Sunday, April 3, 2005

Photo Scavenger Hunt #21

My Favorite Park

This entry was hard because I have so many parks that I absolutely love.  The reason I picked this park though is because I love to watch children.  John and I go down to this park and sit on the bench and watch the children play.  I wonder what the parents think, as we don't have any children and we are watching their children play!  Kids are so joyful that we just get a kick out of watching them.  Here is some of their playground equiptment.  I could only get one pic because it started to snow!



  1. promiseluv3724/03/2005 5:54 PM

    I don't see a picture.  Maybe it's my computer again.  anyway here is my entry.
    Finally I'm able to come back!

  2. I don't need a pic to imagine you and John spending quality time togehter. God bless you both.
    Sylvia x


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