Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do you like my new blog header?

I have a new blog header.

I want to thank Valerie Fisher of
There is a Season for creating it for me. That's her own photography.

I told her I absolutely loved the colors in the header. The red is so vibrant and high energy. I've been feeling sort of high energy lately! I guess you've observed, by now, that I like red.

For those of you who have a Blogger blog, the header wasn't difficult to install. I even played around with the html code a little in the template, but if you're thinking of changing your header to make it uniquely yours, you shouldn't have to do much html coding, if any, to get what you basically want, as Blogger makes it pretty simple for you.

So how do you like the new header?

And yes, I will be back with the post I promised. I know I've been lagging lately on posting. The housework has been horrendous, and I've had so much "stuff" to do here at home playing catch up, as John was in the hospital about half the time in the last three months. I'm getting caught up, so I'll be back again later today to catch you all up on what's been going on...

Love you all, Krissy :)


  1. Oh my, you didn't allow this to be low-key. LOL You didn't have to do this... You are so sweet... awwww... Honey, awwww... I LOVE YOU, my shoulder, wing, rock, TBADT... xoxoxox

  2. I love the header. Val did a great job on it.
    Hope to hear more soon. 'On Ya'-ma

  3. Your header is gorgeous, Krissy, and it's a photo of Val's? Wow, she is acomplished, isn't she? All the templates are different as far as installing headers. Cripes, there all different as far as most everything. Glad to see you posting. Give John and Michael a hug from me. Love you!

  4. @garnett109 No, it's a tulip, believe it or not! I should have mentioned that. Thanks for asking!

    Krissy :)

  5. I absolutely love your header Krissy, it is so vibrant with many different colours although the main one is red. I love flowers and this one makes you very unique. Your friend did a great job on it. So glad to see you back, I always love reading your journal, i dont like to call it a blog,lol.

  6. Very pretty. I've been changing mine almost weekly. Just pulling up pictures out of "My Documents/Pictures" as I feel the need for a change. Right now I have a picture of the ship we cruised on in October because that's where I wish I was. Linda in soggy Washington state

  7. great header krissy.take care mort x

  8. Love it Krissy. Await hearing how you are doing your way, you both are always in my thoughts.

  9. very nice header!! Val did a great job!!! hope you and John are doing good Krissy :)


  10. Loving your blog header very much!!!

  11. Your new header is great. It is an eye catcher.
    Happy New Year to you and John. Dawn

  12. Very colourful, Krissy, just what you need at this time of year

  13. I love the new header Krissy, and red is such a vibrant colour. I wish I could change mine but I just can`t delete the old one no matter how hard I try!

    Love and ((Hugs))

    Sandra xxxx

  14. love the header, love red myself! :) i hope you have a good week. hugs

  15. Love the header, very cheerful much like you.

    You still on Twitter?


  16. Excellent header. I hope you are's been over a week since this post!

  17. Hi Krissy,
    I just stopped by to say Hi and how are you all doing. What a beautiful header-- and I wish I has such talented friends! Keep up the good work and healthy, kind, wonderful comments.

    Tom S


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