Monday, July 23, 2007

monday morning question


Go to the google search engine.   Type in your name and then the word "likes".  Without the quotation marks.  

What does the search engine say that you like?  (name a few things) 


My answer: 

Krissy likes 7-11 nachos and naps.

Krissy likes to bite snakes. 

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  1. John likes lettuce.

    John likes to tumble.

  2. Christopher likes El Chombo  

    ( LOL i dunno what that is )

    But I had to do my name in " Quotations bc it kept doing CHRISTOPHER LIKES CPA

    and yeah btw thats called QUOTATION MARKS not parenthesis ( ) IS parenthesis


  3. Amy likes pictures, Amy likes Bass, Amy likes to program beats on her computer and make mix cds,
    Amy likes to sit in her cardboard box and watch while people (and bears) are making food in the kitchen, but more importantly.....Amy likes big butts.

    It's like they KNOW me!  ROFL


  4. My favorite color is Blue, but like all..
    I Love poetry..
    I really dont dislike anything but will let you know if anything comes up..

    To be continued......

    O i forgot I LOVE DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!lol...

    only thing that hit on the money is i like dolphins...this is true............................ the rest well hmmm i dislike alot of things and blue isnt my favorite color lol...poetry hmmm gotta think about that one

  5. hugsdoodlewacky7/23/2007 5:26 AM

    ((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))))))Have a good day.

  6. Mine was pretty correct it said I love to shop for England LOL!! If I did it correctly that is ? I was amazed when it said that Haaa.Take Care God Bless KATH

  7. nightmaremom7/23/2007 6:58 AM


    One fish two fish Donna likes blue fish
    Donna likes to rock climb
    Donna likes "bulk" shopping
    Donna likes to keep her clients focused and well educated
    Donna likes to keep things energetic, fun, and humorous
    Donna likes to hike, bike and read


  8. Krissie this is neat, and if I didn't have the short term mormory loss thingy, I would remember what it said, but after reading what everyone else said I forgot what it said about me, the only thinng I remember is eating fish, and that is the truth I do love to eat fish. gg/Jackie

  9. Comedy on MONDAY morning nice way to start it off.....

    Chrissie likes the new pictures
    Chrissie likes silly things
    Chrissie likes to write
    Chrissie likes to say, —for the land we knew. not of
    Chrissie likes to hike a lot too
    Chrissie likes music
    Chrissie likes the pink one best
    Chrissie likes to be in control
    Chrissie likes to stop at the corner store for a candy bar and chips
    Chrissie likes so much, huh?

    Thanks for the laugh this morning Krissy.. hope all is well your way.

    Take care, Chrissie

  10. John likes lettuce, huh, Krissy?  He can eat the lettuce out of your nachos. Tee Hee.  Yuck, snakes.  Yours were funny!  So here are mine..

    Valerie likes to blog.
    Valerie likes her apple.  (I guess we are an eating family! LOL)
    Valerie is a tomboy.  (sooooo not!)
    Valerie likes to gossip about her life, including her psychotherapy sessions.
    Valerie likes to give those out.  (What??)  LOL
    Fun, fun, fun!!

  11. OK-

    Michele likes to share
    Michele likes to know throughly


  12. mine says i like to eat rocks, lol. ewwwwww i don't think so, lol. (((((((hugs))))))

  13. Mine is:

    Jody likes:
    being a vampire more than Tammy does
    SALT, SALT, SALT  (actually---I don't like it that much)
    to take pictures of clocks
    flowers too
    to try new things

  14. The #1 was likes the words “Aim for the stars and hope to clear the fence.” from a site called "A look over the Edge" I think that's enough said! <LOL>

  15. I was shocked!! There were some inappropriate things due to the Pamela Anderson connection. Sheesh!!

  16. Krissy, this is for my John...
    Besides liking lettuce...

    John likes to tumble.
    John likes every boy that Mary does.
    John likes ABBA.
    John likes to run needles into people's nostrils just to see what they'll do about it.

  17. I'm sorry, Krissy, I'm back.  Just wanted to do my middle name cuz I'm silly..

    Maire likes the wild pigeon of the woods.
    If John Joe likes Maire and Maire likes Paddy, how much is a pint of stout in O'Brien’s at the crossroads?
    Maire still likes her cake .

  18. heres
    Linda likes to enjoy a cold brew after all her hard work mothering human infants. .

    Linda likes to open the floor to specific questions from the audience.  

    Linda likes girls.  

  19. lifelistlift7/23/2007 5:48 PM

    Hallo.  This sounds a good idea!!! Hope all is well.  Shona

  20. OH, a new game to play when things are slow at the office!  ;o)  -  Barbara

  21. I'm a little afraid to "see" what I like, but I'll try it. Tell Michael that he should visit my cat Possum S. Hemmingway's journal (you know what the "S" stands for). It's listed on my journal.


  22. My middle name was funny

    Lorraine likes thinking back to the "old days"
    Lorraine likes things soft and cozy
    Lorraine likes to blog
    Lorraine likes to wear school girl skirts when she plays ( ;-)
    Lorraine likes musicals
    Lorraine likes to be needed
    Lorraine likes to tell me that it takes a real man to drive that coach
    Lorraine likes food
    Lorraine likes her own intelligence and has her own opinion
    Lorraine likes to talk
    Lorraine likes to say, "Git 'er done."
    Lorraine likes to wear her hair down
    Lorraine likes the Osmonds!
    Lorraine likes to grow some things in pots that she calls ‘herbs’

    LMAO raised my eyebrows a couple of times.. hehehe.

  23. Too funny.....
    LINDA likes to open the floor to specific questions from the audience.
    LINDA likes to play electric and acoustic bass as well as other instruments.
    LINDA likes to enjoy a cold brew after all her hard work mothering human infants.......ok,that's all news to me.  Linda in Washington state

  24. heres mine
    this was kind of interesting.

  25. nyuknyukpik27/24/2007 9:50 AM

    Jaymi Marie doesn't like anything

    how sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. ladymagnolia19637/24/2007 12:01 PM

    Hi Krissy Ü

    This was fun to do on Google Ü.

    Mine said Donna likes....
    Blue fish
    Bulk shopping
    smiley faces
    Hike, Bike & Read

    Pretty cool...I learned alot about myself today lol.

    BTW Krissy, you asked me in a comment on my journal what "Black Forrest Ham" was. It's just a brand of deli ham that I like. I get it from Wal Mart.

    I hope your having a blessed day Ü!


  27. rdautumnsage7/24/2007 5:27 PM

    Pretty cool, I like sun, ocean dreams, and women of song. Nice description of me and actually pretty accurate. (Hugs) Indigo

  28. This is crazy, but funny Krissy!  It said, that Merry likes in this order,
    men, (I do)
    Parties (I really don't)
    dog coats for your doggies (I do!)
    Merry likes to play football.   I HATE football and won't even watch it, but hey Krissy that was fun to read!  Love you hon.  Merry

  29. cacklinrosie1018/05/2007 8:07 AM

    ROFL...I've done similar things with google before but I'm going to have to try this as soon as I read how John is doing.  Love ya, Chris

  30. mssingmysoldier9/08/2007 11:17 AM

    Great idea! I'll be back to play next week...


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