful both inside and out.  (No, I am not prejudiced, REALLY I am not!)  She has a beautiful smile.  When she enters a room, she lights it up.  She has dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is a hard worker.  She has held a job at a pizza place for two years.

She is active in her church.  She has a good social conscience.  She has been doing service projects and mission trips with her church every year. 

Her Mommy said I had to put something in here so that we would know that she was a real person (because so far she sounds too perfect) so here goes:

Oh, I just can't do it, sorry Valerie, Chelsea IS perfect.  I will just put the thing in about how she makes faces like Oma (her Grandma).

Chelsea, you make the family faces that you inherited from Oma.  I think you know what I am talking about, LOL!

Congratulations again and love you Baby Girl. I am so proud of you.  Love, Aunt Krissy      


  1. sonensmilinmon5/18/2004 3:13 AM


    What a beautiful and wonderful tribute you ahve written for your niece.


  2. congrats to Chelsea......http://journals.aol.com/bernmilo/WAYNEATOPICTURES

  3. ginaangel4355/18/2004 9:26 AM

    Hello there, Kristina!!  I'm glad you liked the cute "HSAS Sesame Street Style" graphics.  I thought they were cute too.  It's just a nice touch for something so serious.  Feel free to snag away!  ;)

    I agree with Monica (I don't know her, but I can agree with her right? hehehe) that you wrote a beautiful & loving tribute to your niece.  Chelsea is lucky to have an aunt who loves her dearly & thinks so highly of her.  :)

    Thanks for stopping by & visiting my journal.  Would you mind if I added yours to my links to "Other Journals"?  I thought I'd ask first...  ;)

    Have a wonderful day!!



  4. chattiekimmie5/18/2004 10:17 AM

    Congratulations Chelsea!  Good morning Auntie Krissy. ;)  Love, Kimmie

  5. shanazdrojowy5/18/2004 2:21 PM

    I want pictures!  Ok, well... Maybe Chelsea should stay elusive and only pictured in my imagination; no photo of  such a perfect young lady would ever match what I can think of in my head...  CONGRATULATIONS!  What a milestone!  Shana

  6. Thanks to all of you!!!  Thanks Krissy, i love you very much and everybody needs an aunt like you!!!! you almost made me cry!  :-(  i miss you...

  7. That's one smart girl!  My little boy has a good vocabulary.  But nothing like hers at one-year.  Jacob's 19-months-old and he can only form a few, almost unintelligible, sentences.

  8. linglestownrose5/18/2004 8:40 PM

    This is a nice journal.  I saw your name in the chat room and I think you were one of the people who commented in my journal.  It's very nice.  Congratulations on having a maine coon cat - I wanted one but ended up with 2 barn cats instead.

  9. itsanewday045/18/2004 10:44 PM

    Congratulations to Chelsea! She sounds like a wonderful young lady! She will do wonderful in life! To her mom...... Valerie you did a great job! Kristina.... I'm sure you did your part too! Family is wonderful! I've enjoyed your journal. Thanks for stoppin by mine. Talk to ya soon! ;-)   Val

  10. I am Chelsea's Mom and I certify that all of the above is true!! lol  Krissy talked to me for about an hour before she wrote this entry.  We reminisced on Chelsea-girl and she is the best daughter anyone could ever ask for!!  I love you Chelsea - to the moon and back!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox Chels, congrats on your graduation!


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