Tuesday, September 21, 2004

My New Do

New Haircut...
Yesterday I got my hair cut really short.  My Mom cut it for me.  She did a fabulous job.  It looks really cute.  I am still in quite a shock over it though, because I have had shoulder length to very long hair most of my life.  I did it because I wanted my hair to have more body and shape.  I guess it makes me feel "fortyish" in a way which is a little frightening (lol), but at the same time it makes me feel more stylish.  I really like how it came out, as I stated.  I think it looks sophisticated and cute at the same time, if that is possible!  Thanks Mom for your good job!  I guess you are a great barber without going to beauty school.  You had to cut the hair of a husband and six children all those years!  I knew you were the person I wanted to do it when I wanted to go short!

Muscle Spasms...
I had horrencous muscle spasms last evening.  I mean charlie horses in my calf muscles.  I was resting on the couch and this horrible charlie horse came.  I mean a horrible one.  I screamed!  I couldn't work it out of my muscle.  It hurt so bad I couldn't even pull my toes upwards as I was taught to do when these things happen.  John was still over and when he heard me scream I said pull my toes forward.  He did it.  But every time he let go the pain returned.  I screamed when he let go.  The waves of pain rushed over me again and again.  So he  had to hold my toes in place.  Poor guy did that for about two minutes.  I watched as my muscles spasmed for two minutes.  It was strange to watch.  Finally I was able to reach down and massage the spasm out and he was able to let go, poor guy.  His arms were going to spasm probably just having to hold my legs/toes really tightly forward.  I wonder if the neighbors thought he was beating me when they heard me scream!  At any rate, after that leg stopped spasming, the other leg started!  That one wasn't as bad but it wasn't too much fun either.  Today has been rough also.  My legs have had mini spasms.  I only got about two hours sleep last night because of those spasms.  Every time I would try to sleep the muscles would hyperflex and then start spasming.  So I had to stay awake.  Which just made the muscles worse.  And then today I was so tired I wanted to fall asleep all day.  But whenever I tried, those muscles started hyperflexing and spasming again!  Finally today I thought I had better call my physician.  I was in too much pain to even get up and do it though, so John called for me.  The doctor wants me to come in to get bloodwork done tomorrow morning.  He thinks I am deficiant in something, I think.  I am not sure.  Meanwhile, I have to take a muscle relaxant tonight.  I hope it works.

Good night.  I hope everybody is having a great week.      


  1. chellebelle19779/21/2004 9:43 PM

    I am so glad that you love your new doo :)
    I am sure that you look GREAT!!!!!!!
    I am sorry to hear that you have muscle spazams my ex <my childrens father> had them all the time!!!  I know the pain that he was in
    (((((((((HUGS))))))))) Chelle

  2. Oh, want you post a pic of you new cut????
    Anyway, I think that potassium in bananas can help with that.  Sorry this was so painful.

  3. Ya!  Post a pic.. a before and after!

    Sorry about the charlie horses.  ouchhhhhhhh.

    My mom would get those alot too and she always worked them out and walked them out. : (

    Much love,

  4. Krissy, if your bloodwork shows you are low in potassium, I have a long list of potassium rich foods for you.  Believe it or not, bananas are not really that high in potassium.  I hope that muscle relaxant works for you tonight.  I can't wait to see your do.  We will look even more alike!  Love, Valy

  5. readmereadyou9/22/2004 12:26 AM

    Stand on your toes immediately when those cramps come. I have a family member who gets them and I too have on occasion. It works. But you have to be fast when they occur or they hang on for a few days as pain.

  6. readmereadyou9/22/2004 12:27 AM

    PS....Go Mom! : )

  7. childebrand19689/22/2004 1:14 AM

    I just cut my hair last May for the first time in over 12 years, so I know the shock feeling!  Doesn't your head feel like it weighs 5 pounds lighter?!!! lol  

    I get horrible muscle spasms in my legs...I've noticed that people here have talked about potassium, and that could possibly be it, but my doc told me it was lack of calcium...I drink a ton of milk now!  Actually Calcium, potassium, and magnesium go hand-in-hand.  Hope yours finds the cause, as they are not nice to live with!  Take Care


  8. jules196420019/22/2004 3:40 AM

    Are we going to get a new pic of the new hairdo :)
    I hate muscle spasms and get them an awful lot form side effects from my asthma medication. I take quinine for thm which helps but doesnt get rid of them totally. Hope you stop yours soon :)........Jules xxx

  9. Aaaaaaargh I know that pain.......................
    Poor you............

    Photo of new hairdo is required!


  10. You will have to post a piccie with your new hair style. I bet it suits you. Sorry about the legs. Must have been awful. Hope things are much better today xxxxx

  11. sarajanesmiles9/22/2004 12:16 PM

    Krissy, hope the muscle relaxant worked and you got a good night sleep hon.  Glad you like your hair, echoes of show us a picture from previous comments!!  Short hair is so much easier, wanting your Mum to cut my hair too!!
    Sara   x

  12. I hate it when this happens! It's so bad that I limp for two days afterward! Ouch! I read somewhere that there is a vitamin that is supposed to help with this problem. I'll have to look for that. -B

  13. sonensmilinmon9/22/2004 3:03 PM

    I wish we could see a picture of your new do.  I have hair just past my shoulders and I keep thinking of cutting it shorter.  I DON'T KNOW! That's a scarey thought.  

    Hope you find out what's cause the muscle spasms, I KNOW from my own experience they can be so painful.  I'll keep you in my prayers.


  14. Eat bananas. Low potassium does this to muscles( just on of the things)

  15. dbaumgartner9/22/2004 3:51 PM

    ouch, I've had muscle spasms like that but usually only when my thryoid levels are very low.  Hope you don't get any more.

    Are you going to post a picture of your new hair style?  I have short hair and love it.

  16. Oh my! Hope nothing serious is going on! Keep us updated.
    On a positive note I am sure glad you like your new cut. I had a proud 12 inches cut from my head. The girl cutting it asked me two times if I was sure...damn of course I'm sure! I know I can have my hair both ways. LOL


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