Monday, September 13, 2004

Monday Morning Question

I decided just for fun to start something called Monday Morning Question.  Every Monday Morning I will put a question in here and then answer it.  You can leave your answer also in the comments section.  That way we will get to know each other a little better. 

Monday Morning Question:

If you were sitting at a round table of 3 famous writers, artists and/or musicians, past or present, who would be joining you? 

Emily Bronte (I just love Jane Eyre), Leonardo di Vinci, and George Gershwin (I'd ask him to get up and play something on the piano that he had composed). 

Extra Credit:  (Of course I didn't ask you for extra credit, but I am going to put this down anyway, lol.)  I would invite John M. Scalzi along just because I want to meet him.  No I didn't write that because he would give me extra attention for mentioning him in my journal.  Like yeah, right, he reads my journal, lol!


  1. C.S. Lewis, Monet, and Stephen King. :-)

  2. jules196420019/13/2004 4:33 AM

    William Shakespear, cos I love his plays
    Charles Dickens, good books
    The black eyed peas, cos they are my fav band at the mo, lol......Jules xxx

  3. Oh that's tough, tough, tough

    Anita Brookner
    Winona Ryder


    Jane Austen
    Mike Leigh
    Al Pacino


  4. Well, probably Renoir since I just hung his art work up.  Mozart b/c of his interesting life/music. My answers surprise, even me....heck let's go with Bryan Adams b/c I just like the guy's music and he's still living!  Otherwise, I might've said "David" from the Bible so I could hear him play the harp.  

  5. Charles Dickens
    John William Waterhouse

  6. Confusius, Escher, and that great longshoreman philosopher Eric Hoffer (most spellings are not guaranteed). Don Fisher

  7. Frank Sinatra, Claude Monet, and William Shakespear

  8. I would say John his music and voice....Eric Clapton...grew up with my dad loving him....and Usher....his moves...his voice...AHAHAHAHAHH/.....LOL

    This is fun...:)

    have a wonderful Monday!!

  9. Cool question, hard question, hi Krissy!  Too many writer's I like.  Too many artist's and musician's I write.  Perhaps today it would be...

    Jane Austen
    Vincent Van Gogh
    James Taylor or maybe Josh Groban

  10. hmm that's a good one, i'll get back to ya on that one.  Question for u, what the heck are you doing up at 4am?!?!?!  Crazy!

  11. Dave Matthews
    Lee Child
    Shel Silverstein

    Danielle :)

  12. Psssst....he read your journal!

  13. Can I do it twice?
    Madeleine L'Engle, James Thurber and Harlan Ellison, because they've all influenced my writing and yet they're very different from each other in outlook.
    John, Paul & George, and I hope George sneaks Ringo in with him.

  14. I think he's on to you, maybe he's afraid we will all flock to you!  Don't worry John, you're are still my 2nd stop on my journal watch ;)

  15. Robin Williams
    Bill Cosby
    and just for kicks and tricks, Julian McMahon, from NIP/TUCK

    The first two are, in my opinion, the BEST comedians on the entire planet, and Julian, well let's just say he can take me out for dessert!  C'mon, did you think I was going to say someone philsophical or something? I can't even spell that right, LOL.  In the real world, It would go something more like this:

    The Wiggles

    Because.... If I go out eat, there are sure to be some kids taggin along!

  16. Ernest Hemmingway, Ray Charles Glen Miller

  17. childebrand19689/13/2004 9:26 PM

    I would choose Mark Twain, Leonardo DaVinci (also), and Abraham Lincoln (I admire all his writings, even simple personal letters were written eloquently).
    Mostly because I'd like to get inside all their heads and see what they were like in the flesh.  Just love trying to figure people out and they were all so would be a very long mind-melding session.

    Like this idea, too.  Makes Mondays not so mundane.  Take care.


  18. kissofvanity9/13/2004 11:37 PM

    The Monday Question sounds like a great idea.  Here are my answers:

    1.  St. John, the Divine
    (I would prefer to meet Jesus, but he doesn't fit into these categories.)  I want John to join me because i would want to learn as much as i could about Jesus, and John sure would know--him being the disciple whom Jesus loved.

    2. Robert Smith of The Cure
    I've got it bad for freaky poetic Goth guys, and Robert--you're singin' my song, babe.

    3. Abraham Lincoln
    I would love to meet him.  I could learn a lot from him about character, integrity, and humility.

    I think between the four of us, that round table discussion would be pretty dang awesome.  Thanx for asking!

    Ana  ((0.~))

  19. I invited Mark Twain, Steve Allen, and Pablo Picasso.  But Mark Twain was at breakfast with Childebrand1968.  However that left room for an interpreter for Picasso.

  20. What?  It's Tuesday already?  Did I sleep around the clock?

    Naw... just a tad slow.  You have to make allowances for old dogs lying in the sun.

  21. shermeen06219/14/2004 3:18 PM

    Hmm...I'd choose...James Baldwin, Bob Marley and Elvis. I'd have to ask Elvis if my friends gran really did see him in the supermarket last June.

  22. chellebelle19779/14/2004 11:04 PM

    Ohhhhhhhhh lets see.............
    I would have Ben Affleck........Justin Timberlake........and Matt Damon......
    So that I can have a table full of hotties!!!!

    No really I would love to sit with

    Oprah,  Bill Clinton, and Stephen King!!!!!!

    Oprah because she has come from nothing and is so selfless!!!!
    Bill Clinton ........Just cuz he is way cool
    And Stephen King because that man has made me stay awake all creeped out manynights!!!!!!

    I loved Playing Krissy <even though it is Tue>  I will be back next week maybe even on MONDAY !!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Let`s see..........

  24. Barbara Kingsolver, Douglas Coupland, JD Salinger

  25. I would like to be sitting down with Artur Rubinstein, Colette and Monet.  Three interesting people,but I don't know how the conversation would go.  I think we'd need Terri Gross to keep the party going!
    Kaziranga - The Crosspatch Chronicles


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