Friday, September 17, 2004

John's doing great!

In the entry before last I wrote that John went in for a check up with his oncologist.  He went in to see if there were any signs of the lymphoma coming back.  Fortunately, Dr. Ford said there were no signs of cancer.

Let me digress for a minute.  Many of you do not know John's story.  John is my boyfriend.  Six years ago he was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  When he found out he was devastated.  The doctors told him he was in stage 3B and gave him only a few years to live.  Maybe a lot shorter.  It didn't look hopeful at all.  But John was a survivor.  He fought with everything that was in him to stay alive.  At different times he had doctors who were saying it was just about hopeless, telling him that he would need a bone marrow transplant, and to start looking for a donar, and that this wouldn't save his life, just buy him time.  Finally he got a doctor who tried a new experimental chemo cocktail on him, and it did the trick; it saved his life.  That along with his will to live.  Praise God for that!  

There were a lot of ups and downs during these times.  Sometimes we felt like it took everything to just keep going.  John had more of a positive attitude than I did though.  I looked to him for strength to get me through.  And to the Lord.  John was upbeat trying to have a positive attitude, but often the chemo made him very, very tired and sick.  Another thing that was hard at this time is that many people disappeared from our lives.  They just couldn't face the fact that he had cancer because it was too sad for them.  So we had to go it alone to a degree.  Well, not really.  We had my wonderful family, and his also.  

Shortly after John finished chemo, the doctors checked to see if the treatment "took".  It seemed to.  At first they were apprehensive because such a short time had passed.  With every new check up the doctors were more and more excited.  So were we!  There came a day when John was officially declared cancer free.  I still remember that day clearly in my mind.  We were in the doctor's office.  I said "What did you say?" because I didn't think I heard it correctly.  I thought I would pass out or something.  Just like I thought I would pass out when I found out he had the cancer.  But this was a good kind of shock this time!  He was not going to die from a cancer that many who get it die from.  He was truly fortunate. 

Every six months to a year John goes back to do a sort of routine check up to make sure he is still fine.  He passed with flying colors the other day.  Sorry I left you all hanging! 

Thanks for all you who were concerned about him and left comments and emailed me.    


  1. dbaumgartner9/17/2004 6:52 AM

    {{{{{{{{{John}}}}}}}}}  This is the most fantastic news!  I am so happy for both of you.

  2. I`m so pleased to hear your news about John.  I have only just started to read your journal but I will be reading it more so now after your kind words regarding our beloved dog Hannah and her illness. All the best....Sandra

  3. sarajanesmiles9/17/2004 10:09 AM

    So happy my dear :)  I'm only sorry that you had to go it alone - apart from your families that is - it's not like that on here I suspect, you both would have had lots of support.
    Sara   x

  4. slowmotionlife9/17/2004 1:11 PM

    What a miracle story!  Wow... it's inspiring what can happen when someone truly aspires to live!  Attitude is everything.  I wish I could get my mother to see more doctors.  My philosophy is that if something is wrong, you had better see doctor after doctor after doctor until you find one that works!  Sounds like John lucked out with a brilliant one!  Amazing.  Thanks for sharing this!  :)

  5. HI JOHN!!!!!!!!!!  What a great pic, Krissy!  I, too, rejoice with every cancer-free check-up!!  Praise God!  John knows how much I love him!  May we have many, many years of our John-John around!!  Hugs to you John!!  Love you!!  ~Val xoxox

  6. Yes, John is a true survivor!  Wow, what a story, and what a will to live...he beat all two are truly blessed :-)

  7. Hi there!  I have a friend who found out her hubby had this the very week they were married.  He was miserable at the wedding b/c his lymph nodes under his arm had swollen.  It was horrible for them during their wedding week, to find this out.  He ALSO has beat it out.  He had the chemo and also goes for check ups and continues to be cancer free.  They sweat it out every time.  Ironically, your JOHN looks a lot like this guys BROTHER!!!  Both of the brothers work at our envelope manufacturing plant!  :>)  And the friend was actually my assistant - they met there!  I am glad that John is ok!  Are your alerts working.  It's driving me nuts! I'm spoiled to them.

  8. How wonderful Krissy and a truly uplifting story to read on a Saturday morning.  John must be a very strong person and with the love of the Lord he has come through.  I am so very happy for both of you.  (((((((((((((((((((((dear friend))))))))))))))))))))))). You have made my day!! xxxx

  9. What a wonderful story of hope! I will always remember this story. I too, have been affected by cancer...not myself, but my mother. She was beyond help as the signs such as weight loss appeared...she was already in the finally stage of pancreas cancer. But she kept the most positive and brave face, she was such a strong person.
    I think all cancer victims share some strong passion of hope...and I am so happy to hear that your John beat it...completely. :)

  10. sonensmilinmon9/18/2004 1:07 PM

    What a wonderful, uplifting entry.  I will keep both of you in my continued prayers.

    Disclaimer: I'm commenting from work, while answering phones. Sooooo, if this sounds daffy or there are major misspellings it only means one thing.  I was distracted by a phone call while I tried to comment.  (never of people calling the hospital!)

  11. How I love a happy ending!

  12. dakotarose28529/19/2004 9:32 AM

    Hi Krissy.  Sorry I'm so late commenting on this, as this is very important news!  I'm so happy John is doing okay now.  What an ordeal the two of you have been through.  I say the two of you, because, although John was the sick one, you suffered along with him.  Praise the Lord for bringing you both through this ordeal.  Have a great weekend now that it's stopped raining.

  13. Krissy, what an AWESOME story of hope, perseverance, and love. All too often folks don't take the step to seek out a second or even third opinion. New viewpoints can add a fresh perspective. What a story of hope that all those affected by cancer and other diseases need to read. My mom fought off cancer twice, although she was scared and wanted to give up at first ... once she dug in there was no defeating her. I pray you'll both have a looking and glorious life to look back at this trying event. Prayers and blessing to you and yours.

  14. Hi, Krissy.  It's me,  Kaz.  I realize I did read your journal the other night and  somehow got you confused with Val because you so generously applaud her success in  your journal.
    So I'm glad I got that straightend out in my sluggish mind.  
    I like your honesty and your courage.  We all need inspiration from people like you. I'll be seeing you, Krissy.  L & P.  Kaz.


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