Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Another Medical Tale

Yesterday sure turned out to be a strange day for doctor's visits.  Last night John told me about the appointment he had yesterday with his oncologist.

After I went to my dental appointment, John headed over to the oncology office.  He was going for his six month check up.  He walked into the office and Dr. Ford looked at him.  Dr. Ford saw his T-shirt (It read: "I'm proud to be an American") and the doctor said, "I bet you're for Bush, aren't you?".  John was a little taken aback.  Here was a man who had only seen John twice.  A doctor who had only seen him twice and was speaking politics to him in the doctor's office right off the bat.  Dr. Ford continued, "So what country do you think he is going to invade next?"  John stood there kind of stunned.  "I think Iran or North Korea," the Dr. said.  I don't know if John had even thought about the subject yet, but I do know what he was thinking about at the time.  He wanted to get the results back from the tests he had taken a few days earlier.  He wanted to know whether he was still in the clear and still a cancer survivor of five years.  Cancer that they thought at one time would probably be terminal.  Go figure. 



  1. readmereadyou9/15/2004 7:41 PM

    Well, with all that chatting, sounded as if the doctor was very confident your John was fine.
    : )

  2. readmereadyou9/15/2004 7:42 PM

    PS.....Proud to be an American also and still not sure who I'm voting for. Do repubs have the upper hand on patriotism according to your doctor? : )

  3. A lot of people get WAY into the presidential election during the last month or so...That's crazy....a doctor shouldn't ever do that...

  4. wow  you would think he would bring up the subject of his patience test results before talking polotics.  I HATE election years.. they bring out the worst in some ppl.

    Much Love,

  5. What a shame that this doctor couldn't have been more professional.  Hope remission was his final answer.

  6. jules196420019/16/2004 5:37 AM

    Could have been he was trying to break the ice, but if so he could have chose a different subjeect to talk about, like the weather!! Gad everything is ok with John :)....Jules xxx

  7. sarajanesmiles9/16/2004 8:50 AM

    And is he still clear?  Proud to be English :)
    Sara   x

  8. The doctor was out of line. Is John ok?

  9. So when they finally got around to the medical talk, how did it go?
    I think that sometimes doctors are so used to what they do, that they think everyone else is used to it we could get used to those things!


  10. Jeepers.  So when does John get his results?  Did he get them that day?  Or was he just getting tests?  You left us hanging.....  John must have been uncomfortable a bit knowing that he is not "the man of small talk".  I am sure he made some, though :).  Let us know John's results!!

  11. Never thought of "Proud to be an American" as a particularly political statement...but I suppose some could interpret it that way. I'm guessing the doc was just making small talk. I would have to hear the tone of his voice...did he seem pro-Bush or was he being a wiseass? LOL I guess the doc should find some new topics to make small talk the weather. ;-)

  12. Smart dentist!


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