Monday, April 14, 2008

I'll probably have shoulder surgery

Hi.  I guess you've probably noticed I haven't done an entry for a week. 
I've been in a whole lot of pain.  It is my rotator cuff injury.  I have been going to Occupational Therapy for three weeks now.  It seems that the tear in the muscle may be healing, but my shoulder has frozen up somehow.  I went back to my Orthopedic doctor the other day.  He was very concerned with my progress.  My arm can barely move, except for a few inches up.
So Dr. Bosha wants me to come back in less than two weeks.  At that point he is going to recommend me to an Orthopedic Surgeon.  If I have not made substantial progress, I am going to have to have surgery.  I mean, like, go to the hospital and have my shoulder stretched out while asleep.  He said they will move it all around, and break up whatever needs to be broken up, such as scar tissue which is causing me not to be able to move much.  Ugghh, sounds painful!  I think I will hurt when I wake up.  The therapists at Physical Therapy said it will hurt really bad, and they encouraged me to try to work real hard in the last two weeks before I see the surgeon, so that if there's any possible way that I won't have to have the surgery, I could skip it.  
Gee, I don't want a surgery.
Okay, one more thing.  Tuesday morning (as in April 15), I'm having a CT scan, to get my lung checked out.  Remember I mentioned I am getting the scan to see if I have lung cancer?  Dr. Raquet said that they could rule in cancer, but they could not rule it out at this time.  So if it doesn't look like the nodule has grown sufficiently enough to be cancer at this point, he will not do anything invasive.  He will just leave it alone, and do another CT scan in a few months (two or three?) and then again another few months after that (until/unless he determines it won't be necessary anymore).  
He also promised me that if he did find cancer (which would be lung cancer) he would call me right away.  I am assuming he means in a couple of days.  
So that is what I am dealing with in the next few weeks.
Oh, and I am finishing up my taxes, LOL.  After the CT scan I am going to stand in line at my post office to get that precious postmark on the letter to go to the IRS.  But we will be getting money back!  I dread standing in that line, though, LOL.  
Okay, please pray for me.  Ugh, like, there's too many health things going on at once.
Love you all, Krissy 


  1. (((Krissy)))

    will keep praying for you that the Lord heals you and that you won't have to have surgery and that your pulmonary nodule won't have grown over this past month

    I hope the line is not too long at the post office tomorrow for you

    take care of yourself


  2. sugarsweet0564/14/2008 11:30 PM

    I have a rotator cuff injury, since '92. I've declined surgery...but I know the pain you speak of, my shoulder is partially frozen, I have little use of that arm. So good luck to you on that!!!
    Also, will be saying prayers & lighting a candle for you re your lung results. Hoping for the best outcome.
    God bless,

  3. I understand that a torn rotar cuff is painful.  I'm dealing with an injured knee and you're dealing with an injured shoulder...we're quite a pair.  And what a horrible thought that there may be an issue with your lung.  Praying that all will be fine.  Linda in Washington state  

  4. I pray you won't need the surgery and that your lungs are ok.  I am going in for another knee surgery on May 2 and I don't wish surgery on anyone.  We have enough going on in our lives!  Good luck tomorrow and I'll be thinking of you.  Remember to be nice to people at the post office!


  5. My MIL has had problems with her shoulder for YEARS.  She had the surgery and it still didn't improve.  :-/  I hope yours does, though!!!!


  6. dougsbabygirl314/15/2008 1:53 AM

    Krissy.... I am praying for you.... I hope that everything works out for the best! I will be thinking about you...


  7. I did a muscle injury to my shoulder once and it froze up. My surgeon did surgery but didn't unfreeze it due to he said it would only tear more muscle. I really had a tough time of it but by doing a lot of exercises I can now use it to almost full capicity. I couldn't tolerate the physical therapy amd my doc was afraid they would do more damage so he told me to just work on it on my own. It took me several months to get it working right. Good luck on that and also on the scan to see if you have cancer. Hugs, Helen

  8. ally1231305859184/15/2008 5:15 AM

    Krissy keeping you in my prayers ~ Ally x

  9. You will be in my prayers.  I do hope you improve enough so that surgery will not be needed and that there are only good results from the scans.  Take care and get well soon.  'On Ya' - ma

  10. I'll be keeping you in thought today, Krissy, keep us posted re. the CT scan

  11. lh krissy I am so sorry you are going thru so much please know you are in my prayers and I will keep praying for you

  12. xxroxymamaxx4/15/2008 8:49 AM

    Honey, you are in my prayers.  I have to send my taxes today too.  Good luck!!  love, Shelly

  13. Keeping you in prayer!

  14. Just don't let them feed you Jello! It's Eeeeevil! Hang in there friend. Tammy

  15. breakaway19684/15/2008 10:08 AM

    LOL at the eviiiil Jello!   Anyway, I was wondering what was going on.  I pray that your results turn out GOOD!  AND i hope they can do something for your pain. It sucks that there are so many who have to deal with pain 24/7...isn't there anything that will take that away!?  I'm wondering why people have to deal with it so often!  

  16. hugsdoodlewacky4/15/2008 10:09 AM

    ((((((((((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))))))))You are in my thoughts and prayers at this time and hope your shoulder heals and Ct comes out ok.

  17. midwestvintage4/15/2008 11:42 AM

     Hope your Cat Scan is good.  Take care, lots of worries for you right now I know.  Good luck with your PT.  Hope it helps your shoulder.


  18. Geez, Krissy, the 15th is today!!  Praying for only the best for you in all things!  -  BArbara

  19. take care krissy and my prayers are with you

  20. Krissy wondered where you were, now we all know.  So sorry you are having so much pain, know a rotator cuff injury can be very painfull dear. With your shoulder freezing up having the surgry could really be a big help with that, have had several friends with shoulder frozen up that had this done and they are doing great.  Will keep you in my special prayers dear that your CT scan on your lung is good news and all is ok.  We're all praying for you dear, we love you.  Arlene (AJ)

  21. Hi Krissy,  sending hugs and prayers,

  22. prayers for you:) i had knee and elbow surgery and it hurts still praying for it to heal up right


  23. Special thoughts!
    now go get those taxes mailed....
    Linda :)

  24. Krissy, I have been so busy, I hadn't noticed you didn't make an entry, I am soiry to say.  I worry about that lung of yours!  Keep us posted, please.

    Dave had a problem with a tear in his rotator cuff.  Surgery was planned on, then, at the last minute the surgeon said, let's try one one more course of physical therapy. We didn't think there was any way it was going to help much! But it did!! Dave also has a ruptured cervical disk, that still can be painful. But all this seem to tame down, when we thought surgery was the only recourse.  How nice!  Dave DID have a knee replacement in Nov., you may recall, that was sucessful but there was a longer recovery time than we were prepared for.  Love, Merry

  25. Oh wow so much going on.  I sure hope the CT scan goes well and no cancer is found *fingers crossed* xx


  26. randlprysock4/16/2008 4:30 PM

    So glad you will be getting money back for your return and so sad to hear about the shoulder surgery.  Take it easy friend.  Hope the pain goes away.  I have heard shoulder injuries are not pleasant to deal with but I will pray God makes the pain subside for you.  Hugs,


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