Saturday, September 18, 2004

Bye Bye Ivan

The rain finally ended a few hours ago.  It appears that Ivan has moved on.  It wasn't too bad.  The worst of it was that I was trapped in the house for a day and a half waiting for the rain to stop, and for the roads to stop flooding.  Some areas did get hit worse than others.  My sister Val's town (the next town over) was flooded pretty bad.  To find out what it was like, check out her journal.  She has two articles on the flooding.  If you'd like, you can read about it here and here.  The second link has photos of the flooding. 

Valerie's journal, Val's Thoughts, is really worth visiting.  It is an Editor's Pick this week!  Congratulations Val! 

Well, just checking in to let everyone know I am fine and that I have electricity.  I will be back soon to write another entry.  :-)


  1. Glad it has moved on.  It's caused a lot of havoc this week!

  2. readmereadyou9/18/2004 6:00 PM

    Thankfully, this one is over and hopefully the rest go out to sea. I have stopped by her journal. : )

  3. sarajanesmiles9/18/2004 6:00 PM

    Hi Krissy, glad to hear you're OK hon.  Glad the rain has stopped :)  Just read your last comment, and yes, that Stuart has alot to answer for!!  In a good way though, I've learnt words that I never new existed tonight using bookworm!  
    Sara   x

  4. I haven't been getting Alerts so I am just now catching up on your entries..............glad you are safe & John is well


  5. Glad thing are safe for you now...

  6. childebrand19689/18/2004 9:59 PM

    Happy that you made it through without getting washed away.  Hope your sister didn't lose too much.  Take Care


  7. Congrats to your sister!  I will stop by her journal.....glad Ivan wasnt' so terrible to you......take care,

  8. glad you are all safe and sound and not badly effected by the storms (((((hugs)))))

    Much Love,

  9. groovynoodles9/19/2004 5:53 AM

    Krissy, I'm so glad to hear that you made it through Ivan safely.  :)  I hope things aren't too bad your sister's way.  Take care!  :)

  10. So glad that you are safe Krissy. I hear another Hurricane is heading in, hopefully it will not be so bad. Over there you seem to have had a very bad Hurricane season this year. God bless.

  11. jules196420019/19/2004 7:21 AM

    I am so glad you and Val are both safe Krissy. I love both your journals and think of you both as special friends. Take care both of you :).........Jules xxx

  12. dbaumgartner9/19/2004 7:31 AM

    Glad you are OK and safe.  Off to check out Val's journal.

    Have a wonderful day.

  13. Awww I am soooo relieved that you and Val are safe! Thank the Creator! Yes Val does have an awesome journal ....but then so do YOU! Must run in the family I think. :-)

  14. healthyatheart9/19/2004 11:49 PM

    Glad to hear you are safe! :) Mel


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