Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hurricane Ivan, Here?

I just got an email from an emergency service I belong to saying that Hurricane Ivan will be affecting my area.  Who would have thought it would be coming to Central Pennsylvania?  We are supposed to be getting flooding from 8 AM tomorrow (Friday) until midnight Saturday.  Of course it won't be as bad as anywhere else in the country.  I am not pretending I will be hit like other J-landers.  It is just strange to me to be in a situation like this at all.  The email said to prepare in case there are bad conditions.  I am prepared!  I have been prepared shortly after Sept 11th for a tragedy.  I have water stored away (which I check every few months to make sure it is fresh), canned food stored (also fresh), flashlights, batteries, a radio, etc, etc.  I have the local Red Cross number.  I  have extra medication.  I have this stuff in a certain room so that if I ever have to evacuate I can just grab it and run!  Some people laugh at me and call me the Preparedness Woman, but I feel more in control always being prepared.  Okay, so perhaps I am getting way carried away.  This storm will be a piece of cake compared to what most people will go through.  But I am glad at least that I can be prepared.  

The worst thing that will probably happen to me is that I will lose power and go through withdrawl because I won't be able to read journals!  But John lives across the courtyard and I can invite him over and spend some quality time with him.  Some time I don't get to spend with him when I am on the computer, lol.  

Well I must go.  Keep safe everyone.    


  1. Well, if it is coming your way, then maybe it won't stall out over Tennessee!!!! LOL!  I've been watching the radar and here in Nashville we will be getting some heavier rain later looks like.  Only light rain so far!

  2. sarajanesmiles9/16/2004 2:23 PM

    If it makes you feel better to be preparedness woman, you go ahead and prepare!  I'll miss you tomorrow though if you lose your power.  Take care.
    Sara   x

  3. Sissy, I must be crazy then, too, because I have stuff just in case.  I think we have had enough going on in the last few years to be in a "preparedness mode".  Not strange at all!  Love, Valy
    P.S. where, oh, where have all the alerts gone, oh where, oh where, can they be?

  4. slowmotionlife9/17/2004 1:15 PM

    I wouldn't laugh at you.  I think you're probably just wiser than most of the rest of us.  LOL  What else you should store, though, is some kind of weapon and extra locks.  Cuz Lord knows if all Hell breaks out, the rest of unprepared humanity is going to be banging on YOUR door.  LOL  [Where do you live, by the way?  :P] tehehe... Hope Ivan didn't do too much damage there!

  5. You rule "Preparedness Woman!" Nothing wrong with storing away some provisions. Just remember if the water gets too high, and it looks like you need to build and ark... get John and abandon ship ... well I'd suggest build the ark but it's a tad too late for that. I'm sure those who care for you feel better that you are "Preparedness Woman." Take care and be well.


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