Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A Pic of Chelsea

                             Isn't She Beautiful?

Some of you have asked what Chelsea looks like.  Here is a photo to put with the image.  She of course is the young lady in the photo.  The little boy is her youngest brother Sammy.  She just adores him.  Well, they adore one another.  Well, didn't I tell you Chelsea just sparkles and shines? 


  1. chattiekimmie5/18/2004 9:58 PM

    Oh what a gorgeous girl.  Her smile certainly lights up the place.  Thank you for sharing.  :) Kimmie

  2. itsanewday045/18/2004 10:40 PM

    Lookie! You did it! Wasn't that easy! ;-) She is very Beautiful!
    Her little brother is a cutie too!

  3. itsanewday045/18/2004 10:52 PM

    Oh......... I just had to say that I loved your entry about John! I like the Willy part, that was funny. Such a hard thing, but you kept it light! I like your style.
    Val ;-)

  4. very cute...


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