Monday, November 7, 2005

This is my Concession Speech

Now that the Vivis are over, I just wanted to say a few things.  First, I would like to congratulate the Vivi winners.  You all write exceptional journals.  It is okay that I did not win a Vivi Award, just being among you was a great experience.    

I would like to thank Jesus.  Without Him my life would be meaningless.     

I want to thank you, my readers.  You who read me, you who nominated me.  You are such an important part of my life.  You mean so much to me.  And to John.  You have become more than just readers, you have become a support system to us.  We are forever grateful.  

Thanks a lot, Krissy  :)       


  1. sarajanesmiles11/07/2005 3:10 AM

    Well, I voted for you my dear, so I'm sorry you didn't win.  It's good that you feel this way about the awards though, you're right, those who won all have great journals.  And for us who didn't, it was an honour just to be nominated :o)  
    Take care hon.
    Sara   x

  2. What a gracious concession speech Krissy. . .you know whats really important in life and really aprreciate.

  3. jlocorriere0511/07/2005 5:47 AM

    I didn't win either but it's fine by me too. I'm pleased for those who did win, people put a lot of work and time into these journals. Jeannette.

  4. Well, personally Krissy, I am sorry you did not win. You certainly had my vote.

  5. I was disappointed you didnt win , but we'll get 'em next year !


  6. great speech, Krissy! And you are still a winner because you know the Lord and you are still that wonderful special person you are!!


  7. Lovely, humble speech, are #1 in my book, my heart!! xox

  8. ernhrtfanalwys311/07/2005 11:28 AM

    Who cares about the Vivi's anyway.  In your reader's eyes you ARE a winner! Take Care, Antonette

  9. heathyrxmarie11/07/2005 12:12 PM

    :)  Krissy, I was bummed you didn't win, but this speech was so much better!

  10. Beautiful, simply beautiful!  Your Concession Speech is better than some of the Acceptance Speeches!  There are no winners and losers in life.  We all succeed, and you are a shining example of that.  With that said, you and John are at the top echelon, above us all in eloquence and graciousness.  Always have been, always will be.
    Best to you both,

  11. You are a winner Krissy in my eyes. Will always be there for you.
    Sylvia xx

  12. You had my vote, sorry you didn't win. We in J-land will be there for you, and so will the Lord. Your journal is greatly appreciated.


  13. I'm going with the 'It was an honor just to be nominated' theory <g>. Very nice entry Krissy!

  14. Krissy~You are a big time winner! xox Deb

  15. great speech


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