Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday Morning Question for Feb 11 2013

What's the worst advice you've ever been given?
My answer:
"Don't expect anything. Then you won't be disappointed."

That's just way too negative for me, you all! It doesn't encourage one to even look for good in anything, look for any possibilities, encourage one to change his situation or life. It merely sets you up to think of everything as negative, even when it's not. If your life is so negative, go out and do something about it -- change it!

And yes, I've actually been given this bad "advice" of expecting nothing so I won't be disappointed, and from more than one person! I guess they're, what you'd call, cynical. Thanks, but no thanks!

Now, please tell us, in the comment section below, or in your blog with a link back here, the worst advice YOU'VE ever been given.

We're really curious to know! 


  1. Grace (your sister)2/12/2013 6:51 AM

    The worst advice I've received was not to tell someone when you love them; they will just run away. It was a long time ago when I received this. I was young and impressionable and followed it. Never again.

  2. I would have to take time to think about this one Krissy.Take Care God Bless.Hope you and John are well.Prayers always XXX

  3. blessings...
    peoples advice is based on their experiences so take it with a grain of salt and forgive the humanness.


  4. "Maybe your expectations are too high, you may want to lower them."

    this was in relation to looking for the sort of boyfriend I hoped for. It was given to me sitting in the corner room by George, a guy I had been involved with but not for too long. Hahahaha he was beneath me by a long shot, and to think he was suggesting I was aiming too high, and he was NOT cute... I am though, and for me I would rather have no one at all then be with a man I dont love and enjoy just to not be alone.

    from Deirdre (your other sister)


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