Friday, August 10, 2007

Right now Michael, my sweet kitty, is at the animal hospital.  He is having his mouth x-rayed and biopsed.  He may have cancer.  Squamous Cell Carinoma.  On the other hand, the lump in his mouth could be an absess, and he could merely need to have the tooth pulled.  Or it could be both.  He could have a tooth abcess and cancer.

Michael's veteranarian told John and me that the cancer is a very agressive kind, and if he has it that he won't live for long, even if he had the tumor excised or radiated.  If it turns out that Michael does have cancer, he will have to be put to sleep.

So I have been crying some.  I know that I shouldn't panic, that there is a fifty percent chance it is not cancer, but I am scared.  I love my kitty.

Okay, on other news, John is neutropenic again.  He has almost no immune system.  We have no explanation for this.  We are not going to panic b/c this has happened many times since the transplant, and he has made it without catching anything, and becomming ill or dying.  So we are learning to take this all in stride, LOL.  

Uhm, just a little bit of stress in our lives, LOL.  But the Lord will help us no matter what.  He steadies us and keeps us from panicking.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we are not at our new place yet, LOL.  We are at my parent's house.  We made a temporary move to my parent's b/c our place does not become available until September 1.  Yes, we have to move again in about two weeks.  To get settled allover again!  All that moving.  Yuck.  But we think we have help this time.  Praise God for that.  

Unfortunately, the phone company said they will not be able to hook up my AOL connection until the middle of September.  Arghhhhh!  How will I communicate if I have no ISP connection, LOL? I hadn't realized how I have come to love my computer, LOL!

Okay, I must go.  I have one thousand things to do today.  Please pray for my Michael.  We may not get the results back for several days, because he is getting a biopsy.  And please pray for John, that he doesn't get a fever, via an infection.  If he does, who will give me my insulin shots?  I will have to give them to myself, LOL!  Horrors!  BTW, my insulin shots have been going well and my sugar levels are doing better.  Okay, must run.

Love you all lots,

Krissy :)  

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  1. oh my gosh, Krissy!  That's terrible!  I hope it's just an abcessed tooth!  :-/  Poor kitty...


  2. We'll be praying on all accounts.  I hope all goes well and that soon you'll be settled in your own place.  'On Ya' - ma

  3. sorry to hear of all your woes, try to make it a great day. ggJackie

  4. Hi Krissy~I've missed you too. Sorry to hear about Michael >"< and I do pray with you that the good 50% will win out. Not that John is less important (to mention him second---but poor kitty's news you wrote about first)...naturally I pray that he doesn't get that fever that leads to worse things. Make sure you remember how many times he has made it through all this before. Love to you both, Deb ;-) PS. You didn't know how attached you are to your computer? That is really a laugh since we all know ;-))))

  5. Krissy... I hope that it is just an abscess, and will have my fingers crossed for Michael.

    This hits close to home because we lost our older kitty a couple of months ago to cancer. When she was diagnosed, we were told that the form of cancer was very aggressive and given a couple of options. One was removal of the original lump we found.... however, since the cancer had already metastasized to her lungs we opted for quality of life over quantity. Removal of the lump would have required surgery/an overnight stay away from home, and recovery time..... and would have probably extended her life by only a couple of months. I didn't want to put her through that. So, we took her home with some steroids to help her feel better and loved and petted and made her remaining time as wonderful as we could.... As long as she was eating, sleeping, and seemed happy and not in pain we would enjoy her company. Our Vet was wonderful and took the many phone calls and several visits that came from me being overprotective and a worry wort Mommy in stride. D.K. let us know when she was done, and we let her leave us peacefully, with me petting her... I still miss her.

  6. I am very sorry to hear your poor cat may have cancer. Hope for the best, that it's just an abcess, Krissy. It's always a worry to see neutropaenia, but let's hope that John pulls through this latest episode without mishap. It must be a bother, not having your own place just yet and then not having Internet access to boot.

