Monday, September 17, 2007

monday morning question



If your living room HAD to contain one of these retro items, which would you pick?  (You can click on each word to find out more about it!)

disco ball

lava lamp

a black velvet Elvis painting

black light

a "flower power" poster


My answer:  I guess I'll go with the lava lamp, LOL.  White liquid and red lava!


  1. What a great question!
    The disco ball and the lava lamp.... I'd put the disco ball over the couch and the lava lamp on the entertainment center, lol...
    Have a great day!
    Linda :)

  2. flower power baby!


  3. I own everything but the black Elvis painting, but I think my mom has one in her attic.  ROFL


  4. littlelady16999/17/2007 1:31 PM

    lava lamp.....nice to look at before sleep set in

  5. Well, since I do have a lava lamp I guess that's what I'd keep, Mine is hot pink!
    Martha :-)

  6. Well, I never had a black velvet poster of anyone, nor a disco ball. I must plead guilty, however, to the remaning three items. When I was younger, I had a lava lamp, a black light and flower power poster which glowed under the black light, along with the obligatory "Pink Floyd" album to which we "inhaled" the joys of the times. Alas, that was yesterday, and to coin a phrase, yesterday's gone.


  7. i think id go with the black light

  8. The lava light for me too, Krissy!  I like Elvis. But don't want a huge picture of him in my living room & the rest of the stuff isn't "me" either. xoxo Merry

  9. LOL  I'd have to say a lava lamp.  When I was growing up my parents had this rain lamp in the living room, you can add that to your list.


  10. preciousone259/18/2007 12:11 AM

    I like the black light best.... but probably the lava lamp, so I wouldn't have to explain so much.  LOL!!


  11. Does it have to be my living room, can't it be my bed room?  LOL  Since I already have a lava lamp, I think I want the disco ball, too.  Yes, that is what I will have.  COOL!  Love, Val xox

  12. lifesabench69/18/2007 11:13 PM

    I'd have to go with the black light- they are sooooooooo cool!  :)  Love Carolyn

  13.     My daughter collects weird lights. I have her lava light in the front room. Now, how about that Elvis painting on black velvet? Now there's something I'm missing!

  14. Flower Power baby!  I'm reminded of my youth and ... my youth!

  15. irisheyes19299/20/2007 10:59 PM

    I'd have to go with the lava lamp.  At least you could make the colours match the decour and it's small enough to make inconspicuous!  

    Ugh.  I look back at my dad's high school yearbooks, and I am so thankful we made it out of the 70's!!  :-D


  16. Well, the lava lamp I guess....we have actually had one as TheTeen's age did have that retro look for a while.  We kept it in our living room and turned it on when company came.  It's not here anymore.  I think it quit working and we through it away unless it's in the attic.  LOL


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