Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Dental Hygienist from..University Dental

I went to the dentist today.  I began to become a little nervous when I realized I was not going to have my regular dentist clean my teeth, but instead a dental hygienist.  My apprehension was warrented.  Turned out she was the hygienist from, well, University Dental.  I think I must have been her very first patient ever.  She treated me very roughly, did not take her time, and fumbled around in my mouth a lot.  She also hurt me a lot.  Now you have to understand that I can accept a lot of pain.  I have fibromyalgia and my back is often in a lot of pain.  But this was strange to sit there and have someone inflict it on you when they could have been more careful.  I knew it was going to be bad when she took the x-rays and gouged the side of my mouth.  Wow.  Then she said, "I am going to move your chair now", and swung me around and hurt my neck.  I guess she has to give her patients warning, lol.  Then began the picking of my teeth with that metal pick/scraper thing.  She kept missing and jabbing me in the gums.  No, poking me and stabbing me in the gums.  I said "Ow" several times and she said "Do you have sensitive gums?".  Yeah right, lady!  I noticed myself tensing up real bad.  I made myself relax.  With each poke I tensed and after each poke I made myself relax as if that was going to make it hurt less the next time.  Tense, relax, tense, relax.  Then she jabbed me so hard I tasted blood.  A stream of blood I tasted for about two minutes.  I guess I won't go into the rest of the gory details, except I will mention that there was no sink to rinse and spit, and she was not using the water and suction machine on me to get the pastey/cleaning fluid out of me, except maybe once.  She was making me swallow it!  So I gagged!  Well, if you have gotten this far, you are probably sick, so sorry I have mentioned all this, and I won't go any further.  At least I can be happy that the dentist came into the room and announced that I didn't have any cavities.  Hooray!

After I went out into the waiting room to set up an appointment for six months, my dental hygienist came out and came over to a young girl who was sitting in a chair in the waiting room.  On the floor facing the girl was a little tiny baby in a carrier.  The dental hygienist was excited and came quickly over to see the baby.  In her excitement she kicked the baby!  The baby awoke and started to cry.  Then I started to think that perhaps the hygienist was not being careless on me and just trying to work too fast, but that she was truly clumsy!  I wonder how long she will last in that profession!

Next a dentist (a different one than mine) came out into the waiting room to look at the baby.  She took the carrier and turned it away from the young lady to face her!  I couldn't believe it!  Why would people be touching other people's children without asking?  While they were sleeping, no less?  Especially if they didn't know them.  I know they didn't know them because they were asking questions.  When everyone left the girl made a horrified face and turned the baby around to face her.

Oh, I forgot to say, when I first walked into the dental office, there was a woman standing there at the receptionist's window waiting to be helped.  She said she had been waiting for 25 minutes and the dental office had been totally empty!  After she and I waited there for awhile, the staff finally came in.  Dentists and hygientists and office workers et all.  Perhaps they were out taking a power lunch.  How strange!

Well, that was my day at the dentist. 

Hope your day was more fun than mine!        


  1. Ouch!! Made my teeth ache just reading about it.  Still you are in the clear for six whole months, that has got to be good.

  2. OMG I gagged reading that!  I feel your pain!

  3. childebrand19689/14/2004 8:25 PM

    Sorry you had Attilla the hygienist!  I would have said something to her for sure.  I can take alot, but I know what teeth cleaning is supposed to feel like and it didn't sound like you had the proper experience this time.  Kudos for keeping your head (and teeth) intact.  Take Care...


  4. What a great entry about an awful experience.  Are you sure you weren't in a taping of the Carol Burnett show instead?  Sounds like a great sit com doesn't it.  You might could sell this entry to Hollywood!  
    Hope your gums are ok!  

  5. readmereadyou9/15/2004 12:20 AM

    Okay, I admit it. I did not read. The moment you got into dentist and procedures, I went into anxiety mode. LOL! But I did stop by! : )

  6. dentists send me into panic!  I need valium in order to even walk into the office!  ~jerseygirl

  7. OK, I don't want to tell you what to do, but...ok, yes I do want to tell you what to do. LOL Call your dentist and TELL him about your experience. The painful poking of the gums, the lack of suction, no rinse sink, all of it. He/She really needs to know. The hygenist won't learn unless she gets this feedback. Think of it as saving the next poor sap from needless pain and suffering. :-}

  8. All Dentists are sadists ;-)


  9. dbaumgartner9/15/2004 6:51 AM

    I hate dentists but I think I would have walked out on that one.  Hope you have a better experience next time.

  10. sonensmilinmon9/15/2004 9:49 AM

    I sat here feeling your pain, owwwwwwwwww!  Hope your day is better!


  11. sarajanesmiles9/15/2004 10:06 AM

    Well firstly - ouch!  And secondly, I missed the Monday question, so here's my answer.

    John William Waterhouse - thanks again to Jeannette!
    Jean Auel - to ask when the next book is due!
    Nina Simone - Here comes the sun, where?!

    Is that OK?  Takes me back to school days, handing homework in late :)

    Sara   x

  12. I have read a few dentist entries lately...it makes me nervous just reading about it!  

    I might make a change in offices if I were you...And hey, at least it is over for six months...


  13. Krissy, I got anxiety just reading this.  Makes me want to puke.  I wouldn't change my wonderful dentist for the world!  Sure you don't want to go to Dr. Robison?

  14. Suddenly... I have this intense fear of the dental office.

    Glad you got it done though.... Wish I had when I was younger worked harder at keeping my teeth healthy.  I am a true hillbilly with holes in my mouth where there used to be teeth.

    Oh well, makes sucking on that ice cream easier!  LOL

    thinking of you

  15. jules196420019/15/2004 2:58 PM

    Sounds like the hygienist needs a public health warning attached to her, OMG, you poor thing, I would have had to say something, you are so patient. Hope your next visit is not as traumatic ......Jules xxx


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