  7. Hi Krissy, I have been reading your journal for a long time now, but not commented untill now. I just wanted you to know that I am Praying for Michael and John and of course you too.Just remember all of this is in Gods hands and You can only take it One day at a time. Try not to stay too stressed out (easy said than done) and Take Care of Yourself too. Prayers going UP for all . Take Care and God Bless You and Your Family! hugs to You!! Kimmie :) :)

  8. Oh no, I'm so sorry about Michael having to go thru this.  Hopefully, it will be just a tooth abcess and with some anitbiotics, he'll be fine.  But I also know there's a huge financial cost when our pets get sick. And none of us want that.  Oh, it just seems like it's one thing after another..."Dear Lord, just hold John, Krissy & Michael in the palm of your hand. Be with them, bring them healing, peace & comfort. We pray for John's complete recovery, we paray that Krissy's levels will go down & she won't need the insulin shots and that their precious Micahel will also have a dramatic healing in his body. Thank you Lord for what you've already done and what you're going to do. In your precious name, Amen "     Linda in Washington state    

  9. Aw I'll keep Kitty in my prayers Krissy,I am so sorry about th enews you have recieved.Try not to get upset and worry too much,it might inwardly affect John.He will worry over you being upset.I am sorry about your AOL connection YIKES it's awfull when I moved I had to wait a month and I felt as though I was in prison LOL!! You are both in my prayers and Kitty too.Take Care God Bless I hope you have a comfortable week/end.Kath

  10. aww im sorry to hear all this bad news

    Ill be thinking about ya

    and OH GOD... MIDDLE SEPTEMBER.... LOLLLLL your gonna be going through withdrawls! HAHAHA LOLLLLLLLLL !!! Gotta have that shot every morning of the internet like me lolol


  11. Sending up prayers for all of you. Don't worry about your shots you will be able to give them to yourself. My daughter does hers all the time. Helen

  12. hugsdoodlewacky8/10/2007 2:37 PM

    (((((((((((((KRISSY/JOHN))))))))))))))I will be praying all of you.I give myself shots every other week for Arthitis.HAve a nice weekend.

  13. Oh Krissy, that is so sad about Michael. A friend of mine had a dog with the same cancer and he had another 18months of good quality life after diagnosis. I hope, however, that it doesn`t turn out to be as bad as that. I know how devoted you are to him. I`m glad to hear that you are again so positive about John`s setback, you certainly are an inspiration. I`ll be praying for you all.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  14. Sorry to hear about Michael and John. It seems to never end, does it? Try and have a good day today.

  15. ((((((((((krissy and john))))))))))) and ((((((Michael))))) too  I am sure sorry Michael is having the biopsy and John is neutropenic again.  I will be awaiting updates and hoping all will be well.  I'm glad the insulin is doing its job.
    loving you

  16. Krissy keep thinking positive about your John, he's always in my thoughts and prayers.   So sorry to hear about your Michael, hope it's only an abcess.  If the results don't come out well under your thoughts of what you have to do....have been there do it because you love them and they know doggy looked up at us and licked my hand, knew we were doing the right thing for Quintessa. No hook up until mid-Sept., do you have a library close at hand that you could go too?  Take care. Arlene (AJ)

  17. Krissy,
    I hope Michael only has an absess.  But, I can sympathize with you when you write that you have been crying.  We had to put our Ginger down about two years ago.  She was old, had hip dysplasia and cancer.  She was in too much pain.  We all cried for weeks.  Still to this day when we speak about her we tear up.  They aren't just animals they are members of the family.

    I am happy to hear your insulin levels are good.  Keep up the good work.

    Hugs, LuAnne

  18. Oh Krissy, I am sorry about Michael. That is about the last thing you guys needed.  But  take it as it comes, it might tuirn out not so bad, and if it is bad, you gave Michael a wonderfull life full of love.  I'd cry too, Kirssy.  Our dogs have been sick.  Everytime they get kenneled they get sick afterwards. It's too long to go into now but I am talking mega bucks.  And the poor things went in healthy. And it doesn't matter where we take them, a kennel is pretty much a kennel.

