Friday, March 5, 2010

My First Bracelet

The first bracelet I've ever made

I'm designing and making jewelry now. This is the first bracelet I made. My sister Therese calls it "Tropical Citrine." John calls it my "Brady Bunch Bracelet." What do you think? Did I do a good job? And what would you call it?

Krissy :)


  1. Lovely, impressive for your first. I would call it Cherry lime creamscicle.

  2. I would call it very pretty. Love it.

  3. Gosh, sissy, it looks like the header picture, doesn't it? I will call it Spring Lime, or Spring in the 70's. LOL It is gorgeous, honey. Love you! xox

  4. I think it should be called...Sub-lime! lol
    It is lovely and I would wear it. A necklace to match too Krissy.
    Clever you

  5. Krissy that is really very pretty ~ and Yes I think you have done a very good job ~ Ally x

  6. You did a great job Krissy, I love it, think you should call it "Spring Delight". Have a neighbor who designs jewelry and thought yours looked as lovely as the pieces she makes. Keep up the great work dear.

  7. Ohh, lovely! It's delicious. I would call it "Summer Cocktail".

  8. Krissy! I love your bracelet. It's truly beautiful and I want one!

    I like the name, "Tropical Citrine", myself.

    Good job, Krissy!

  9. ohh i love the bracelet! It looks very tropical and citrus fruit.

    By the way...I used to follow your AOL journal back in the day (I was the girl that loves peccarys) and have just found your blog via your sister! Mine is:

    just in case you wanna have a look :)



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