Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our chicken's name is Rachael

Okay, our chicken's name is Rachael. 
We liked your name for her, baby sister D.  Well, I know you suggested three names - but we are not naming her Weezy or Cluckers.  She deserves something real pretty. 
We are having to choose a name for her real quick, because the police and an Animal Control person are coming to get her.  John called the SPCA first and they said if someone would bring her over to them, they would "place her with someone who would take care of her".  So then John called our local Animal Control.  Animal Control said they would send someone over to catch her.  They promised they wouldn't hurt her, and that they would bring her to the SPCA.  
Rachael is real scared right now, hiding in the bushes, because there is too much traffic on the street right now.  Please pray for her, that she not be too scared to go with them, and that she doesn't put up too much of a fight.  Ya, right, LOL.  I am just so upset.  I want her to go with them because I am afraid a teenager around here is going to kill her.  There are so many of them.  Rachael was gone for a little while this morning, and I thought she was dead...  But thank God she has come back, and somebody will come to get her... 
I feel a little nutty, having feelings for a member of lifestock, LOL.  But I really love her.  Because she is large, and pretty, and funny, and chose US to stay with, for five days now...
John brought home chicken last night and I refused to eat it, LOL.  Ugggghhhhh, this isn't happening to me!
Please, just pray for Rachel, that she go peacefully with the Animal Control, so she can go to a good home!  :)
Krissy :)           


  1. Krissy, I'm sure Animal Control will be very good with her. Rachael will find a good home, I'm sure of it!

    I don't blame you for being worried about her--I can totally see some yahoo wanting to take a shot at a stray chicken, just because they can.

    I'm glad she found a safe haven with you and John. :)


  2. OK Krissy, I'm praying for a great home for Rachael. It's not ridiculous to have feelings for her; she's a pretty bird. I go a little nuts every time I see an Egret.
    TC, Deb

  3. It is perfectly fine to be concerned for one of the creator's own. You will be blessed for helping her. Glad you can do something for her and protect her from the neighborhood punks! Dannelle

  4. I don't know. I think praying for your chicken might result in some fowl play.

  5. You shouldn't feel bad about having feelings for Rachael. I myself have feelings for all living creatures. You picked a good name for her and I join you in prayer that she will not be afraid and that she will have a good home in the future.  Hugs, Helen

  6. I think I would have had a problem eating that takeout chicken too...what a memory you will have of the chicken who came and stayed for a while.  Such a wonderful person you are, to keep her safe and out of harm's way.  Reminded me of my late mother-in-law who once kept a pair of tom turkeys for pets, back in her younger days.

  7. nightmaremom9/10/2008 6:11 PM

    love the name...    hope all is safe and sound in the yard and she goes easily.  

  8. I hope that Rachael is safe as you read this :o)

  9. Racheal is a fitting name for her!!! hoping she was found and is somewhere safe now :)


  10. One summer a black chicken adopted my home. We have horse property nearby and they also have rabbits and chickens and such. Well, it stayed with me for the whole summer! I had to get chicken feed and my son and his friend fed that chicken twice a day. It never let us pet him, but he would come pretty close to us. The kids named it "Mr. Clucky." He'd walk around the neighborhood. Then, one day he was gone.  I think the neighbor called the animal control.
    It was fun while it lasted!

  11. I would love to have a couple pet chickens, but I don't think the dogs would go along with it.  Then again, once they got a serious pecking..... heh...


  12. It would be wonderful if they took Rachael to home where they already have chickens.  She need to be with her own kind and somewhere safe.....away from dogs and braty teenagers.  Keep us posted.  Linda in WA  

  13. I sure hope Rachael sticks around until they can come get her.  Hopefully, she'll understand that they're there to help her.  

  14. midwestvintage9/11/2008 1:12 PM

     They will probably bring a live trap and you can put food in it so she walks right in.   We had 5 chickens walk into our yard once years ago.  for the next 5 years we had chickens, sometimes as many as 40.  The city finally made us get rid of them but I sure enjoyed the way they ate all the spiders.  Hope it all goes well.


  15. Yes Krissy, you did e-mail  me but I was not real sure you were the one that did e-mail me and it turns out you were.  I didn't know if that could possiblky be you with all your activities.  I am in no hurry as long as you are the person I wanted and you were.  Just wanted to touch base is all.  Thunderiong and Lightning aso I better shut down for a while  So glad it is you.  Lucy.

  16. specialadyfink9/11/2008 2:56 PM

    Hmm-maybe Rachael needs a Roger so you can have fresh eggs every morn with your coffee-just a thought...  :-)

  17. lifesabench69/11/2008 4:15 PM

    Chickens are acually not very intelligent, but they are sweet animals!  I love mine!  God bless~ Carolyn

  18. Krissy,
    I am sorry I am so late in resonding to this. I am so sorry that things have become hard for Rachel. Did they catch her?  Poor baby.  I am sorry that it made you sad, Krissy, but see, honey, that's what's so special about you. You love God's creatures with your whole heart. And Krissy, they love you, too. Whether it be other people (creatures) or animal ones, they are so lucky to have you. You are a vey special sensitive person, Krissy Knox.  Love, Merry

  19. Awwwwwww bless........... well the winner of BB9 here in the UK was named Rachael......... hmmmmm not sure she looked like her though..... :o))

    Rachael is a lovely name and i hope that they manage to come and collect her. Its funny i find that as i grow older i see and appreciate things a lot more than when i was younger. We had a frog on our front step last year and i had to go out and save him..... i released him into the back garden as the front is just yards away from the road...sadly i didnt see him anymore and often wonder if he made it home ok. Yep i hold my hands up to being a sop at heart.

    hugs Jayne


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