Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Hanging Shoes

Memorial Day was pretty uneventful.  There were no picnics, no parades, no graves to visit.  Everything was rained out.  The rain pretty much came down all day.  John and I decided to have an indoor picnic.  We were going to cook some steaks but then decided why cook, and went downtown to a new pizza place to try out some pizza there. 

We had them make us a pizza to carry out.  It turned out to be fantastic.  On the way home I  noticed about twenty pairs of sneakers slung over the electrical wires.  Throwing your tennis shoes over the electrical wires is a rite of passage in this college town here.  The students do it after they graduate.  Now why would anyone want to hang your sneakers from electrical wires?  One, it seems like a perfectly good waste of money to me.  You have to go buy new shoes.  Two, it can't be good for the wires.  I bet if a police office or the electric company caught you you would be in trouble.  Perhaps I am turning into an old fuddy duddy.  When I was in school we used to go toilet papering and I thought that was okay (that is another story). 

Well, it is raining and thundering right now.  Mr. Michael The Maine Coon Cat is hiding behind the toilet.  Big brave 21 pound cat!  The forcast calls for rain 6 out of 7 days this week.  I guess we will have to plan a lot of indoor picnics to keep ourselves from getting bored this week.  And some other things.  I hope everyone has a nice week. 


  1. I am getting rained out too!!!!


  2. sonensmilinmon6/02/2004 1:25 AM

    Rain, rain go away! I've had enough rain here myself. ::heavy sigh::

    Hope you ... errrr, WE all dry out soon.


  3. Kristina thanks for visiting my journal.  Memorial for me was that way too as I normally go to the lake but with the recovery of surgery I elected to stay home.  God Bless you and your family.  Throwing tennis shoes, I need to print that for the paper here.  Anyhow my journal was Losing It   john

  4. An indoor picnic doesn't sound bad at all....of course where I am, it's not about rain, it's about *heat*....

    I always wondered why I would see shoes hanging on electrical wires...I never knew people were doing it with their own shoes....I thought it was someone else's shoes they were throwing as a "joke"....



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