Saturday, October 16, 2004

Autumn Entries

Here are the Autumn Photo Scavenger Hunt Entries:

Becky's Entry

Amy's Entry

Michael's Entry

Sara's Entry

Sonya's Entry

Monica's Entry

Lori's Entry

Mary's Entry


Kasey's Entry  Also check out the three entries below it, to get the other three Autumn photos!

Cherie did last week's entry.  Perhaps she wants to use this beautiful Autumn Foliage Entry for this week's entry.

Krissy's Entry (can't forget myself!)

I sure hope I didn't leave anyone out!  If I left you out, email me, and I will write you up in a special entry, lol! 

I hope everyone had fun.  Everyone's work was so creative!  You all amaze and inspire me.   

Next week's assignment is listed in the previous entry for those of you who can participate.

Have a great week!  Love, Krissy


  1. Ooops...yeah, that's it, I'll use those pictures for Autumn  :)

  2. Thank you for this wonderful fun! Finding new journals is always great.  thank you and I look forward to next weeks scavenger hunt!

  3. Here's my belated entry.  Sounds like a fun game. Chuck

  4. I'm so mad at me!!!

    I completely forgot all about this.  Okay, I'm going out right now and doing the pics for this upcoming week.  This won't happen again!!!!


  5. Krissy..I really enjoy the photo scavenger hunt...and thanks for asking them to check out my other pictures..I have found many new journals I am going to follow...Kasey

  6. Great photos!  I was reading through some of the journals I've been keeping up with and found a link to your journal...  What a great game, your Photo Scavenger Hunt, I love it!  Yesterday, I loaded a couple of "Autumn" shots on my journal.  Now that I know about your weekly hunts, I'll try to keep up.  Sounds like fun!  I also noticed your Maine Coon... aren't they the neatest cats!


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