Wednesday, April 30, 2008

announcing "What's the Caption? Wednesday" at Magic Smoke

There's a new weekly game going on at Magic Smoke.  This game was started by me and my sister Valerie of There is a Season.  In case you haven't seen it yet, why not pop over to this week's game, and give it a try?
To play, go here: 


  1. and it is so much fun to play!! I can't believe we are on week #5 already! where has the time gone?


  2. Krissy, this looks great!  I will have to give this some thought and then will go "there" and play!  Hope you aren't huring too badly.  Are you SURE surgery wouldn't be easier?  I have had PT like that & it DOES hurt!  Hope you're one it works for!  Surgery isn't always bad, sometimes you get things resoved quicker that way.  I had some I got fast results and fast healing from (surgeries); ans some not.  Anyway, take it easy, hug your wonderful hubby, & enjoy spring, which isn't in Iowa YET!  Love, Merry

  3. fisherkristina5/01/2008 5:03 AM

    Merry, actually, I found out it wouldn't be surgery, per say.  What it would be is the surgeon would put me under, and when I was out, he would unfreeze my shoulder by forcing it all around.  He would rip the adhesions and scar tissue loose in my shoulder.  One problem with this procedure is the possibility of further tears in the muscle in my rotator cuff if he did this.  Also, I was told by my Occupational Therapist, that I would be in a lot of pain following the procedure.  Not only would there be a lot of pain, but I would have to begin moving it immediately, and I would have to go back to Occupational Therapy anyway.

    I am not adverse to operations, but why not try to make it work in OT first?  That is my goal!  If I need the procedure I will DEFINITELY have it, but I am shooting for trying to make it without the procedure first!

    Krissy :)

  4. I think I will do the same thing in my blog, honey.  Love, me xox


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