Wednesday, August 27, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #138 participants... Photographer's Choice


          Photographer's Choice
Welcome to JLand Photo Shoot # 138.  In this photo shoot, the choice was yours!  You were told it didn't matter what you captured , to just go out and shoot!  And you all did a super job!
Here are a couple of the photos ~ 
Please visit Linda at Footprints in the Sand and leave a comment.
Visit Guido at Northern Trip and leave a comment for him too!
Below you'll find the links to all who participated in this photo challenge.  Please visit these participants and leave a comment if you haven't already; they went to a lot of work to take their photos.  :)
Guido of Northern Trip
Greg of Photo Trek
Linda of Linda's World
Bea of Wanderer
Missie of Missie's Upside Down World (private)
I want to thank all who participated!  You all are great.  I will post a new photo shoot topic very soon.  
Krissy :)   


  1. thanks Krissy!! these were all great pictures!!


  2. Thanks Krissy, am well honoured :-)

  3. Great photos

  4. Krissy,
    What happened to the J-Land photo shoot? Are you still doing it?
    Martha :-)

  5. fisherkristina9/13/2008 11:41 AM

    Martha, the JLand Photo Shoot, which is the longest running photo shoot in AOL blogs (JLand) - it even predates Scalzi's - has been running for four and a half years!  I have no intention of ending it now!  I have not posted a new subject for two weeks and three days, true, but that is because I have had serious emergencies in  my family life.  Very soon a new subject will be posted!  Thank you very much for your concern though!  :)

    Krissy :)  


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