Sunday, May 2, 2004

Sometimes I Think

Sometimes I think.  I think about life.  I think about love.  I think about serious things.  I think about very serious things like life and death and heaven and hell and faith and such as that.  I think about silly things.  And funny things.  I think about everyday and mundane things.  This is a blog about my thoughts.  I hope you will enjoy coming along for the ride.

I am writing my mood down as Surprised.  The reason I write surprised is because I have never created a website before.  Of course aol makes it dog easy!  I am pretty computer illiterate.  I have only been using the internet for three years.  I went my whole life without using a computer.  How I did that, I have no idea!

Well, I hope I enjoy writing this blog.  And I hope you will enjoy reading it.  Writing journals is something that I have been doing for quite awhile.  I kept journals throughout my whole childhood, and throughout my twenties, and even throughout some of my thirties.  I hope I have something interesting to say...

God bless and take care.


  1.     If you have a lot of extra time on your hands and you have plenty to say you are going to love it here. It's just like the journaling that most of us have been doing all of our lives with the benifit of the interaction from others in j-land. Warning, it does become addictive and takes up lots and lots of your time. Welcome and please stay for a while.
                                           *** Coy ***

  2. midwestvintage2/12/2008 11:31 AM

    Great first post.  I have been going through j land reading peoples first posts.  You have been journaling a long time. Congratulations.


  3. I just read your entry about your blog anniversary, Krissy, so I came over here to read your first entry; now I know why you named your journal what you named it :)


  4. I started my private in 2005 to help me work thru my emotional weight  and I started my public last year to help family and friends keep me on track ...

  5. Ok I read your first two entries lol.

    I was only going to read the first one - and then comment - but  I saw your second one and saw you have a main coon - I have one too - Andy - And I got such a kick out of reading about him with the water and playing fetch lol.

    Mine does that too!!!!

    I have kept paper journals most of my life too - 2 years ago I started on aol and I never planned on making friends this way - now I consider my aol journal friends my dearest friends!!


  6. cacklinrosie1016/07/2008 8:35 AM

    I just had to archive and read your first entry, since you were talking about them.  I like how you came up with the title of yoru journal.  Lots of times, I like to read through the archives of journals just to get to know my Jland friends better.  Love ya, Chris


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