Sunday, January 30, 2005

Photo Scavenger Hunt #12

My name is up in fruits and vegetables! 

The first item is a Kiwi.  It is a tasty fruit.

The second item is Radicchio.  It is a vegetable.  It is very bitter, even more so than radishes.  

The third item is Iceburg Lettuce.  I think everybody knows what that is.

The next item is Swiss Chard.  It is a vegetable that I don't know what it's use is, lol.

Then we have Star Fruit.  It is supposed to be a tasty fruit.  I haven't tried it yet, but I guess I will now.

Finally, we have a Yam.  

So there you have Krissy in produce!         


  1. jules196420011/30/2005 7:12 AM

    that is really good, I love it. I cant do the pics yet as my camera is in the shop being repaired :(........Jules xxxxxxx

  2. That was good.  What a thought to put it all in one pic!!!

  3. I haven`t done the hunt this time as I`ve been busy with Jake,  but I like what you`ve done there Krissy   Sandra x

  4. sarajanesmiles1/30/2005 11:34 AM

    Wow Krissy, what a good idea!!
    I never tried a star fruit...was it good?
    Well done you :o)
    Sara   x

  5. This is good. Bet John thinks you are pretty tasty! Keep smiling.

  6. Mmm Swiss Chard! It's a leafy green veggie sort of like watercress. My MIL makes swiss chard pie. She wilts the chard in a pot of boiling water then drains it. Then it gets put in a fry pan with some butter, beaten egg, bread crumbs and salt n pepper to taste. Fry it up sort of like an omlette. Very very tasty. :-)

  7. quartrlyfecrysis2/01/2005 8:49 AM

    What a 'tasteful' scavenger hunt ;) hehe.  Very creative!

  8. Well, Krissy, you are keeping healthy foods in your home!!  or are you at Mom's and Dad's??  Hmm... trying to figure it out?  Star fruit..never tried it.  Is it good?  The rest are very yummy! xox


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