Friday, September 24, 2004

I Hate Feeling This Way

Lately I have been going through major mood swings.  One minute I feel  depressed and another minute I feel super up.  I don't mean I feel good, I mean I feel too up.  So up that I am so full of energy, that I am running around doing a thousand things and then soon after falling into an exhausted heap.  Or so up that I am only able to sleep a few hours a night, and this causes me not to be able to focus or concentrate during the day.  I am in a horrible phase with my bipolar right now.  It could be worse of course; I don't need to be hospitalized right now.  Thank God for that.  Whoever things the "up" end of bipolar is fun is mistaken.  It is miserable in a lot of ways.  And depression is oh so miserable too.  Anyway, my doctor is working to try to find the right medication to even me out.  I hope she hurries because I HATE the way I feel...  

I am so excited!  I got my digital camera today!  I can't wait to start trying it out.  I am going to have to read about it a little though, and play around with it some, so if I don't post pictures immediately, you will know why.  I also nead to get a port for it.  If I understand correctly from reading the instructions, you need a port to recharge the batteries and to transfer the pics to your computer.  Perhaps I should be asking Stuart's advice on this one.  (I got your camera Stuart!)  

Tomorrow is my Carmelite meeting.  I don't feel fully up to going because I didn't get all my studying done (Bible study and spiritual study).  That is because it has been so hard to concentrate with the bipolar.  But I just spoke with the president of the Carmelite group on the phone and she said to come to the meeting regardless of whether or not I had my lessons completed.  She is such a sweetheart.  It is going to be very hard to concentrate tomorrow at the meeting though because with my bipolar right now it is hard to concentrate on anything the past few days.  Gee, I am being real honest in this entry tonight.  

Well, I should get off now.  Maybe I will get some studying done for my meeting tomorrow.  Or maybe I will go to bed early so I will be fresh in the morning.  Or maybe I will play around on this computer for awhile, lol.  

Oh, yeah.  Please pray for my nephew MatthewHe is in the path of Hurricane Jeanne.  He already lost his house in Hurricane, oh, which one was it, Charley or Frances.  Now he is staying at a friend's house.  It would be horrible if something devastating happened to him again.  Stay safe Matthew, and I love you!  And I pray your whole family stays safe.  That goes also for members of my family on the east coast who are in the path of the hurricane.  Stay safe and may God be with you.  


  1. readmereadyou9/25/2004 2:19 AM

    Will pray for your relative and also for your mood to level out.

  2. OK don't know if this helps Krissy.

    Just load the Kodak software, plug lead into USB port on your computer and the other end to the camera switch it on and all will work like simplicity itself.

    Don't waste money on a docking station!

    I bought the proper rechargable batteries for the camera - ordinary noes won't do.........bought four so that one set can be charged once the low battery symbol comes up on the screen.

    Took note of all else you  said..............obviously and you know how much I care..........hope your meeting goes well today.

  3. sarajanesmiles9/25/2004 7:26 AM

    Everything Stuart said Krissy!!  I never had a camera before getting my digital one a few months ago, so if I can figure it out, you surely can.  It scared me too to start with!!  Hoping that your doctor can even you out soon, and that hurricane Jeanne is kind.  We heard lots about Frances and Ivan, nothing about Jeanne though, will have to watch the news more instead of sitting here.
    Sara   x

  4. sonensmilinmon9/25/2004 9:54 AM

    Oh, I can't wait to see pictures from your new digital!

    I will keep those in Florida in my prayers.  My son has lost his housing when Ivan destroyed the base.  He's still living in a shelter with other young sailors.  They finally got electricity and hot showers.  The kitchen is open again so they get regular food now.  It's been rough for people in Florida.  My prayers are with them.


  5. chellebelle19779/25/2004 9:54 AM

    I will pray for you and your family
    I know how you are feeling with mood swings I have them too mine are just PMS!!

  6. I can't wait to see all the nice pictures you take with your new's funny because my husband wanted to get a digital camera and I didn't want to spend the money on one...but he talked me into that I have it I do not know how I lived without one for so long...I take pictures of everything!!!

  7. Well I kind o kno how you eel. I sufer from depression..but I neve get the highs..I get the lows and the lowers...totally stinks.hope things work out for you soon..and looking forward to a picture of the new haircut and pictures rom your new camera...Kaey

  8. prayers going out for your nephew and all those in it's path.....can't believe another one is coming......what a season!  Have fun with your new camera.....can't wait to see what you come up with!  :-)  Like the warning before your entry!  I needed one of those for today!


  9. flowerbug0019/26/2004 2:07 AM

    Thank you so much for reading my journal and for posting a message. I know exactly how you feel, as I suffer from rapid cycling bipolar disorder. I am 34 and wasn't diagnosed until I was 28. I had a terrible manic episode, the worst one ever, in '98 and the following depression was so horrible that I had to be hospitalized. I have attempted suicide 5 times and been hospitalized for depression 6 times. I was almost hospitalized due to a manic episode just this month. This illness is so scary and the medications never work for me. I am currently going down, down, down. It really frightens me because I can't afford to get low enough to chance another suicide attempt. I know that many don't understand why people attempt suicide and I hope that they never do! I really appreciate your honesty in your journal, too. I hope to read more of your entries and can't wait to see your new haircut and a picture of your cat! :) Didn't mean to ramble on.... thanks again for taking an interest in my journal. ~~just angela~~

  10. I love the blinky. It's so...ME...lately. Hope your doc can get your meds straightened out soon. Can't wait to see those new digi pics! -B

  11. jules196420019/26/2004 9:13 AM

    soory you are feeling so down and you condition is unstable. I hope your Dr finds the right medication for you soon.
    I will pray for your family in Florida. Those people have suffered so much, it seems unfair they should have another hurricane hit them.
    Good luck with the camera, please share any photos you take with us :)......Jules xxx
    ps you can take a pic of your new hair now :)

  12. Sissy Krissy, my shredded wheat,  I do hope you level out soon.  I know how exhausting it is.  We will have a fun day tomorrow and perhaps it will exhaust you enough to get a good, good sleep.  I will pray for you.  I will call Matty today to see how he fared in the hurricane.  I am sure he is okay or he would have called me.  I love you!

  13. Oh YAY, a brand new digital camera. I don't go anywhere with out mine:-) have fun with it!
                             *** Coy ***

  14. sarajanesmiles9/26/2004 2:53 PM

    Hi Krissy.  Hoping you're good, thinking of you hon.  
    Sara   x

  15. Oh, I love the sign of "mood swing' in 2 minutes.  I think we all need one of those!  Maybe one to hang outside my HR office!  LOL!

  16. Congrats on the NEW CAMERA! Bought mine in May and never leave home without it.

    Thank you, for stopping by Whirled Piece and leaving a comment.   ~Deborah


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