Thursday, September 23, 2004

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!...
I got on here yesterday to write an entry saying "Happy First Day of Fall" when a notice popped up from McAfee saying I had a virus.  I got off immediately and ran a virus scan.  To my horror I had three viruses!  The infected files could not be deleted or cleaned.  They had to be quarentined before they could be deleted.  Being quarentined took quite a process.  It might be easy for some, but this was the first time I had done this so it was a little complicated for me.  And the program wouldn't let me take care of the files all at once.  I had to do them one at a time.  Which means I had to run the scan over and over again.  About five times.  It took hours.  I mean hours.  Anyway, thank God it is done.  There was the possibility that I was going to have to send it to McAfee to get it straightened out (if it was infected in a certain kind of way) , which meant I wouldn't be able to use my computer for awhile (eeeegads!), but thank God it didn't come to that!  Funny how we rely on these computers for so much!  Anyway, my computer is up and running this afternoon.  And I am happy!!!

On My Haircut...
Okay, so I didn't give you a picture.  That's because I don't have my digital camera yet.  I should have it real soon.  Right now I have a throw away camera with like 27 exposures and poor resolution.  It wouldn't do me justice, lol.  Really, the problem is - I don't want to take one picture of myself and 26 pictures of nothing.  I guess I could take 26 pictures of my cat, but I might bore you, lol!  I think I will wait till I get my digital camera and have my sister Valerie take a picture of me and then I will post it.  I am scared for you all to see a picture of me though.  I am frightened of people seeing photos of me.  That is because I have low self esteem and I don't think I am very pretty.  Looks aren't important anyway so I shouldn't worry.  It is what it inside that counts.  I am just being silly.

On Multiple Blood Tests!...
I went yesterday to get my blood tested to see why I have been having charley horses.  I went into the lab and waited about twenty minutes because everybody decided to go at the same time I guess.  After my name was finally called and the phlebotemist was taking my blood, I asked him, "So what are they checking for?  I have been having horrible charley horses."  I was real curious.  Some in this journal said it would be low potassium. Others said calcium. Another said I would be low in potassium, calcium and magnesium.  The phlebotemist looked at me kind of incredulously when I said charley horses and said this is a sugar test.  I said, "Oh, well I didn't fast."  "You don't need to fast for this one," he said.  I finished up and walked out to my car.  Then I got to thinking.  Why would they be doing a sugar test.  I am a diabetic.  Could my sugar level have something to do with my cramps?  Of course not!  Oh good grief, the doctor ordered the wrong test!  I went back to the doctor's office and spoke to the receptionist.  "The doctor ordered the wrong test,"  I said.  "I have been having muscle spasms, I don't need a sugar test."  She called up a nurse on the phone.  "Go back to the nurses station in Waiting Room B," she said.  So off I trotted.  I had no sooner rounded the corner to the waiting room that the nurse came around the corner with the lab order.  No sorry for the mistake or anything.  I gave her a thank you and I was back to the lab.  There were fifteen people waiting to get blood drawn again.  But the receptionist was kind and told me she would put me at the top of the list!  I was called in right away.  "Which arm would you like done?"  I was routinely asked.  "The left one," I replied, "as I was just here five minutes ago and had the right one poked." The other phlebotomist who had done the right arm turned around when he heard my voice and said, "Oh I am so sorry they gave you the wrong test."  "Don't be," I said.  "It wasn't your fault."  Then I was quickly done and I left the office with my two bandaged arms, lol.  Seems like I have been having a lot of strange medical experiences lately.  Oh, by the way, the doctor checked to see if I was low in magnesium!  Interesting.  Iwish he would have checked for the potassium and calcium also.

Well, I must go now.  Hope you don't catch a virus! 


  1. Being without your computer is not fun at all not when you are so used to being online and especially journaling! I'm glad you got the virus handled though...they can be stubborn buggers sometimes!

