Friday, May 28, 2004

Today is a Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day.  It is a lot cooler outside, and the air isn't hazy, so I was able to turn off the air conditioner and open all the windows.  My lungs are doing a lot better now.  I have made an appointment for next week to make sure I don't have the problem of running to the ER all summer for asthma attacks. 

It is so nice with the windows open.  If feel like I am not so disconnected from the outside world.  I love the fresh air.  I love to hear the outside noises.  I love to hear the birds singing.  Of course right now I don't just hear birds.  I also hear a chain saw.  It kind of spoils the serenity, but nothing can spoil my mood right now.

Light Weigh                                                                               Last night I went to my weight loss group.  It is a group within the Catholic Church and it is called Light Weigh.  Since I started going (three weeks ago) I have lost 5 1/2 pounds (notice how I claim the half pound - every half pound counts!).  More important than the weight loss is the spiritual growth that I have gotten.  It has really strengthened my relationship with the Lord.  If anyone would like to lose weight, and this program comes to your church, i would seriously suggest you consider it.  And you don't need to be Catholic to go to it.  If I didn't lose a pound I would still go to it for the spiritual benefits, but let's face it, I need to lose some weight, and I am going to stick with it until I do.  I know I can, because I have been losing weight for awhile (for about a year now).  I just need to lose some more.  And I love what I am learning and I love the fellowship of this program.  So I am glad I am going.  If you would like more information about the program you can find it at   



  1. chattiekimmie5/28/2004 11:45 PM

    I think it's very cool that you are finding a spiritual benefit as well as physical with the program.  I hope it continues to feed your sould whilst reducing your body.  But the main thing is to have fun.  :) Thanks for sharing the link.  I plan to check it out.

  2. Nice journal and nice to share journals with a fellow chrisitian

  3. rocketman6854345/29/2004 5:59 AM

    Well here it's raining which is the norm for a Bank Holiday looks set to continue for a couple of days.Prior to that it was lovely and not too hot.By the way Here refers to the UK.

  4. gatorspictures5/29/2004 7:30 AM

    Hi, and thanks for stopping by my journal and leaving the wonderful comment.
    I linked to your j from your comment, and am glad I did--you write wonderfully.
    Glad you had a great day, and good luck on your weight loss group activities---it is always easier in numbers...

  5. gatorspictures5/29/2004 7:31 AM

    woops, pasted the wrong url...hahaha---brought you right back to yours! must be good karma! :-)


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