Sunday, April 20, 2008

John has bronchitis and the flu

Hi you all.  This is my second attempt at making an entry, so this one will be much shorter 
John and I are back from the hospital.  He has bronchitis and Influenza B.  They ran a lot of tests on him, and yes, they can test for the flu nowadays.  That surprised me, I didn't know they could test for a viral infection.  So he has a bacterial infection (bronchitis) and a viral infection (the flu).
He was given Tamaflu (for the flu) and Levaquin (for bronchitis).  I was surprised, once again, that there was a medication that could help one get over the flu.  The doctor said it speeds you through the recovery process.  Wow, imagine that.
So John just woke up after a few hours of sleep in his own bed.  His temperature is 102.1 degrees right now.  Drat.  I thought it would go down, but I guess not.  Maybe it will go up for awhile.  At least he doesn't have "gram negative bacteria", which could be deadly.  Actually, he probably doesn't have anything extremely serious, but he could.  I just read on John's discharge sheet a few minutes ago that there were some additional cultures that were done last night, and they take 24 hours to grow, and if the doctor finds anything in a day or two when the results of the cultures come back, he will notify us.
One more thing.  John's immunities are very low.  They did a test at the hospital.  But his immune system is not compromised enough to keep him in the hospital.  So they released him into my care at home.  
They told me John would have to stay in bed 10 days. 
So, like, I am going to be plenty tired, as my fibro is acting up and my shoulder/arm is trying to heal.  And I am going to have to do everything myself, as well as take care of John.  Oh well.  I am just so tired, because we have had a lot going on lately.  I need to take it one day at a time, one thing at a time, so I don't get overwhelmed.
Okay, let me get this posted before it gets eaten or I delete it, LOL.  I need to get back to John also.  And go to the drug store and get him some medication.
I will have to take the bus, as my narcolepsy will not allow me to drive yet.  Ugh, there is a transfer and it will take hours before I get home, between getting the script filled and waiting in line between transfers, LOL.  There is, like, a half hour to an hour wait for a switch over to the next bus when I transfer!
Thank you all for your support and prayers.  I am sorry if I scared you with that last entry, saying John was so sick.  He could be a lot worse.  Poor guy feels miserable though. 
Okay, off to get some things done.
Love you all,  Krissy 


  1. ((((Krissy)))); does the pharmacy deliver???? can anyone take you to the pharmacy? I'm sure you both are exhausted; I wish I could figure out a way to help you


    thanks for the update, I'm just so sorry you have to be going through all of this; you take care of yourself too because you don't want to get sick too


  2. nightmaremom4/20/2008 9:06 AM

    mornin!  Got both alerts today...  and caught up.  So you know I pray for you both every day...   and I am thrilled that he is home.   Just take it slowly and rest yourself... somethings can wait... :)   I wish I was closer to you... I'd drive you to the store....   damn it!  Wish someone was nearby to help in that aspect...  hurry to wait sucks!   Try to enjoy the day and know I'm thinking of you both

  3. I read this alert before the previous one -- glad to hear John is ok. Sorry you have to go through so much to get to the pharmacy. I know you both must be worn out. Sending thoughts and prayers, Martha

  4. I pray that you both get better soon. Helen

  5. rdautumnsage4/20/2008 9:31 AM

    I'm so sorry to hear John is sick. I'm keeping you both in my prayers on the smoke that John has a quick recovery and you won't have to do any more than you can handle. (Hugs) Indigo

  6. cacklinrosie1014/20/2008 9:49 AM

    Well, Krissy, I am relieved because I was praying it would be the bad bacterial infection.  It will take him a good while to get better.  This bug is so bad this year for regular immune systems.  I still haven't quite gotten back my strength from my strep at Easter.  Keeping John and you in my prayers.  One day, one step.  Love you, Chris

  7. I'm glad he is home. Sorry you are feeling so bad. Can you check around and see if you have a drug store that delivers? Sometimes they just have to have a certain dollar amount on your order. That would be much easier for you.
    Take care, Pam

  8. cherry2sweet2eat4/20/2008 9:56 AM

    i hope BOTH of you get better soon!!

  9. I'm glad John is home!  Sending hugs for you and John!

  10. preciousone254/20/2008 10:54 AM

    Oh, So glad he's home!!!  I hope you can get some help there.