    Oh, I am so sorry to hear that John is neutropenic again.  That is NOT good. But you are right, don't panic, it could work out.  The Vets and the doctors don't always have all the answers.  

    I am so upset about you haviing to go on insulin.  I think I wrote this to you.  I will be your diet buddy Krissy, if you want me.  I'd be honored.  Think about it.  Meanwhile take care my dear friend and hug your John hard!!  
    Much Love, Merry

  19. Big Hugs and Special Thoughts!!!!
    Linda :)

  20.     Prayers are the easiest action to take. I'll remember you in mind. Good luck to both John and Michael.

  21. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty.  I hope it is only an absess and that he will be just fine.  Try to have a decent weekend and give Michael lots of love.


  22. (((((((((Krissy)))))))))) I will definately pray for your Michael and hubby John and also for you too.

  23. rdautumnsage8/10/2007 11:54 PM

    Keeping both Michael and John in my prayers on the smoke. Hoping the move goes much more smoother for you this time around and you get to stay settled for a while. Let us know before you lose your connection for a few weeks so we won't worry too horribly until you get back. Of course you will be missed. (Hugs) Indigo

  24. lifesabench68/11/2007 12:13 AM

    Poor Michael- Krissy I do pray that it is just his tooth.  I lost my Shooter to diabetes a few years ago and I still miss him.  I also pray for John, and all of your happenings.  I swear I have never met 2 stronger people in my whole life!  God Bless you more!  Love Carolyn

  25. Krissy,
    I am so envious of how you hold strong through all of this.  I am so glad that you are able to realize through it all that the good lord above will help us through our daily lives.  

    I will surely pray for you and your family and, your beloved kitty Michael because, I know what a wonderful blessing animals are in our lives.  I don't know where I would be today if it weren't for Brom. He has changed my life for the better in so many ways. So, I will pray that the good lord will touch your beloved Michael.  

    As for you and John I will continue to pray for the both of you as well.  You both seem like very strong people to me and, John seems like a real fighter and, has a strong will to live and make the best of it you both do.  I wish you all the best.
    Leslie & Brom

  26. cacklinrosie1018/11/2007 9:15 AM

    Oh, Krissy, you know I will be praying for your precious Michael and for John also.  Goodness, as if there is not enough stress in your life right now.  I suppose just take one day at a time although easier said than done.  Big HUGS to you, John and Michael...Chris

  27. Krissy, I am glad your shots are getting your sugar level down.  I have been praying that you can go back on the pill.  I have been praying for Michael, too.  Call me if you need me.  I am here for you, babe, you know that... your tbadt. xox

  28. princesssaurora8/11/2007 4:41 PM

    Hugs and prayers for you both and especially for Michael.  I understand completely.

    be well,

  29. midwestvintage8/12/2007 9:33 AM

      I sure hope Michael is fine.  I know how scary it is to have a pet ill.  Take care.


  30. irisheyes19298/13/2007 12:59 PM

    I hope things go alright with the moves, and that your kitty recovers, cancer free.  I'm glad to be reading here again!  It's been so long!


  31. Krissy, I am just so upset by Michaels illness but with our prayers he will be ok.  Hope Johns immune system holds up.  He is one tough guy . I am glad you are getting your blood sugar under control.  I guess you just go from day to day and do what you have to,.  You are often on my mind and always in my heart.
    Love you both and sweet Michael..................hugs from Myke

  32. I am so upset I didn't see this entry until now...
    I hope Michael does not have cancer.  You have been through so much.  Let's hope you will not have to take this in stride, too.
    Sorry to hear about John.  What is the plan to take care of that?
    Good luck with your second move.  Having help will be GREAT!!!
    I am going to set the alert again, and hope I get it.  If not, I will just keep checking in every few days...Love you guys!  Jae


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