Tuesday, September 28, 2004


It's been raining since midnight.  I went to bed about midnight and when I awoke this morning I found an email in my email box from an emergency weather service saying that there will be flooding until 8 AM in my county.  Already 1.5 inches of rain have fallen.  

This doesn't surprise me.  It is was expected.  Last week when I looked at the pathway of Hurricane Jeanne the map said it would get to Central PA late Monday/early Tuesday.  (Thank you Deb for the wonderful maps and services you provide.)  Of course at this point it has been lowered to Tropical Depression Jeanne.  I still find it strange that it made it this far inward off the coast.  The effects here have been very mild, but it is still strange to me.  

I can't remember if this is more or less rain then we got with Hurricane Ivan.  If it is more, you will see more flooding pictures in Val's journal today, because her town floods more than mine!  I hope the flooding isn't that bad though, because I want to go to Sam's Club today.  I have a craving for some guacamole dip and some chicken.  And I need a temper pedic pillow. 

Once again there are many that I haven't heard from in Florida since Hurricane Jeanne started.  I am assuming that their power and cell phones are off and they can't call.  I hate this.  I will just have to wait.  Perhaps I will just have to start calling people tomorrow.  There are four family members (or should I say even whole families) that live in the Orlando area, and they are one of the areas that got hit the worse.  I will just have to wait and see how they fared.  I am sure if something drastic had happened I would hear about it by now.  

Yesterday my Dad, Valerie and I went to Baltimore, MD (Johns Hopkins) so Val could get checked out to see how she is doing since they put in her v/a shunt.  It was a long day.  It took about four hours to get down there.  Then we had to wait for three hours to see the doctor.  When we finally got in the exam room the nurse apologized profusely saying that a patient before us had fainted!  Then she proceded to ask Valerie a litany of questions.  Some of her notes were wrong; she asked Valerie why she had had two shunts.  Valerie had had only one shunt.  When she finished up she went and got the doctor.

She returned a minute later with two doctors.  Dr. Williams (Val's regular doctor) asked a lot of questions again.  Then he asked her if she wanted the shunt adjusted.  "What would that.." Valerie started. "entail?" I finished.  I was wondering if she would have to have surgery or if they could do it right there.  I think Val was wondering the same thing, lol. 

"Oh, you could just jump up on the table right here, and we would have it done in a minute," the doctor said.  "But first you would have to have an x-ray done, and then have the procedure done, and then one more x-ray."  Valerie told them her surgeon said her v/a shunt was nonadjustable.  "Not true," Dr. Williams assured her. 

To make a long story short (which is impossible for me to do), they ended up x-raying her three times to tell her her shunt was nonadujstable. 

Now my question is, why would they give her a shunt that you couldn't adjust if the pressure needed to be adjusted on occassion?  They were going to adjust it from 200 to 180 yesterday.  I don't understand.  Anyway, Valerie wasn't upset because she feels so tremendously better since she got her shunt.  So I guess she's not going to complain.

After the long x-ray ordeal we drove the four hours home.

Chelsea visited a college yesterday.  She loved it.  She is curious to see what her future holds.  Ahh, to be young and excited and well, confused, lol. 


  1. Oh doctors, doctors, I hate them!!  Once I waited months for a hospital appointment.  When I got there and went to the desk they had no record of the appointment.  I had to show them the letter. They told me to go and wait.  I waited for over an hour just for them to come and tell me they had "lost" my records and therefore I could not be seen.  Had to go home and wait weeks again!
    Sorry about all your rain.  It is overcast and gloomy here but very mild.  I have just taken all my net curtains down and washed them by hand! (I must be mad). They are hanging on the washing line looking very forlorn because there is no breeze. Hope you do not get too much in the way of floods.

  2. Where do I start.
    Hope you are ok weatherwise.
    I'm glad Val is ok but medical staff sometimes leave you wondering.
    Glad Chelsea liked the college.
    Thank you very very much for your support last night.
    Camera????How is getting on?


  3. Sissy golden grahams, Michele called and left Chelsers a message yesterday so I am sure Matt and his family is okay down there.  Now for the rest of them?.... This rain is driving me and my fibro. batty!  Hope you make it to Sam's!  Let me know if you get there!  I will call you!  Love affectionately, your mini-shredded wheat

  4. sarajanesmiles9/28/2004 12:56 PM

    Not more rain!!  I hope your family members are OK.  Glad all was well yesterday, Doctors never sound as if they know what they're doing do they!  It's the same with little man when he go's.
    Sara   x

  5. Isn't all this rain wild? It's been REALLY heavy at times. I love listening to it hit the sky lights. As for Val, if her shunt really isn't adjustable, I sure hope she never NEEDS an adjustment. How could the doctors screw up like that?? Don't answer that. :-/

  6. readmereadyou9/28/2004 3:51 PM

    Val is a real trooper. I'm so glad she feels better. Can't imagine why they would give her one that wasn't adjustable. Maybe they felt they got it right the first time. Since she's okay, they probably did. As for the rain, I didn't know PA got so much from Jeanne this time around. So far in NY, not much.

  7. shermeen06219/28/2004 3:56 PM

    Am glad that Val is well. I hope that your family members weren't too badly affected. The sitting and waiting is the hardest part.
    Colleges, the future. <Smile>
    Take care. Sherms x http://journals.aol.co.uk/shermeen0621/PublicThoughts/

  8. Hope you haven't had to build an ark yet.

  9. we've been getting alot of rain here in jersey too.......all day long!


  10. Hope the rain has let up. Blessings to you and your family. God bless, Beckie

  11. jules196420019/29/2004 2:02 PM

    Hope the rains settles down and eventually stops. I know we need water but in moderation please god!!
    It is kind of scary when they have medical noted wrong and it takes xrays for the Dr to believe what you say is true. I say that a patient will always know better than a Dr what has been done the them. After all, a patient only has to remember her own details, not hundreds of patients details. Hope you and Val are both ok :).......Jules xxx

  12. sonensmilinmon9/29/2004 10:42 PM

    Enough of the rain and hurricanes already!  I will keep you and  yours in my prayers for health and of course less rain.


  13. sarajanesmiles9/30/2004 3:08 AM

    Any news of your family members yet Krissy?  Hope you're doing good hon.
    Sara   x

  14. I don't guess I've ever realized that you were in PA.  (Or am I just confused)

    My husband's family is from PA.  Very small town called liberty.  Do you know it?
    BEAUTFUL state PA.  I went for the first time in may of 2003, ..had to bury my mother-in-law.  Even in that terrible situation I couldn't help but notice the absolutely gorgeous scenery.  I think I'd be in hog heaven if I lived there.

    Val wrote in her journal today how tired she is... Is she okay?  I'm worried about her now.

    You're such a great sister to take her back and forth like you do.  You guys must be really close.  That's wonderful!

    well, have a great day.


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