Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday Morning Question

It's time for another question.  This one is going to be a little easier because last Monday's was so difficult.  

Monday Morning Question:

Knowing what you know now, what one thing would you change about your high-school career? 

My answer:  I would not have spent so much time and energy worrying what the other kids thought about me. 

What's your answer?      


  1. sarajanesmiles9/20/2004 4:28 AM

    Oh Krissy, I wish I had learned that lesson a long time ago.  Still worry about what others think about me.  Daft isn't it!
    Sara   x

  2. We do not have high schools over here but my answer would be the same as yours, worrying about what others thought!!!!

  3. dbaumgartner9/20/2004 7:04 AM

    I would have been more serious in applying myself when I was on a music scholarship at the university.  I was only in Junior High and playing for with the University Orchestra.

  4. I would have studied harder than I would have made a huge difference in my life now.

  5. If I knew what I do now - I would have concentrated on my studies more and prepared for some kind of career ....All I wanted to do was be a wife and mother.  Since my husband passed away I've had to support myself and a degree in something would have helped.  However, I did enjoy being the SAHM and having a wonderful family.  God blessed me in them not a high paying job!
    'On Ya'  - ma

  6. I would have not used drugs. It did not affect my grades, I still made A's but it did affect everything else.

  7. chellebelle19779/20/2004 9:21 AM


  8. this is reminsant of that one week end assignment about HS.  And me thinking on it, my biggest regret was I didn't take school seriously, was not encouraged to go or plan for collage.  I would change that, because I am not just a stupid housewife.. I have hopes and dreams lol and yes I will be going to back to school soon. JUST 2 more years and all my babies will be in school, then I plan on going full time.

    Much Love,

  9. Good question, but I wouldn't change a thing ;)


  10. TBADT--YOU TOOK MY ANSWER.....Stop being ME!!  Love, Valissyxoxox

  11. I wouldn't have gone out with the boy I did for so long....I also would have actually tried to remember the things I was learning instead of just learning it for a test, and then forgetting it...


  12. readmereadyou9/20/2004 3:02 PM

    I would have worked less after school and joined in on more activities.

  13. Hmm. I would have asked the boys I liked, out. Who knew I was attractive and many of the boys liked me...but didn't approach me because I was so quiet and stand-off-ish. OR I would pick a different college to attend. I made a mistake with that one. Chose the one I did for the wrong reasons. -B

  14. hopelessblondie9/20/2004 5:17 PM

    This is a really good question. Loved the answers and I'll keep them in mind. Your mistakes (or what you see as your mistakes) may help me do well in school since I'm just starting my freshman year.
    XO Vickey XO

  15. Wow....I guess I wouldn't change anything.  I can't say that about college though!  LOL!

  16. sonensmilinmon9/20/2004 9:44 PM

    Wonderful answer ... I was thinking along the same lines.


  17. kissofvanity9/20/2004 10:45 PM

    Another great question!

    Boy, there are soooo many things i would change about my high school career if i could.  I had such a bad attitude; plus drugs and alcohol and yeah you get the idea.

    If i was able to change one thing about it, though, i would have paid attention to the lessons and done the work.  I was a smart student, but i did the absolute minimum work i could do to get by.  Had to chase that next high, ya know.  I really robbed myself.  But i'm clean and sober 14 years now.  Whooo hooo!

    Ana  ((0.~))

  18. jules196420019/21/2004 5:20 PM

    I don't think I would change anything. I loved school, had lots of friends and lovely memories. I might have rested up a bit after my appendix was tane out to save the complicstions a few months later, causing me to miss a few months school.......Jules xxx

  19. I would change how I approached my studies...but knowing that pool was knocking just in the next county...maybe I would make the same choices. I have my regrets and things I don't regret. I think I made the best choices so far...except for college. There and now I am still kicking myself in the butt.

  20. sheltieagilitych9/23/2004 9:59 AM

    I think i would have the same answer as you!!  I seem to be more outspoken in my old age!!  I dont tend to take anyones crap either!  


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