  11. treesrgreen784/20/2008 11:37 AM

    Glad John is home and that they have found out what is causing his temp.  Hopefully with the meds. he will start to feel better.  I understand about your fibro. and your shoulder problems.  I am not sure why but the fibro and chronic fatigue are really severe for me right now.  I too have shoulder problems, there is nothing more they can for me, the doctor says there is damage and my limitation of movement will be less some days and more on others and as for the pain well live with it is a good motto they say.  Well they can have it then, lol.  Hope you feels better Krissy.  I agree with Pam, see if they deliver my pharmacy does for free.

  12. midwestvintage4/20/2008 12:31 PM

     Glad John is home.  Hope the 2 of you both get the rest you need.  Take care.


  13. Glad John was able to come home!!!
    I hope both of you get better soon!!


  14. God bless and heal John and may He grant you the strength you need to do what you must and the peace you need to leave undone what can wait.  -  Barbara

  15. Hope you are all back to yourselves soon

  16. Oh Krissy, you have so much on your plate with John not feeling well right now andyour fribro, etc.  Wish I could be there to help you both out.  Know you are kept in my thoughts and prayers.  Bless you...Arlene (AJ)

  17. I hope John gets to feeling better. I know Bronvhitis is miserable, I get it all the time..but I couldn't imagine both. (((HUGSTOBOTHOFYOU))).... I added you to my private journal as well, if you want to ever stop by. -Missy

  18. breakaway19684/20/2008 3:29 PM

    Well I don't know if tha'ts good news or bad news!  I sure hope he's ok and that he will get better rather then worse!  

  19. awwww wish I lived closer so that I could give you a ride or pick up the meds for you!

    hugs Rosemary

  20. Hope John comes through this quickly, Krissy, best wishes to both of you.

  21. I added a prayer to your previous post. Sounds like what the two of you need most now is a 5 lb. sledge hammer to put y'all to sleep for about 10 days.
    ;^P Jan the Gryphon

  22. Oh Poor John....
    Gentle hugs to you both...
    Linda :)

  23. Praying for you both. Feel better and better every day, John. Kris~I hope you get some peaceful full rest...Hugs, Deb

  24. Krissy, Well, if I were you, I"d be pretty concerned about my husband too!  Look at all you've both been through.  I'm sorry John has to go through this. If I were you I'd be worried, and concerned, too!  And aren't feeling your best now, either.  Take care, of John, but also of YOURSELF.  Love you, Krissy!  Merry

  25. littlelady16994/20/2008 9:57 PM

    poor John...let him know we all are sending him LOTS of LOVE and HUGS!


  26. randlprysock4/20/2008 10:03 PM

    Many prayers and hugs for both of you!!!!!

  27. Hi will keep you and your husband in prayer.


  28. princesssaurora4/21/2008 2:24 PM

    Prayers coming for John and you...

    be well,

  29. I'm sorry to hear that both you and John are suffering :(  That's insane that there is a drug to help with flu ~ why do they not make this more widely available??


  30. Hi Krissy,

    I`m so sorry to hear that you are both unwell,  I hope you and John are much better very soon, take care.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  31. I hope you and John get well soon. You really have had a time of It recently. Love Pam xx

  32. specialadyfink4/22/2008 1:44 PM

    Hope you're both on the mend soon

  33. helmswondermom4/22/2008 9:57 PM

    I'm so sorry you guys have been sick.  I hope you're both feeling better by now.

  34. I know how scary it can be as my mom too just came out of the hospital and is still recovering at home and she is still scared. Being home doesn't necessarily mean things are great, it just means that your on your own right now. Thats the way it is now with hospitals. They get you in and out too fast for my liking. To bad your meds couldn't be called in and delivered somehow. Now that would be a good service that pharmacy's could offer to people who have a hard time getting there to pick up their meds. Wishing you and John all the best and hope you both are doing much better in weeks to come.


  35. Krissy, I know that you get overwhelmed as anybody would with what you have been through.  But you are like the Energizer just keep going and going.  You are not well yourself but John depends on you.  If his immune system could get up and going strong he would be so much better.  But it takes time.
    I am here for you if you need anything.........would be better if I were there to help you.
    Saying prayers for John and you .  Always in my heart you are....

    Love Myke

  36. Glad to hear that you are back from the hospital and hopefully by now the meds have kicked in and John is on the road to recovery

    Take care


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