  2. What a full entry.
    Loved it all.
    I don't care what you look like Krissy................
    You are a beautiful christian woman and that shines though everything.....................if you look like a pug do you think  that will make the slightest difference??? Not to me anyway..............
    And if you look like Halle Berry I'd probably go  for the pug look.......
    So don't worry
    I hate photos too.............

  3. sooooooooooo gald your puter didnt crash!!

    Good thing you are  a smart cookie.. I would of never figured out I was given the wrong test and it would of been a week till I would be in for the right one! lol

    Much Love,

  4. childebrand19689/23/2004 2:11 PM

    Nice to still have you around!  The first time I ran a virus scan on mine--it came up with over  Since then, I'm a virus-scanning freak!  Take Care!


  5. Ohhh those bugger viruses...I hate 'em. I came up with one just yesterday and I agree with can take HOURS. I was thinking of you last night about your spasms...I had a small few of my own...not charlie horses though, thank god. I hope you get your answer soon!

  6. sarajanesmiles9/23/2004 3:19 PM

    Krissy, I hate having my picture taken too.  I don't think I'm very pretty, but am lovely and cuddly instead!!  I'm sure you look just fine with your new hairdo, still can't wait to see it by the way, roll on the digital camera!!  You have had some strange medical experiences lately, still, they got there in the end!
    Sara   x

  7. jules196420019/23/2004 3:28 PM

    OMG, its a good job you mentioned the blood test or you may have had to go back later and have it redone.
    Sorry to hear about the virus but I am happy you got it sorted. I know what you mean by us depending on our computers though, I love mine. Can't wait to see the haircut, your a lovely person and have a beautiful smile :).......Jules xxx

  8. readmereadyou9/23/2004 4:24 PM

    Hope they figure out the cause of the cramps. If they don't, they'll eventually go away the way they came. It's a fact of life. ; )
    As for the viruses, on my desktop I have four that won't delete, immunize or anything. I'm stuck with them. So, I'm really careful what I do on my laptop.

  9. Glad you got your puter troubles under contriol. I know how that is. Hope your doctor gets things cleared up. Have a great evening. Beckie

  10. I'm wondering where the virus came from?  Had you opened any strange emails?  This always scares me.  
    And you are a beautiful person!  Inside and out!!!  Don't be afraid!!!
    You know, it seems like people are needing to be more responsible for their own health care these days.  Doing research on the internet and then telling the doctor what tests to run, what antibiotics you need, what you think is wrong, reminding them you want generic, and not a non-preferred drug that the insurance won't cover, and so on.   etc.  It's awful!

  11. glad your computer is back in order!  I hate when that happens!  Happy fall to you too!  My favorite season!


  12. Potassium! That was it...the article I read a while back said to eat bananas for leg cramps. LOL I hope the test tells you something, after all that poking. -B

  13. Glad you got the problem sorted out.  Horrible those damned viruses.  As to photo, Krissy, do not worry. Who cares what a person looks like.  It is the person inside who counts . I never judge on looks and I am so looking forward to seeing "the new you".  Hope the doctor gets your problems sorted. Happy weekend.

  14. Hate those viruses! I usualy catch mine while they are still in temporary folders. Blood work drives me crazy! i am having to have blood drawn every month right now. One week last month I had blood drawn 6 times and I was not in hospital! I hope they find out soon! I have to take a magnesium suppliment and potassium.

  15. How bout I post a really bad picture of myself in my journal, and you can tell everyone to go look at my hideousness.... it will make u feel better, because nobody's perfect!  it's a real bad picture, and I would post it just for u if u want!

  16. My dear grape nuts, I take magnesium and potassium for my hypoaklemia (low potassium problem).  You need magnesium to absorb potassium.  I don't know why they didn't take the test for potassium also.  Strange.  So sorry you had to take the double test, but pat on the back for realizing the problem!  We have to be our own watchdog concerning our medical problems with docs and such!  Hugs, your honey bunches


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